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when I travel by air, sometimes my ear pains like anything?
what do to in times like that???

Chew on gum, just don't say, "my ears feel like they're going to EXPLODE!!!".

because of pressure, scientifically explanation, high places have high pressure.

You have to swallow frequently to even up the pressure in your middle ear thru your eustachian tube. Try to chew gum.

i usually chew gum...

Barb D
Chew gum. Your ears are clogging from due to the altitude. Chewing gum will keep your ears popping so's they don't hurt so much when flying.

turtle girl
I am like you, it is horrible. Chewing gum, yawning, blowing air... does no good.

The only thing I have had work is AFRIN nasal spray before the flight. It opens your eustachian tubes very well. TRY IT!!

Grant M
chew gum as soon as you get in the plane it should help good luck Grant M in pennsylvania

First make sure that you do not have any residual water inside your ear. Hopefully you will not be flying with a cold either. I also always bring nose spray to clear the sinus passages, ear plane ear plugs for take off and landing, take an antihistamine like benedryl about a half hour before takeoff and last but not least during take off and landing make sure to try to hold your nose and breath at the same time (obviously taking breaks to breath) this keeps your ears popping to clear the passages.
Good luck. Before I did all of these things, I suffered excruciating pain each time I would fly.

Storm Chaser
Drink a glass of water and then chew gum.

Chew gum and take claritin before the flight. I have never flown but my sister says she doesn't actually chew gum but goes thru the jaw/mouth opening and closing motions, as though she is chewing gum and it works too.

Chew gum during flight. This will keep your ears from poping!

To reduce the pain in your ears, which is caused in the change in pressure, chew gum and also swallow hard. This will pop your ears and reduce the pain.

Your adjusting to the pressure. The air is thinner when you get in the air and you get used to it, when you descend, there more pressure, and the ear is the place it builds up. I took a scuba diving lesson, where the same rules apply. If you want to control the pain, yawning is always good to clear your ears. Or even better, pinch your nose and blow out your ears and you'll feel the air come out the ears.

Chew on some gum.

Peter K
If you don't have any gum, close your mouth, plug your nose, and exhale slowly. The air will travel through the sinus cavity to your ear and equalize the pressure. It's a nifty trick I learned from scuba diving lessons.

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