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 why do i always feel like i cant Breath correctly?
i am 13 years old and i always feel like i have to yawn to catch my breath but sometimes when i yawn i cant catch it it happens every seond when i try to open my mouth and inhale i sometimes cant ...

 Why do non smokers make such a big deal out of smoking?
Its like... if someone wants to smoke and their of a legal age.. basically whats your problem? If you dont like the smell or the actual smoke... move away from someone whose smoking.. you dont need ...

 giving up smoking......?
What is the best way that you have found giving up smoking...all ideas welcome ;o)
Additional Details
I really want to give up, my date that i am settling for is the 5th January!...

 pulse of 34 bpm, what does it mean?
I lost loads of weight a couple of years and from time to time my pulse would get very slow, I thought it was due to undereating but now I'm pretty much back to my old size and fine and I have ...

 Smoking at a very young age. What happens?
at 14, 15, and 16 ive been noticing lots of kids are developing the habit of being smokers. Why do you think this happens, and what happens to them when their caught?...

 Breathing in dry air all day makes my nose dry and gives me a headache. How can I change this?
My home and my office are both very very dry from the type of head in the buildings. I have tried humidifiers but they aren't enough.
Is there some sort of nasal spray or swab that might ...

 Do you know the cause of my shortness of breath?
My symptoms: I often have a difficult time getting a full breath. It feels like there is a pressure right in the middle of my chest. I sometimes have to bend over to get a full breath, and ...

 smoking is good or bad habit?
i dont like it....

 Smoking cigarettes ?
ok..so i just started smoking not too long ago (its become a bad habbit) and i'm 17..but everytime i do smoke..i get really dizzy...is that normal? what do you think is wrong?...

 What causes young people to start smoking?
I'm just curious as to what could possibly cause junior high/ high school students to start smoking. Especially with all of the information out there.
So... why?...

 If i smoked weed on friday and saturday will it show up on a test i took tonight?
I have been drinking close to a gallon of water a day, and i have been excercising a lot and sweating like crazy. I also took some cleanse pills i got from rite aid which made my pee like neon yellow....

 a question for asthmatics....?
I am doing a case on asthma this week and I just wondered if you can kindly share some info about your conditon with me please? I am interested to know....

how old were you when you were ...

 I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and am still coughing up gross dark flem... Should I be worried?
I smoked since I was 16.... I am 34 now......

 diagnose my symptoms please?
i have a fever of 102
i have a horrible headache
my stomach hurts on the lower right side
i have horrible chills
i have the worst sore throat i have ever had
my tonsils are ...

 Is it true if you poke where your ribs near lungs you'll stop breathing?
My Freind told me if you poke it youR ribs where your lungs are then you can stop breathing. Now Im scared to sleep on my side and stuff....

 My chest kind of hurts and I'm coughing up lots of blood it's pretty late should I go see a doctor?
All day I've been coughing up LOTS of blood. My chest feels kind of funny and I really need help? Should I see a after hours doctor? My blood is pretty dark. Please help immediatly!...

 If you are around second hand weed smoke but you don't smoke will you still drop a dirty?

 is smoking weed a good idea?
me and my best mate are thinking of trying weed but i dont know if its a good idea... any ...

 My *hicup* keyboard won't *hicup* stop hicupping, What *hicup* can I do about*hicup* it?*hicup*Its annoying!

 Am I wrong for smoking weed?
So I smoke weed. I have been a smoker for about ten years and not once have I ever been caught with or smoking it. I keep it to myself. In fact, I have many friends, and only about ten percent of ...

32 days smoke free? Feeling weird?
I still not feeling good. Still have this anxiety a running thoughts in my head ending up searching for symptoms to what I feel. I hate this. When will this subside? Give me "ANSWERS" please?

-Sometimes I feel dissociated
is this depersonalization normal? and how to cope up with it?

Meklit Israw
I know how you feel.
Eat some Vaseline. It covers up your taste buds and makes you nautious. Just like smoking?

Brian D
good feeling weird is good. don't do drugs.

Daniel D
good smoking is so stupid

It's probably some sort of withdrawal symptom, which you should be feeling especially if you were a long-time smoker. As far as when it will subside, I would guess in another few weeks or so, but to be sure, it would be worth asking your doctor.

Katie V
Wait u feel weird because u didnt smoke for 32 days well yoga clears the mind

Keep going with the no smoking after a while you'll feel a whole lot better and you'll breathe better.

addiction to smoking is what is effecting you. your body thinks that you still want to smoke even when logic tells you not to. wait a little while to recover more (w/o smoking) and if you feel depressed or angry in a few more weeks (5 or 6) go see a doctor, because the drugs could have messed with your brain.

Jei ♥
Exercise. You need to release that anxiety through exercise.

Journal. You need to write down your feelings so that you can gain the feeling of self control.

Talk about it. Go to one of those free AA meetings where you can hear other people dealing with the subject of addiction.

Keep the faith. Go to church and lift your spirit.

Smile. As often as possible...spend time with non-smoking friends, watch a comedy,,, it takes time and you'll make it.

This is addiction. Your going to feel like this for a while... What helps is holding a cigarette (don't light it just hold it) or sometimes chewing gum helps.

~!DeFiNiTeLy NoT A MuShRoOm!~
I'm sorry I can't help, but congratulations on trying to quit! Most people won't even try.

I was a heavy smoker..35 years..up to three packs a day.When I quit one night I woke up and my hand was just coming down from my mouth and my fingers looked like I had an invisible cigarette in them! I tell you this to illustrate how much of a hand to mouth habit smoking is, try putting a tooth pick in your mouth and see if that helps. Your mind is a very powerful thing and you can quit for good..Trust me I did!

wow your doing pretty good don't give up or stop your success chew bubble gum it will reduce your cravings and also not smoking will save money I don't really know how to help you though

Just keep it up! You've came so far, it will all pay off in the end.

Amber K
i quit smoking for 7 months now...and u are going to feel that way...usually when u got that feeling u would smoke a cigarette and you would be satisfied...now since u dont smoke, when u get that feeling u need to find a way to satisfy it...chew gum, clean, eat, take a bath etc. what ever satisfys that need

Well congratulations on staying smoke free for so long, I am sure what you are feeling is linked to withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine, hopefully they should start to lessen soon. Keep up the good work if you have a friend or someone you could talk to when you feel like this it might help.

David L
Your doing good,brain and body are still detoxing. Get fresh air,keep yourself physically busy .

I think when kicking an addiction as strong as cigarettes goes...anything is possible.

I've been quit now since labor day (because I got pregnant,) and I STILL feel strange. The anxiety you feel is there, always. Not so much light headed or dissociated as you are describing at this point (but it was there in the early quit...probably due to all the oxygen your brain was deprived of.) I also still crave cigs an average of 10 times a day and I have dreams almost every night in which I smoke.

I asked my father (who was a long time smoker and quit many years ago,) when you return to normal. After almost 20 years being quit, he said never. He STILL feels the addiction.

But congrats on what you've done! I KNOW it is hard!

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