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will taking 8 extra strength tylenol hurt you?
i ask bc i just did that...and now i'm a little scared that something might happen 2 me...

your name is killa death. You sure you really care?

i would get Emergency care ASAP. you might be fine, you might not be. is it worth risking it? i wouldnt!

Yeah probably....unless you're like 7'6" and weight 300lbs that much tylonal is not good for you. The most any average person should take is 2 every 4 or so hours.....make sure you aren't alone in case you have to be rushed to the emergency room....

you noe wat i mean 3rd [GIRL] ©
Well...dont take them anymore bcuz pain killers are very bad for u....

heard of micheal jackson....he took and over dose of drugs....

try not to take anymore..and if ur really in pain, just get a glass of milk,,get a massage from someone and try to relax...

dont take anymore tylenol....they can kill u fer sure....not now but relax and dont take any more....8 IS A LOT!!!...

dont freak out and try not to take any more...just dont!!!!

hope i helped!!!

best answer plz....wanna get to level 3 SOOOO BAAADDD

all tylenol are pretty much "extra strength." but if you have a tolerance built up then probably not, drink lots of water and eat something or else if your not used to that much acetaminophen you could throw up alot and feel like ****....

Well..You should be ok....
if not call an ambulance or get someone to take you to the doctor.

but it was incredibly stupid and I don't recommend doing it again...

no its not going to hurt you but it will do no good taking 8 or 4 because after so much dose it does not do u any good

Dan Thelion
Yes! and why? that's dangerous if you notice any kind of mild side effect dial 991

Taking too much tylenol causes liver toxicity. The maximum dosage per day is around 8 extra strength tylenol PER DAY, however I wouldn't put my liver through the strain of that. With a healthy liver, and a healthy body, you may be ok. However, I would strongly recommend you contact a poison control hotline or a pharamacy/doctor you can ask.

that's not a good idea at all

DUHH thats way to much

♥A ♥
Um, WHY did you do that??! that's why they set a limit on the bottle as a warning in case of overdose. You can call up the poison control if your concerned. It should be on the bottle. I'm am looking at it right now, the same kind you took. Tylenol Extra Strength (1-800-222-1222) <---CALL THIS NUMBER. It's possible your going to get some liver damage. I take this for pain,(bc it's the only thing pregnant woman can take for pain) and your not supposed to take MORE than 8 tablets in a 24 hour period. So obviously, don't take anymore!!
I say your going to live, you may have caused some liver damage, and you may or (may not) feel like crap tomorrow. Read the labels and be smart.

Jessica [email protected]
Um.Ya. It could. Just drink a lot of water. If u start swaying or feeling sick...try to puck. DONT GO LAY DOWN AND GO TO SLEEP! It could be critical. It should go away in an hr and then u can go to sleep. If not GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!

The Drum King!
Hell Yea!!

considering the fact that the highest recommended amount is 2 then yeah, by my precise calculations you took 4x that amount

Colton R.
It's bad for your kidneys.

Answer mine?

I don't know how much, but too much Tylenol can kill you. Not too long ago a woman tried to suicide with Tylenol. She took so many they destroyed her organs. When she was taken to the hospital they couldn't help her. They couldn't even give her painkillers because her organs were no longer able to break down the components. She died an excruciatingly painful death.

That is a lot! If you are alone, you should eat a lot of food or throw them up!!!! If you are with someone, make sure they watch you for a while

answer my question: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090728133752AAyf7YU

Andrea C
ehhh derrr

Yes, it will.
Acetaminophen, the main active drug in tylenol, is very harmful to your kidneys, especially when taken in high dosages. Of the over-the-counter medicines, tylenol ranks as one of the more dangerous in terms of amount of damage one could do to one's body by over-dosage.
Many over-the-counter drugs, like advil (ibuprofen), are much more harmless, however eight of any medicine is a lot to take, especially when it comes to tylenol.
Furthermore, one should never take more than eight tylenol in a 24-hour period, and even then it should not be for more than a week. I wouldn't say that you are in fatal danger, however such actions can have very negative impacts on the long-run health of your kidneys, and I strongly suggest that you do not act in such a way again.

Actually yes it is bad, very bad. Tylenol is flitlered through the liver, and high doses of tylenol can cause hepatotoxicity or liver toxicity in which the liver becomes poisoned and dies, which in turn causes you to die cause you cant live without a liver. Take only 2 tylenol and maybe a motrin of 200mg with a full glass of water or better yet milk. If you have serious pain go to the emergency room, or seek medical attention.

yeah your liver,

this question is important
yes it is very dangerous. did you take them all in one dose or over the day. both will be dangerous but all in one dose is especially dangerous because you will overdose and potentially die. i would call your local poison control centre of go to a clinic immediately and have your stomache pumped

Why did you do this? Well you might damage your liver, or get a headache and throw it up. If you had a really bad headache - 2 of the excedrin for migraines might have done the trick. If you are experiencing an acute sudden onset major headache - you need to go to the ER because you could have a stroke, meningitis, embolism or something that could kill you quickly. If you normally get migraines, please see your doctor for a medication that will not hurt your body.

I usually take 8 at a time when i take them. But i also weigh 235 pounds and 6 foot 3 inches tall. Sometimes it makes my stomach hurt a little but thats all.

Yes! Even though pain killers like them may look simple. You can overdose! I known someone who has overdosed on Advil. Never take more then 6 a day. Never take them at once. For all other information look at the directions on the bottle or the paper inside the box.
Could this perhaps be the best answer? :)

☻I Know All☻
not so much if your used to it.....but in the long run, its very damaging....

yeah that's bad for you it can cause a drug over dose which can lead to kidney failure and other complications.

That will harm your liver. I am not kidding. You should call poison control right away. You need to puke them up or get your stomach pumped. I am not kidding./ My wife is a nurse practitioner and this is what she has told me to write to you. You can damage your liver permanently.

8??? ya thats alot. something can happen to you

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