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Betty W
why does my shin hurt?
Sorry I put another question before this one but I said chin, I meant its his shin sorry.I am asking this question for my husband. A few weeks ago he was kicked i the chin and it was hurting for a few days. After putting ice and rubbing it the pain went away. Now its been a few weeks and the pain has came back. The only problem is the pain is more bad. He says it feels as if pins are going through to the bone. He walks with a limp. He has taken some pain pills but the pain will not go away. He can not be seen at the DR for 9 more days. He has always had pain with all his bones hurting put this pain is only from the knee down. He has put heat pads on it, I massaged it and he took warm baths but nothing is taking this pain away. Anyone know what this might be or what he can do to help the pain,

shin splints?

Tony C
its broke

because i kicked it

idk sorry

shin splints??? if he is active that is probably it

did someone kick you?

Mz Dr3a
im not a doctor? why should i know?


darth vader smells like cookies!!!

shins are very cencitive parts itll take a week or to to heal...lay off it for a bit

he mite have bruised the bone and have shin splints at the same time

if he has always had problems with bones, that is very strange and you should tell the doctor when you go

for the pain, dont walk on it, try and stretch the leg if it doesnt hurt to bad, ice and heat, and drink milk or anything with calcium... its good for the bonesss

Kazza M
im always getting problembs with my legs as i used to be a sprinter. i would try anti inflamitories that have paracetamol like nurofen but i have tried all sorts that the doc gave me and still get pain. youre meant to elevate the area, how was he kicked?were they wearing steel caps or something? maybe the doc will send him for an xray or physiotherapy?

id say just leave it to the dr to find out. but its probably nothing serious at all just some pain from being kicked

aw im very sorry for your husband. its not fun having bone pains..eek! i would just keep up the whole comforting thing to try to help him. i dont think there is much more you can do personally for your husband other than to do what your doing. maybe have some x-rays done to find out more?? sorry i wasnt much help.

I suggest you give him some ibuprofen as that reduces the swelling and the swelling increases the pain. Sometimes it works better than pain pills for that reason. Check with your doctor to see if he can take up to 800 mg (4 pills). Also alternate ice with heat. Ice helps the pain more than heat because it also reduces inflammation. He doesn't want to hear ice, but believe me it works. No more than 15 minutes at a time. If you put a heat pad on for more than 15 minutes it increases the inflammation Don't massage it because you do not know the underlying cause.

Jessica L
keep it elevated and massage constanly until your able to go to the docter because thats quiet weird.

Maybe it's broken. (Could be)

little devil 96
do u play any sports or run alot?

my sis runs xcountry and she gets terrible shin splits and i play soccer and get kikd in the shins alot but u know thts bcuz my shingaurds r crappy

glad i cud help

Francesca <3
it could be shin splints i had those they are realy pain ful =[ i got them from walking or running bare foot too much its when the muscle on your shin like pushes away from the bines its a sharp sharp pain.

i hpe its not that they hurt bad.

u hav shin splints...i had the same and they hurt! tape up ur shins and ice them about 20 min like 3 times everyday...do that for about a month and u'll be ok. also, dont try to run around too much for a month or two...hope i helped! =]

Kicked in the shin?
Then it could be a fracture.

Years back, my daughter was playing with her friend, and ended up with a fracture in her leg ... also her shin. Her leg looked fine, so we didn't know anything was wrong. Every so often, when she would turn her leg a certain way, or push off to run, or if we touched it, she'd crumble to the ground in tears.

So I took her to the doctor, who took x-rays that revealed a hairline fracture in her shin. That was the source of the pain ... it was trying to heal, but every time she used it, it came apart again. Wore a cast for six weeks, but has not had any problem with the leg since.

You should:
Go to the doctor.
Get an x-ray. It is probably a bone fracture, which reacts differently than a full break.

Shin splints do not typically occur from a kick. If it were a shin splint, the pain would be more like a muscle spasm. To treat a shin splint, one has to stop exercising for the time it takes for all the discomfort to subside. But shin splints don't emerge from no where. Typically, a shin splint is a sign that:
(1) you did not warm up before exercising, or
(2) you increased your exercise exertion too quickly, or
(3) your feet are not in correct alignment (arches), which throws off the rest of the body. So should see a podiatrist to get orthodic shoe inserts, which will realign the body correctly.

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