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2nd hand smoking ?
i heard that 2nd hand smoking is more harmful than 1st hand smoking

2nd hand smoking occurs when a non-smoker are breathing in the smoke beside the smoker

so to prevent the dmg i would get as a 2nd hand smoker , should i smoke if someone beside me also smoke ? so this way i would become a 1st hand smoker instead of 2nd?

richard t
first hand is much worse

It's not a f***ing joke. Alot of people die from smoking or second hand smoke.

Paul S
Does anyone on here have a sense of humor? :)

.....smoking's baaaaad....

Sylvia C
How about just stay away from the smokers!

No, you shouldn't smoke also...then you will be inhaling the harmful chemicals firsthand and secondhand. So you would be getting a double dose of poison...thats the tricky thing about smoking. It doesn't kill you quickly...

rachel b
If you were also smoking, You would be getting first and second hand smoke. It would not be better for you. If someone lights up around you, stand somewhere else until they're done. If you were to light up with them, you would probably eventully become a smoker yourself. That's not good.

Smoking is a hard habit to break.

Francesca M
u should not smoke at all and if someone else is smoking then jus move somewhere else!!!

Probably not. Biologically, not inhaling any smoke is better than inhaling a little bit, but increasing your exposure to a known toxin is probably never a good thing.

I'm also a smoker.

friendly advice from maine
smoking doesnt kill , its what smoking does to you that kills. Same with guns , guns dont kill , its the bullets you gotta watch out for.

Nope, that's even more harmful. Combining two kinds of smoking is awful to your lungs. You should get away from the person instead.

u shouldn't smoke at it smoking killed my uncle

What you heard about 2nd hand smoke is correct it is more harmful. Why you ask? Because when you burn a cigarette the smoke gives off even more chemicals that would not show up if you had not lit the cigarette or pipe. If you were to inhale 2nd hand smoke directly like you would right from the cigarette it would be even more dangerous.

You should not be smoking at all. Smoking is addictive and there is only negative things associated with tobacco. You spend a lot of money to purchase tobacco, it kills your health, and a lot of people don't like when people smoke because it smells like @$$ to them.

MiMi ♥
it is not worse the 1st hand its the considered to be the same though now. Thats why they are banning smoking in cars in alot of states when children are in the cars.

Don't start smoking..duh

then you both are second hand and first hand smokers so you are getting double dose.

The wastes from the smoke is very toxic and deadly!!!

Dragon Spider
Thats a great idea! That way you will both get cancer and can next to each other in the hospital dying together!

At six dollars a pack, second hand smoke will save you a lot of money...

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