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 my nose is stuffy, i can't breathe, help! click quick!?
i have a cold, like every winter ):
i ran out of vicks (or however you spell it) and i need a quick way to maybe clear it up?
help! it's hard to sleep with my mouth open ): ...

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 *cough cough* *sniff sniff* I'VE GOT THE COLD!?
help me!
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hey it's not funny! * AITCHOO!*...

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 how long can your lung hold breath? ?

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please ahow ...

 I'm having a cough and spit phleghm with blood only every morning. Should I be alarmed?

 ow! i have a cold and my chest hurts so bad..any suggestions to help my sleep?
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 my 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
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 Swine flu Please Help !?
hi Yesterday i developed a sore throat,and now im like sniffing all the time Litteraly iv got a cold i got out of bed im not aching or anything just a sore throat could this ...

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 What could this breathing problem mean I have, im a little scared?
ok so pretty often, everytime i get up, i start to feel lightheaded and dizzy, then I blackout,

it lasts for a few seconds. then after my mind clears, i can feel my heart beating really ...

♥ =]
AM i sick with the cold, ?! I cant be!!!?
I have one eye that is all watery and a nose that is cloging up and my tounge itches really badly!!! head hurts 2!!!
Additional Details
No joke my frikin toung itchs im gonna get it freakin removed!!!!!! no more french i can just deal with it!!


Mohit J

Railyn A
Oh my Lanta! Whatever will you do!? A cold!? lol Yeah it sounds like you have a cold. Here, have some kleenex.

it could be allergies with the season changing or it could be a cold with going to school and the kids bringing germs home and stuff

Why ςo ςiяiuς?
Same with me. Take tylenol and water. Get plenty of rest, don't run, and don't listen to excessive noise. I had a sore throat, my nose was clogged, and i had a MASSIVE headache.

Yep you have a cold. MAybe a flu also.

I feel your pain! My tongue doesn't itch but my eyes are watery and nose is stopped up! Not a fun time. I haven't found anything that works, If you do let me know!

Eli's momma
Wow, thats def not a cold. Lets hope it is, or else you have cancer of the tongue!
Tongue itches? Lol, crazy

Everything sounds like a cold, but the tounge itches part
to be honest I have no idea what that could be you might have to see a doc about that

Angel L
good question go ask the doctor . u cloud be sick


Go take a steamy shower. Go to bed.


Mei Ling W
you are sick with a bad flu go and see doctor and drink more water

☠ Bunky ☠
Allergies maybe, take a benadryl

run hot water in the shower shut the door breathe steam

Um, ya? You have a cold lol!

sounds like an allergy symptoms

Another opinion
No ofcourse you cant..
thats impossible silly.
People cant get this "sick" as you call it....

take some tylonel and go to bed


cold or allergies

get at least a good 10 hours of sleep(ice pack is optional)in the morning if your dizzy thats normal,but if you feel sick then you have a cold

Kaito is alive and well
So? What is so bad about a cold?

Nicole M
OH NO! Get yourself to a hospital immediately!!!!!

I'm only kidding, but that's how you're kind of referring it as. A cold is nothing to worry about, jeez. It's probably not even a cold; probably some kind of allergy. How old are you? I mean, grade 4's know what a cold is. -.-

my tongue is a good scratcher

yup...no wait...looks serious....you might die soon o.O

I really encourage you to take Colostrum Supplements, as you know Cold is caused by virus, and to overcome these viruses you must rely on your immune system.

No antibiotics can kill viruses, they can only kill bacterias.

That's why when you get cold and you go to doctor, most of the time they just give you painkiller drugs or some antibiotics to prevent or cure infections in your respiratory channels (But that doesn't kill the virus) and tell you to take rest as much as you can.

So that your body can recover from the illness considering when you're at rest your immune system will take control and overcome the situation.

Now, Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth. Colostrum contains lots of Immune Factors.

These Immune Factors in colostrum have been shown to help the body fight off harmful invaders such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus. Each factor plays a specific role in our body’s defense against these attackers.

Colostrum Supplements is available in your local drug store or online.


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