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why does my left lower side hurt and my stomach?
the pain is horrible! the pain on my left lower side is like on my waist.(i am askin this question for a friend of mine he is 55)

Alyssa L

Sorry, but I think a doctor would be more qualified to answer this.
I don't wanna give you a wrong diagnosis or anything.

SkYe :)
it could be a kidney problem. thats where your kidneys are. the pain could just have happened to affect your stomache. tell him to go to his doctor or go to
to find medical home treatments online.

Dani W
That is exactly where it hurt before i had to get my appendix removed. It matters on how long its been hurting. 1-2 days go to the hospital for appendicitis. 1-2weeks go to the hospital anyways. If its been three days or more than it might have burst.

well it could be the appendix, or bad gas/constipation , neither are fun

possibly your appendix. go to the ER.

*granny* class of '59
Lower left pain is an indication of diverticulitis, which can become infected. I was hospitalized with it for 11 days and the surgeon told me if the antibiotics didn't work, (two different antibiotics and an IV) that I would have to have surgery and a possible colostomy. It is really important for your friend to see his Dr. about the pain. Take his temperature, tell him not to take stimulant laxatives unless his Dr. prescribes them because they can force hard stool to go through the area where the diverticular pocket is. Please look up diverticulitis on the internet...too long for me to describe. Once he gets to feeling better he needs to eat a healthy, high fiber diet and drink lots of water. Nothing with seeds because they can get stuck in the pockets and cause infection again. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for him.

maybe because you dont drink enough water

Its probably the appendixs, see a doctor :)

he might have appendicitis or kidney problems

You might have slept in bad possition.


if it hurts while excercising, you need to drink water.

otherwise it'd be best to go see a doctor.

ppl over 40/50 are more vulnerable to developing cancer

your appendix is about to burst. EMERGENCY ROOM. NOW.

First of all the Appendix is on the lower right side. So it is not the appendix. Since it is on the left lower side and there are stomach pains it would most likely be constipation and gas. Take a stool softener and drink lots of water and lay on your left side as suggested earlier. If the pain persists and does not go away or if there is any blood in the stool you must seek medical attention immediately.

My Answers
Right is appendix. Could be gas pain. Not much there. You said it is a He so no ovaries. Could be a ureter stone? Drink a lot of water and if it is not better go to the ER so they can CT scan it. Dont worry though.

did you fall or get hit there or something?

See a doctor. It could be something as simple as a blockage in his bowels. A doctor will need to see him.

Good luck!

It could be Kidney Stones or he has gas pains and he should drink carbonated soda and lay on his left side to get the gas out

Just a thought.. it might be constipation

Perhaps he has Apendicitis?
He should go to the hospital in case it is his appendix.
If you wait to long it could burst and then could lead to death.

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