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Jayce's mommy
Anyone doctors know what this may be?
My boyfriend claims he has always had chronic brochitis whatever. Just yesterday, he kept coughing. And would cough up mucus. Then he went to the bathroom and just that short 10 feet trip made him out of breath. He has been very tired. Hard to breath. Im really worried about him. He does not have insurance to go to the doctor. If anyone just has any idea. Could is be pneumonia? I will say he is a smoker, at his work he messes with concrete and there is concrete dust he may have inhaled, and also yesterday at his work he was standing in ice cold water up to his ankles barefooted for 2 hours.

Phenumonia, or another sever respitory infection. The only way to know is an x-ray and blood work-up.

I'd take him to the doctor. Although you tell a doctor all that and it will probably make the doctor fall over.

He's lungs could be clogged up. Smoking doesn't help either.

he can have chronic obstructive lung disease with ?consolidation or it can be pulmonarty hypertension or congestive heart failure or if it is accompanied by a fast heart rate(120-140 or more), consider an acute infection or autoimmune component or get an ekg done(to rule out thromboembolism).
the symptoms u describe are barely sufficient to differentiate between respiratory and cardiac pathology, and the patient needs to be investigated further.a chest x-ray and an ekg with routine blood investigations might be of help, but medical advice, and that too first hand, seems unavoidable.it might be an emergency.pls get him medical help asap.

GO to the Dr. if it's work related his work may charge it under Workman's compensation. If not I'd rather find out what was wrong and get help now than let it go any farther and pay the big price.

ok...I dunno exactly wot this is but it's not normal therefore he needs to get checked out ..I'm not a doctor but I'm a respiratory nurse and thr are a few things it cud b n they r all treatable.....n btw health n safety law here in Britain wud insist he wear a face mask at work concrete dust is nasty stuff .....c a doctor asap


Even tho he has no insurance he should still go see a Dr. It wont cost much as long as he makes sure the Doc knows he doesnt have insurance. The Dr wont do a bunch of test that cost a lot before warning him.

Make him go to a doctor regardless of what he says! he needs a good exam and xrays to find out exactly what is goingon.....

You can go to a public hospital if you don't have insurance. There are also many community clinics that cater to the poor, underserved, and underinsured.

the fact that your boyfriend has chronic bronchitis, makes me wonder if he has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with possibly an aggravating asthmatic component to it. In addition, he could possibly have some degree of secondary pulmonary hypertension--not primary--because the cause would be known. IN addition to the above...The shortness of breath and could also be caused by Congestive Heart Failure --which is caused by the COPD and the fact -- the heart works so hard to compensate for all these factors.

Since he has Chronic Bronchitis, he needs to have some tests run, in particular....a pulmonary function test.

Also, he needs to quit smoking. COPD, unless it is the inherited type...is largely caused by smoking. I'm sure the cement dust doesn't help any either.

Also, when you have COPD, you are more prone to respiratory ailments and that includes pneumonia.

Good Luck and God Bless

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