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whats the quickest way to get rid of a headache without taking pills?

Additional Details
need to know fast it feels like my head's about to explode

It's kind of hard to say, depends on what headache you have.

1. No particular reason: You can use nurofen sticks... you rub it over your scalp and it has this type of mentholy thing that makes it better soon.

2. Vertigo headache or no particular reason: Also try massaging your pressure points: http://taichi.snowcron.com/shiatsu_headache.htm

3. Migraine: Or get a heat pack, place it on your shoulders and have a nap in a quiet, dark room. If you need to throw up, do so, as your body may be trying to get rid of some toxins, eg. from bad food. Then sleep for about 2 more hours or until you wake up by yourself.

4. Dehydration: You may also be dehydrated. Try drink some chilled water. Just keep sipping it. It will take about an hour for you to be hydrated again.

5. Strong, spicy food headache: Drink a can of chilled coco-cola and rest.

Hope this helps!

If you have recurrent headaches that stop your from working normally, go to the doctor. If they come only once in a while, but often enough to annoy you, try this:


It will help get rid of any headache, including hangovers, within 2 minutes. However, it does cost a bit.

bust yourself in the nuts!!!! That will take your mind off your head

Drink some cold water( a few cups) and take a nap. i do it all the time when im feeling one

drink alot of waterand try not to do anything to stressful just watch some tele

tylenol and a regular coke (caffeine in coke which gets in the system faster with the coke). Lay in dark, quiet, room with soothing low music, (turn off phones and TV), Lay headache part of head on warm heating pad and go to sleep. Works everytime.

take a shower.. close your eyes, stay in a dark room.. or take a nap.. specially just relax

Go into the dark, put a wet cool cloth on your head, breathe deeply, and concentrate on the pain flowing out of you.

If that doesnt work, take the pills.

It may not be " fast " but wet a washcloth with COLD water and put it over and take a 20 minute nap. Make sure your sleeping in a quiet and peaceful area

Drink LOTS of water. Your brain is mostly water. so sometimes it helps to drink lots of water but not too much.

cup of tea?

drink Gatorade, rub peppermint oil on your temples or massage your hands and feet.

Gatorade has electrolytes which helps headaches.
Peppermint Oil calms you.
Massage pushes pressure points that are directly connected to your head.

Ellie H
I usually go lie down for about a half an hour, cool and make sure the pillows are nice and soft. And usually it goes away.


Squeeze the meat between your thumb and finger in that little groove. It's a pressure point


Apply pressure on your... pressure points...

push the side of ur heads in from both sides

massage ur tempo's

cold ice on ur head

drink water to cool down and laydown

Nana to TWO
cold, wet washcloth on the forehead.

Ivy G

Drink a glass or two of water and lay down for a few minutes.
Most headaches are caused by dehydration, and resting for a short period of time will usually help most help woes. Sometimes your body just needs a few minutes to collect information and figure out what is going on so it can send the right signals and sort everything out. Drinking plenty of fluids generally helps promote all-around health in general, and is the best way to prevent/cure headaches and even the common cold(couple with bed-rest). Take a twenty minute nap if you can for optimal results.
If you haven't eaten in a while, eat a couple of saltines, or a buttered piece of toast-sodium will help your body distribute water properly, and any other nutrients will help your blood sugar regulate to a better level(even the healthy have problems with low blood-sugar if they haven't eaten enough).

Here what works is when I change my attention from the pain to another thing I am doing, like reading, talking with someone, playing games, whatever works ....

Put a wet paper towel on your forehead.

Just fall asleep if possible. When you wake up you feel loads better.
Hope ur headache gets better[=

It depends on the cause of the headache, but drinking water usually helps.

Splash Log
Lay down in a dark quiet room. And take something that smells good to sniff. Like an orange, or coffee grounds. Or anything you love the smell of. Having a [email protected] isn't a bad idea either, or a cool shower perhaps.

NC Merten
drink some water...

Put a towel on your forehead and lie down and try to fall asleep.

Also, Take a shower or a bath to relaxxx!
and then fall asleep. Try to anyways.

and if all doesn't work, take tylenol because it does really help and makes you feel better.

The cause of a headache is constricted blood vessels.

Mint (just the scent of it) naturally opens blood vessels, so chewing a stick of gum will really help a headache! Also helps, drinking mint tea or sniffing mint.

You should also rub your temples gently to increase blood flow.

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