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just me
what makes you pee alot?
What does it mean when you pee alot?
Additional Details
i dont drink or smoke quit 2 yrs ago.... i feel like I can pee a little like 3 or 4 times in 10 min and for that time really didnt drink alot of water.its not all the time but its frequent


bladder control issues, might want to go to a doctor

oh my!

G. Grissom
It can mean a lot of things, and most of them aren't anything bad. Drinking things like coffee, being bloated, PMS, pregnancy, bladder infection, and more. Some people just naturally pee a lot. If it's an issue, go to the doctor.

get checked for diabetes or hypoglycemia, these conditions can make you urinate frequently.

Try not to freak out about it. It means that you are simply hydrated, so it's good for you. I pee a lot when i drink Gatorade.

You might be sick

There are a number of possible causes including

Interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome
Urinary tract infection
Interstitial cystitis
Medicines such as diuretics
Overactive bladder syndrome
Stroke and other neurological diseases
Urinary incontinence

It's either because you drink alot of fluids or you might have UTI(urinary T. infection. which it cuold hurt when you pee or itching. sometimes comes with stomach aches.

Sandra M
There are a number of things that could cause this, chlamydia, type 2 diabetes, urinary tract infection. You need to see a doctor. Also I have noticed that you have a lot of health problems. Are you a hypochondriac?

an UTI can make u feel like you have to pee alot, but you really might only pee a drop

do you drink a lot of tea, that's a dieuretic, could be a urine infection or a kidney infection, or cystitus, see a gp there is a number of different reasons, u could b suffering with diabetes best to get checked out,

Heather M
It could be many things. Probably best to go see your doctor. But I'd also try drinking Oceanspray Cranberry juice. It helps when I have bladder infections and have to pee a lot.

It would depend. It could mean anything from drinking too much liquids to a bladder infection. However, in most cases, a bladder infection would have some discomfort. Either way, make sure that if you are urinating frequently, you also drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

If you are well hydrated you will go a lot.
However, one of the signs of diabetes is frequent peeing.

Check the color and smell and visit the doctor.

If it smells sweet or like alcohol, see the doctor immediately.

could be diabetes

Mikey Way
Type 2 diabetes

Jennifer S
frequent urination can be caused by kidney infection kidney stones bladder infections bladder polyps bladder spasms pregnancy drinking too much caffiene liquids, anything pressing on the bladder stress over active bladder

many many things. you could have a kidney infection, you could be pregnant. i pee a lot right before my period. you could be drinking more than usual. inactivity makes you notice it more often when you have to go. some people just have small bladders. you'd have to go see a dr to see exactly what the problem is.

water, generally.

it also usually means you're taking in a lot of water, or you are taking in a dehydrant of some kind.

if instead of "peeing alot" you mean, "having to stop what you're doing to go pee" then it could mean a variety of things, from a small bladder to a kidney infection to diabetes to pregnancy.

Caffeine and alcohol both make you pee a lot. Have taken to drinking coffee or booze?

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