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Eliza <3
what should I do?
I think almost know my wrist is broken but my mom won't take me cuz she doesn't think its broken and it was a week now and i refuse to use that hand and she STILL won't take me....neither will my dad..but DON'T say just go by your self or call the cops or something

also i did type this question with ONE hand
Additional Details
My dad will NOT take me he thinks its not even sprained

be an adult and go to the doctor....then when you find out that your hand is IN FACT broken..take the doctors note to your parents..and if they get mad at you then your parents have some major issues that they cant take care of thier child...

jesi h
are you a drama queen is that why they dont believe you or do they not have the money for it? well you havent left yourself many options go to the scool nurse and tell her your parents wont believe you or deal with it if it was broken it would be very swollen so for your dad and mom to not think anything is wrong makes me think there is nothing wrong however i could be wrong so you may just need to go to the doctor youself if you are in the much pain i know thats not what you wanted to hear sorry

Lacey G
Go to a teacher, school nurse, or school counselor. Have them evaluate the situation. If they think you need to see the doctor, they will let your parents know. Pretty good chance your folks will take you to the doctor if the school says you need to go!

Go to ur school nurse ....then she probaly call ur parents and then they might take u seriusly

this shouldnt even be a question...

Steve B
wow..............talk to dad or teacher orrrrrrr school nurse
ya should get xray somehow/somewhere

jennifer h
Do you have health insurance? What is the problem with your parents to take you to a clinic to have it checked out? Is it a money thing? or do they not believe you? or maybe it truly is just strain like your parents think... then a one is not long enough to tell., give it another week. Go to a pharmacy and get a wrist supporting band/wrap. This will help for the time being. If it still hurts past another week... tell your parents and be insisted that you see a doctor. Someone mention before me to go to a school nurse. I also highly recommend that.
If a second person, especially an adult, agrees with you than your parents might change their minds. Although, you would think they would take you right away. However, it just might be a money thing.
So, I can partly understand the hesistion. Good luck.
And I hope your wrist feels better. Extra points for typing with one hand and using caps.

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