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why is there a lump in my ear?
Whenever i take out my earring i always wash my hands.And when i feel it,it feels like theres a lump in my ear.Is my ear infected or what?
Additional Details
Sterling silver doesn't really help



yeah there might an infection
you should clean it with some alchol or someting(;
oh and you might want to start cleaning it now
because there could be an infection

if it doesn't bother you, I guess you don't have to worry about it, but why is there? a dont really know, but if it wast for the earring, it would b there right?


happens all the time to practically everybody. i still have them from when i was younger. dont pay it any mind

Nina B
depends on the lump. describe it better please

that happened to me last time, i think its because my errings made my ears swollen

thats the skin....

no its normal plz answer my question:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ApBjpev3JUia0qrNzrgnpNrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090619165135AAC7kVL

Ummer Farooq
Could be an allergy to the earings.


where's the lump? because sometimes i get a lump like, inside the ear, on the top part that sticks out. those are totally natural, and they go away as long as you don't pick at it. if its where the piercing is, try cleaning it with cleaner, they sell it at Claire's. rubbing alcohol might work too, but i've never tried it. ask one of your friends if they know.

good luck!

trust me it is totally normal! anyone who has there ear pireced has it, maybe yours is just bigger!



hot donald
because you're a tool

it may be some sort of pimple or maybe it's just a bump from a cut or dry skin, but it should go away

no, your skin healed aroung the opening you've created by peircing it. That's what your feeling.

You have rabies.

Its just a tumor.
No big.

Try not wearing the earring for a while, it may dissapear.

Is it in your earlobe? It's probably just a small cist, they take a while to go away, but if you can get them to come to the surface (using a semi-hot rag) then you can pop them. I have never been successful at this, it's quite painful.

Kayla Nicole
im gonna guess it is either a wart or a zit...

it sounds normal i get that everytime i take out my earrings...mabye its dry skin i will never know or care.

maybe a pimple

Devilz Wishbone
Thats perfectly normal I have it in my ear to from when some one pierced my ear as a child.

Your ear isnt made of muscle but of cartlidge, this tissue is different to the rest of the body, it has a slow metabolism and healing system thus when you pierce and becomes damage it replaces it with a harder tissue

Same as when you cut your self deeply you get scar tissue which is more tougher

or how a liver that may be damaged gets hard scared tissue which can later become sirosis of the liver

The type of cartilage your ear is made of is the Elastic Cartilage which is similar to the Hyaline cartilage (Found in your nose, voice box and covers the surface of bones)

Hope that has helped you understand why you had a lump there
You damaged it and it got replaced with harder tissue when it healed

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