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Am I getting sick from my air conditioner?
I spend Monday morning - Thursday at my boyfriend's & then Thursday night through Sunday at my house. He has central air at his place that's kept at 70 degrees & I have an A/C unit in my bedroom that's admittedly on high all the time. I had what I'm pretty sure was bronchitis last month & have been rid of it since mid July. I've been fine at his place. But the past 2 Friday mornings I've woken up with a sore throat, coughing, an earache, & a stuffed nose & then am fine by Monday. I lowered my A/C in the middle of the night but is that what's making me sick?

Depending on what type of A/C unit it is
There could be mold in the drip pan or the panels if itsa a swamp cooler

you could be fluctuating between hot outdoors and cold indoors which could cause it

there could be mold in the ducts. or

it could be a humidity problem

See if there is a filter on your air conditioner that needs cleaning. Also air conditioning tends to dry out the air in a room which in turn dries out your airways which can make you more susceptible to respiratory infections.


Try spending a whole week or 2 at his house then see what happen

Bacteria and buildup in the air conditioner disperse into the air and you inhale it making you sick. It's common for a lot of people. I tend to stay away from A/C, because my sinuses start reacting.

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