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 my ears feel swollen?
I'm having that feeling when your on a plane and their pressure on your ears? This all started when I was using an ipod. After using it for 2 days it started to hurt, and now it feels swollen. ...

 Sore Throat?!?!?
I'm having really bad pains in my throat especially when I swallow, it's been like this for 2-3 days now. The other thing that's weird is that i'm feeling so much pain in my hands,...

 does it hurt to get your braces taken off?
im getting mine off in five days and really want to know what to expect
thanks :)...

 Why Doesn't Anyone Understand That It Hurts?
Insecurities hurt, am I right? Especially when you already feel ugly yourself. You don't have to hurt more than you do by people talking about you and how ugly you are on Facebook. Why doesn'...

 Why don't my spacers hurt???
I got spacers yesterday and they really don't hurt. They hurt this morning when I woke up, but then the pain went away. Are they going to start hurting?...

 is it possible for me to get addicted to pain killers?
im 13 and i get very sick almost all the time with like migraines and heavy cramps on my cycle, and i do take Alot of pain killers am i kind-of addicted because i take about 4-6 pain killers a day ...

 What side is your appendix on?
i dont know if i pulled my lower right back or what?...

 Cure Headache?
it hurts ahh omg i just need something to get the pain ...

 When I wake up I'm virtually blind for an hour due to extreme pain and sensitivity in my eyes. Cause?
Not every day. It feels like pain at the surface but I don't see how its possible if there are no nerves....

 a bad headache and slurred speech?
I experienced this last night. a few other times I experienced sudden slurred speech. I am starting to worry. What is this?

note; I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs....

 Isn't vicadin supposed to stop all the pain?
I took one vicadin about an hour ago and my teeth still hurt! They hurt a little less than before but the pain is still going to keep me up. Why isn't the vicadin working? And what can I do for ...

 Hangover prevention/remedies 10 points?
Im planning on getting piss drunk at my buddies 16th tom. (ill be drinking beer if that makes any difference?). If anyone knows any ways to help prevent hangovers or ease them the mourning of, i ...

 I'm in pain! What's wrong with me?
I'm having the worst stomach pain ever and I don't know what it is. I can hardly breathe it hurts so bad! I've been popping tums like candy, but it's not working.


 For the past two days when swallowing it feels as though something is lodged in my throat (lump) or food?
there is no food, what can this be?...

 Is there any reason I get a headache the same time each day?
I am a student and I get a headache durning the last three class periods of each day. Approximate time- 1:30-3:00. I take ibuprofen but it does nothing....

 Side pain after throwing?
Sometimes when I throw a ball as hard as I can I get a pain either in my chest or in my side.Why is that?...

 Really Bad pain on neck!?
I woke up around 9 an hour or so later i got this sharp pain on the right side of my neck
it hurts soo bad i cant move my neck to the right, but i can move it to the left. And my head is tilted ...

 I am starting high school and need advice!!!! DD:?
okay, broad subject, right? well, basically i know the answer i just need a few opinions to help explain things to my father.
a friend of mine just gave me this really pretty, yellow bike. i ...

 What wrong with my foot?
im having very sharp pain in my Left foot... even as i sit.. Its sharp.. then every few minutes it gets an even sharper pain ( left foot only) & even tho the pain is there.... it hurts more as I ...

 what's wrong with me?
today i've been feeling rather weak and light headed.
i feel like i'm going to pass out any second.
thursday night i got wasted, but i'm not sure if that has ...

The Orphan
whats the most pain phisical pain you have ever felt?
the most painful physical pain i have ever felt was when i went to the orthodontics like 2 years ago and they had to do something to my teeth but first they had to make my mouth numb so they took 3-4 needles with with this weird substance and they stuck them in my top and bottom gums and it hurt like a son of a b****! i almost felt like crying so whats the most physical pain you have ever felt?
Additional Details
sorry its too hard to decide on a answer so im just gonna let you guys vote on it thanks everybody for answering all you experiences sound really painful!

D. M.
My gf was on top and got carried away and actually fractured my "equipment" .hurt like a summavitch! had to put ice on it to reduce the swelling then no "activity" until it healed!

i was running around my house when i was little. there is a sudden, vertical drop off on one side of my drive way. i ran straight off of it and flipped around in the air and landed on my side and legs. the pain was so bad i couldn't get up and it the impact destroyed the muscle in a part of my leg.

when i had pluerisy(sp?) it felt like i was being stapped with a hot knife every time i tried to breathe

got into a bike accident on a Road Bike (10 speed), twisted my front wheel, got launched and landed on my shoulder.
BENT my right collar bone, and dislocated it.
Spent a good 6 weeks recovering with no pain meds, no insurance at the time.

racer 51
gallstones. omg, it was worse than having a baby. the pain made me pass out. i scared a lot of people with that.

You sure have your work cut out for you to pick the best answer. Recently I accidently was stuck in my left finger with an Epipen(used for allergic reactions) someone had taken the top off and I didnot realise it until it was too late. I could not get the needle and the container accompaning the needle out. Had to go to the er, the doctor pulled it out and it hurt like """""". The needle was slanted crooked and that made it worse. It maynot sound painful but it was horrible. These epipens are made to go through thick clothing with much force with it. I have never experienced kidney stones but I believe that they are the most painful things rating in there with childbirth and I have 4 children. GOOD QUESTION!

i was driving a truck with a partner and had been having real bad pains in my right upper side but i have a pretty high tolerance and being out on the road makes it difficult to just stop and see a doc but it did get bad enough to where i did call my doc at home but he said he couldn't help till i came home. well when i did get home i had to move some of my belongings including my motorcycle onto a u-haul. when i got the bike up there i had to turn it sideways and screwed up and me and the bike fell out the back ending up with a 600cc on top of me. later i got so sick from the pain in my side i went to see my doc and was scheduled for emergency surgery because my gallbladder was on the verge of bursting. oh what a day. i was unable to move any part of my body due to excruciating pain.
excellent question.

I had stitches in my head when I was five and when the doc injected the local anesthetic I screamed the building down and then 15 years later I needed more stitches in my head and I was close to tears.

The dentist left me in agony a few months back when he thought I could handle a filling without anesthetic, bad idea, he almost lost a finger.

Broke my wrist roller blading when I was 12, thought my hand been cut off.

I have had a lot of knee surgeries and lately lots of complications with that, but by far the worst was this past September. I had bleeding in the joint a few days post op and could not move. My leg was stuck straight and filled with blood and was hot and swollen. I had to be rushed to the ER, where 100 cc's of blood was drained from just my knee alone. Three days later I had the same thing happen again. The doctors did everything they could to try and help my pain, but no drug touched it...morphine, oxycontin...nothing gave any relief and I was eventually knocked out. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Ooooh! I know EXACTLY how you felt!
The three most painfull experiences of my life:
#1. The palate shots they give you when you get wisdom teeth pulled!!!
#2 A shot of Toradol. Ironically it was a pain med...
It, LITERALLY, feels like they are injecting crunchy peanut butter into your but muscles. Next worst shot would be phenagran.... OWWW!
#3. I stepped on a rusty wooden nail when I was 3. It went most of the way through my foot. Especially for a 3 year old, OWWW!

Years ago I had surgery on my left ear and that hurt! Then back in 2002 I sprained my left ankle and sometimes it feels like I sprained it all over again OUCH!

I have 3 herniated disc in my back and I am on some strong pain meds, but I am still always in pain. Also a toothache can bring a weight lifter to tears. I had an abcess that made me look like Mike Tyson had punched me in the jaw, god that pain was the worst thing.

The after pains after child birth was the worst. A close second was when I had to have a filling removed and the dentist couldn't get the Novocaine in the right spot so he drilled w/out it. It took forever and I was crying and smoke was pouring out of my mouth and he kept saying, "Be brave!Be brave!" after he stopped, he said he wasn't finished and I would have to make another appointment to finish it. I almost told him to just pull it to avoid any more of the horrible pain.I now go to another dentist.

When I was eight, I crushed four of my knuckles in a grocery store door jam.

Mr. Knowitall
I was sure it was my appendix but it was just a kidney stone. I was on my way home from work when it started out small, but by the time I got home I was squirming with pain. It was so bad I threw up. The Dr. said it was the worst pain a man could feel.

In order starting from absolute worst:

1. A chest tube from having a double pneumothorax (collapsed right lung, both lobes)

2. ruptured ectopic pregnancy

3. right femur fracture (thigh bone)

That's all I can think of. I have a high pain tolerance so things that might be excrutiating for one person might barely faze me.


lets see i live in pain my whole life..finally the doctors got my pain under control...but the worst was when i first got a kidney infection...it hurt so bad i felt like i was dieing and my doctor said had i not gone to the ER when i did I would have probably died from my kidney exploding..it was so swollen that they could feel the kidney stick out behind my side sorta by my back...i first went to ST. Luke's they tried to give me a pain shot but none such luck the pain got worse and worse...i couldn't even get up by myself...they sent my in an ambulance to Elembrook Memorial where they ran an bunch of tests at St. Luke's my temp was 102.9 by the time they got me to elembrook memorial my temp was 103.7...it was the worst pain ever..they kept me in the hospital for 8 days trying to figure out what was wrong with me...finally when they did they started me on morphine pca so i could control how much pain meds i got and how much i could get i think it was like 10ml to ever 10min it wasn't till i got the bill that i found out every time i pushed that little morphine dispensing button that it cost me 164.00 dollars...so the worst pain ever that would have to be it....good luck finding your answer....

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