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what will happen if I chop up and sniff painkillers? this is a serious question?
I find myself in a bit of an addicted state and am wondering if sniffing these things is going to mess me up
Additional Details
I realize this is unhealthy and that I have a bit of a problem, but I am trying to get through tonight without overdosing. I just can't shake the pull I'm feeling.

Mary O
Are you really this stupid?

John Barry
the pills are not going to harm you as long as they were prescibied by a doc. you will be ok snorting

Yes you can chop them up and snort them. It depends on what kind of pills they are. I could answer this question alot better if I knew. I would snort only the purest form of the pain pills. Sound like you are having a hard time. E-mail me if you want and we can chat more privately.

You need help. Find some before you addiction becomes totally unmanageable.

Elena R
That's really sick and you should try to get some help. AA and NA are free 12 step programs where you meet people that were in the position you are in right now and now have chosen a better, happier, healthier way of life.

If you are asking this question you probably know it isn't very good. I noticed you even said you are addicted too. Ok, you do not this is not a good thing. Please go to a doctor or a counselor, please, and just mention it, they will help you sort this out better than any of us can. Please go...

ummm you should your doctors

Been there, done that. It was just okay for me, made my sinuses a bit sore, though. I did it with oxycontins and I'm glad those days are over.

JaDe =D
um well it cant be good......

You have more than a bit of a problem...
You need to tell someone and get some help. You can go to a doctors office and they can rx medication to help block the receptors in your brain that are craving the pain killers.
You can shake the pull, it's only mental! Do you have the physical ability NOT to do it; of course you do! So; don't do it.

Bad idea. It burns a lot, and you feel a little bit of something, but it doesn't last nearly as long, and you will have a runny nose and burning throat for hours. Just eat them for better results.

DRUGS ARE GAY!!!!!!!!!! seriously if your putting a question on here about sniffing painkillers you dont have a little problem YOU HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM get some help gurl!

What is an addictive state-wouldn't you consider this an addiction.The chances of dieing is good using drugs in a way that they are not intended for.
Have you considered entering treatment for your addiction...
You already realize this is unhealthy and dangerous yet you want to do it. Would it not be better to consider getting into treatment.
If you would like to talk email me after reading my profile. God Bless Reggie

It's generally not a good idea if the said painkillers don't say to sniff them...

its Mrs. Dingleberry to you
You already know this is a bad idea or you wouldn't be asking but the factual answer is:
You need to be careful of what kind of preparation you are sniffing (is it enteric coated, time release, gel cap....etc) Many of the preparation methods use substances that are meant to be broken down by gastric acid & if inhaled could be damaging!! In addition, you may develop an ulcer (sore) in your nose, nose bleeds, etc.

Speaking strictly on "will it give you a better high, pain control?" whatever we should call it... again it depends on the formulation. Many times you will get a quick buzz but no lasting pain control because many of these drugs depend on absorption through the GI tract and being routed directly to the hepatic circulation (through your liver) so that they can be metabolized to their active component.

Bottom line: NOT ADVISABLE. Please look into NA or AA to work to get past this.

Pocket Protectorate
Anything you snort up your nose has to be primarily cut with a water soluble substance...so it dissolves the second it hits the moistness of your lungs and sinuses...

Painkillers are designed to be "broken down" by powerful stomach acids...

Believe me...if you snort crushed over-the-counter pain pills up your nose, most of it will stay in your lungs forever, and you'll do serious long-term harm to your lungs and sinuses...

Cheryl J
From what i have heard is that it would go straight to your blood stream and work faster. probably hurts your nose too.

You are addicted and need to get clean before you have to take so many that your liver is shot.

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