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the U
12 hour nosebleed??
My father has had a nose bleed for about 12 hours, and has tried to stop it many times. The bleeding will stop for a few minutes, but then it starts gushing out blood again. He is 50 years old. What should I do?? What could be wrong?? Please help!!
Additional Details
Thank you very much for all of your help. My father and I are now back from the ER. They were able to stop the bleeding somewhat easily. Thanks again to all of those who helped.

? pita ?
Seek medical attention AND lay off the blow

go to the er, my friend had a nose bleed like that last year and the er doc told her that if she didn't come in she would of either had a stroke or a heart attack.

Try to stop the bleeding. A nose bleed for 12 hours is excesive and probably needs medical attention right away. I'm concerned about a lot of blood loss. Try to pack the nose with cotton tissue. Then apply an ice pack on the nose to help slow and clot the bleed. Leave this like this for 20 minutes. If bleeding continues, do all the steps again and take him to the hospital. Is he on some type of medication like heperin that would thin his blood? It sounds like high blood pressure too. That can be serious.

Get to the doctor or hospital NOW!

This happens to me all the time. They can t pack his nose. I have had my nose packed several times and it is not fun but it stops the bleeding. The only problem is sometimes when they take the stuff out of your nose it starts bleeding again. Anyway see the doctor for help. He needs to use a humidifier at night and put lots of saline in his nose to keep it moist.

greg h
i would seek medical attention, or lay off the blow

Go straight to Urgent care as he could be losing too much blood.

ER, now!! High blood pressure, clotting problem with the blood, whatever reason, this needs to be stopped. Until he gets there, put pressure on the bridge of his nose, hold ice to the back of his neck and keep his head elevated. Good luck.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Go to the hospital!
Nosebleeds should NOT be occuring any longer than a few minutes.
(( One of the kids on one of my overnight school field trips, had a nosebleed for an hour. The staff was about to take him to the hospital, until it stopped right before they called for a cab. ))

call this number ---> 911

Take him to the hospital, because if he loses to much blood then it can endanger his life.

Make him go to the the E.R. 12 hours is a long time to be bleeding. Why is he waiting so long?

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