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Asthma Attack easy 10 points!!?
My friend has just had an asthma attack. She hasn't had one in three years and we dont know how long asthma atacks should last and what szhould I do to help the breathing?

Go to the docter! If she has an enhaler it may be expired... Also if she is allergic to anything, it might have triggered it. Hope this helps!

ABC minus the C, only because its unlikely you'll need it. contact her doctor, and let him know what has happened. make sure to note her surroundings and important things like that.

tell her to try and relax , find her inhaler if she has one, sometimes you can drink cup of coffee and that helps until you get medical help.

generally when one has this you need to go to the hosp or doctors office and they will treat you with the stuff in the way. its a machine with meds they give and you breathe it in for 20 min and it helps the person breathe. it could be cause of what is in the air. so you need to go and get that stuff and you will feel much better be sure and use the enhallers you have or head to ER right now and get what you need.

Soccer Gurl 01
just try to stay by her side and also she should have an inhaler!!!!!!!!!!

relax. hospital. inhaler. relax, and dont let her see if you are panicking.

Given how long it's been, I doubt she has a rescue inhaler. If she does, use it (obviously), if she doesn't, give some Benadryl to arrest any allergic inflammation and stay away from any known irritants (smoke, dust, pet dander, cold air, etc). Keep her seated and calm (panic attack is the last thing she needs), and get to fresh air if it's not too cold where you are (as cool as room temp or a bit below). It's normal for some tightness to persist 15-30 mins after an asthma attack, but if it doesn't start to go away after that, or starts to get worse, I would contact a doctor (immediately if it gets worse).

My sis gets pretty bad asthma attacks when she doesn't take her meds. My mother gives her BLACK coffee to open up her breathing passages, gets her to a space where there arent many allergy triggers and has her lay on a sofa or something to sternly rub her back. If all else fails we get her to a hospital.

good luck love

Gardener for God(dmd)
She should go to the hospital - asthma attacks can linger on if not addressed. She likely needs a breathing treatment at the hospital.

For help with breathing try going in the shower with hot steam - sometimes it helps. (she doesn't have to get in - just have her head / face in the hot steam)

If she has an inhaler - she should use it.

She still needs to go to the hospital

find a doctor. or their inhaler or their parents. get them into fresh air. if it gets really bad call an ambulance. i guess.

Im JOE! :D yozzzzzzzz
get her inhaler if she has one. 2. take her to the docters.

3.make sure she dosnt stress will make it worse then just wait and will stop. asma does not go away she should always carry one with her.

TopEST Contributor
it really depends, i have severe asthma myself. some of them you cant help and you have to go to the doctor and see what they can do, they will probably put you on a 5-day steroid plan or something, thats what they usually do for me. take a nebulizer and keep drinking water, try to breathe out more than u breathe in, be very calm try not to bend over with ur hands on ur knees, instead stand straight up and keep ur lungs as open as possible, i would keep doing this for 2 hours, if it hasnt gotten any better then i would take another nebulizer, and another one in another 2 hours. after the third nebulizer if it hasnt gotten any better at all then would go to the doctor, but avoid going to the ER because that is not fun and all they would do is put u on oxygen and they cant do anything at the ER for asthma that u cant do at home, good luck!! (if the doctor isnt open wen u decide ur going, then go to the ER, dont avoid it completely, if u have to then go, but as a last resort, the regular doctor usually helps me more than the ER can)


ok, clearly few to none of the people above me actaully have asthma. wen u have an attack, the rescue inhaler doesnt work. thats y its an attack, because if the inhaler worked, it wouldnt be much of an attack would it?

Lisa A
Use your rescue inhaler.

This may or may not help but I always think calmly, think of something you really enjoy that makes you happy and calm, something nice, just stay focused, use an inhaler if you have one, and if all else fails, 911 is a big help

call 911!

but while yu wait sit her up
and make sure yu keep her in an area where she wont get much dust dirt etc in her windpipe.

Both of you need to stay calm. Does she have an inhaler? If so she need's to take 2 puffs of it and hold it in as long as she can. If she does not have an inhaler you need to take her to the hospital and get a breathing treatment ASAP an asthma attack can continue until you can no longer breather or can stop and re start up. good luck!!!

I have asthma and i have had it since birth. i have an asthma attack most 2-3 months. They should last for two days to a week depending the seriousness, and usually 1 week of no P.E or exercise. To help the breathing you should take it easy and relax, try not to do anything energetic. Also take all the medicine the doctors prescribe, it will help.

have her drink warm water.make sure that she doesnt breath hard cuz she could just agitate her lungs and its gonna get worst.unless she has an inhaler,if she does then just tell her to take it.oh...and take her outside to get some oxygen.=)

if ur friend is having severe difficulty get emergency assistance NOW.
If shes just having a light attack and no inhaler is available go in the bathroom close the door and turn on all hot water faucets to produce steam have your friend hold her arms over her head to increase lung capacity and breath in the steam. this should help.

She should go to the doctor immediately. She could have more asthma attacks, and she might need an inhaler.

Get her inhaler and make sure she gets oxygen. Call an ambulance if you think it's getting bad.

tell her to relax. you should propably call the hospital

Your friend needs to sit and relax. Panic will make it worse. If she is not feel more ease with in 10 mins, she should go to the hospital.

Sarah B
Tell her to stand up straight and breath deep!!

if she has an inhaler use it.

get her away from what ever it is that she might be allergic to.

if it gets really bad and she gets light headed call 911

Well, if she has her Ventolin inhaler then I suggest she uses that a couple times to calm down.

Also, if the attack isn't bad enough to warrant a trip to the ER, than she should start to feel better in about 15 minutes, assuming she's resting the whole time.

inhaler and 911 and it all depends on eery asthma attack they are all different she should ask her doctor

go to the hospital get an inhaler call your doctor just lay down and do do anything that makes you breathe hard

give her her inhailher

first, you need to take your friend to the hospital. However, you can use an oxygen rebreather, or some place where he/she can get plenty of oxygen.

If they have the puffers use them and depending on how bad it was or still is you should consider going to the hospital. I had one two years ago and i was hospitilized for 3 days so if its really serious you may need to go to the doctor or hospital.

Don't Ask Stupid questions
you need to calm her down, let her catch her breath, asthma attacks are caused most often by stress, shortness of breath, or allergies. make sure there are no items that she is allergic to in the room, and get her in to a spacious room, make sure she drinks plenty of water, and takes deep breaths lasting from 6-10 seconds. if all else fails, call 911

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