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why do I get cramps in my calf's after walking for 2 or 3 hours?
going on for some time now

your muscles are mostly water. they're dehydrated. drink more water.

You're not drinking enough water.

its youre body telling you w-a-t-e-r
its like water works on us like oil works in youre car
what happens if you dont put oil in youre car?
youre body is showing sighns of dehydration its wonting a good lub e job

Probably you calfs aren't use to walking that much. Maybe you should start jogging or walking lesser hours. Or probably keep walking the same time. Your calfs should get use to it.

$Sun King$
You're unfit.

Kenneth R
Low sodium, low blood flow,over exercise are big factors in cramps. To really get the right answer you need to see a doctor.


Rich T
Cramps are a common sympton of de-hydration. If you have drunk enough water then cramp shouldnt effect you.

Drink more water and I am sure the cramp will reduce.

Becuase you arent used to the activity so your muscles cramp up. Also try to stretch a little. Or it could be in your diet, but I dont know what would fis that.

visram v
most probably your arteries are slowly narrowing. but you hve not stated your age to comment further.

get some more potassium in your body. eat a banana

Basement Jack!
i think its due to dehydrated leg muscles, lack of blood supply to the legs, because the arteries in your legs tighten, causing lack of blood supply, or actually it maybe to do wiv nerve compression in your spine because uve been walking for too long which leads to pain in your legs, but thats usually caused by you walking in a strange flexed position, does that help?

Perhaps you should try some stretching techinquies prior to walking for 2-3 hours. Actually before you walk and after you walk.

You need potassium supplements that is what is causing the cramping.

Maybe a lack of potassium. Eat bananas and drink a gatorade every now ant then.

Euthanasia Bait
Getting old, are you?

Not enough water and potassium.

Calfs, being infant cows, aren't mature enough to walk for 2-3 hours before at least 18 months old.

Do you have pet calfs or are you a wandering cow farmer?

You need to do stretches before walking. Warm your muscles up before you use them so much. Also, leg cramps are often caused by a calcium deficiency.

suzy c
Dehydration is a common cause, so drink more water. Also potassium can help with cramps, try a banana as a snack.

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