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 I've burnt my throat and stomach, what can I do to ease the pain?
I ate some dinner a bit too fast last night and instead of spitting out the pipping hot food, I swallowed it and it caused me tremendous pain. It still hurts today. What should I do?

ps: N...

 Knee pain at the age of 13?
ok so im 13 and my knee hurts could it be because of my dog she is a little wild and likes to pull on her leash and i stick one foot out in front of my so i dont go flying forward and by the way she ...

 do shots hurt?
do shots hurt? i am freaked out about getting them. i have 2 get them b4 skool starts. i am REALLY scared. i havent got them since i was seven. and i have bad memories from that.(crying, etc.) PLZ ...

 terrible headache plz help :( ????????????????????????
i had it yesterday after i came home (6 pm) and today all day.its really terrible.i have to walk sloooooow cuz my head then gets uhhhhhhhh!!! help plz i dont really now what i can this be ?!!?!!??? (...

 Sore bum crack help please?
its permanently sore. I asked this question a while ago and most people told me to let the air get to it but walking around with my bum out, permanently pulling my cheeks apart isn't really a ...

 What was the most pain full thing that ever happend to you?
I got hit by a car, damn that ...

 my throught really hurts how do i get ride of the pain without medicine ? please help me?

 Chiropractor messed up my neck, should I confront him?
Three years ago I began seeing a friend from high school that is a chiropractor, for my lower back problems. He began a treatment plan that involved my entire spine saying that no spine problems ...

 My ear is popping. It pops every 5 or 6 seconds to every 30 seconds, and is really annoying, what should I do?
It pops every 5 or 6 seconds to every 30 seconds, and is really annoying, what should I do? What is wrong?...

 Does marijuana CAUSE headaches?

Additional Details
Someone told me that is does....

 I can't breathe well?

 My husband is complaing that it feels like someone is sitting on his chest and that it is hard to breathe?

Additional Details
He's only 24and in great shape, is it likely its a heart attack?...

 My 7-year-old says her ear hurts after putting a Q-tip in it. Has pain, decreased hearing, and a swushi sound
Should I be worried about a serious injury???...

 Can somebody with experience tell me if belly button piercing hurts

Yesterday around six, I had got in a fight wiht my mom, so I went too my dads house, I was so angry, i was being stupid, I am fourteen and wishing for the best, I took about twenty pills, seven advil,...

 Im in so much pain!?
I have a 24 hour stomach bug or the stomach flu.......I got it from my Boyfriend. I literally Can't hold a single thing down, not even pepto bismol and water!

It all comes out within ...

 should i go to hospital?
i have an unbearable ear ache that's so bad i cant lie down or even think about anything else, it started at about 5 and has been bad for a few hours. I called NHS direct and spoke to a nurse ...

 Knee pain, please help!!!!!!!?
I have torn legiments in my knees, been seeing doc, physical therpy and orotho docs. I felt something tear 2 days ago as I was walking up steps, now knee cap shifts and something underneath is *loose*...

 Please help me....I am in pain?
this morning I tried to reach my alarm to off it...and there..the muscle of my neck pulled...(right)..god it pains like HELL...i cant turn to right...this afternoon bymistake I turned sudenly to ...

 Any home remedies or techniques to help with tonsilitis pain...??
I can't eat or even drink because it hurts to swallow!!! :(...

Hola!its Bryan
what is the worst pain youve ever been through?
im jus wandering what pain can really be, ive had pain like ive got shot in the hand and ive also accidentally cut myself REALLY deap but ive never had real bad pain. have you? was it physical or emotional?

Hendo ((:
I fell off of a 30ft bridge and broke both of my legs and a part of my spine.

I'm now paralyzed for life. :(

there was an experiment done in a war zone years ago ,forget which one but they asked the wounded to rate the pain from 0-100 or something along those lines and the patients who had the most horrific injuries ,legs and arms blown off n stuff ,reported that they felt no pain .

I had really bad gas it was really painful and wasn't funny at all.

Wow, people seriously? BOILS? UTI? Childbirth? Broken body parts? I SO SCARED.

parents divorce

I got skinned alive on a treadmill and did sumthin really painful to my muscle when I was doin a relay in swim team
Nuthin really bad tho

I've had a kidney stone, wisdom teeth removal, and two MRSA infections. The MRSA was by an order of magnitude the worst.

The worst pain I've ever felt is a tie between waking up after major back surgery, and getting 10 shots of novocaine straight into my heel.

childbirth :P

also had an abscessed boil from MRSA. I had to sit there while the nurse injected pain killers directly into the boil, about 10 times. Then when she went to drain it 10 minutes later, I still felt everything, and then to have it packed, and then cleaned and repacked over and over again, for several weeks

Emma ♥ Danny.
my worst pain so far, is an ear infection, it made me cry, thats how much it hurts and i never cry over physical pain.
Emma (:

when i was like 8 years old my neck dislocated... that was pretty bad pain...

I have dislocated my elbow, broken my collar bone, third degree burn on my leg from a motor cylce, gone to my boyfriends family reunions, drowned in the Atlantic, and a few Id rather not mention....But labor was the worst.

noodle ..x
When my dad ran over my foot, there again it taught me not to get out a moving car =]

Lesson learnt!!!!

UTI....ouchie =(

Trigeminal neuralgia. It's a recurrent or even a chronic inflammation of the nerves down [usually] one side of the head, over your ear, through your eye, back teeth, jaw joint, and ending down where your neck joins your shoulder. It was absolute agony; my eyes used to water and stay shut, teeth ached worse than any dental decay, my skin was so sensitive to touch or even to a faint breeze or draught, my hearing was affected. It got so bad sometimes that I would bash my head against the wall. I even thought of drilling a hole in my skull, as if to let the pain out. It was there every few days throughout school and university, and for some years afterwards as I was settling a career.

There is a sort-of treatment in the drug Tegretol, which is used mostly to control epilepsy, but it makes you drowsy and the effectiveness wears off after a few weeks or months. Very strong painkillers had only a slight effect. I used to just lie in a darkened room, moaning in pain, and waiting for it to pass.

I never did find out what caused it or brought it on, and then one summer it stopped happening. I thought that life had started again and now feel so sorry for any other sufferers.

nothing too bad tbbbbh.

once i knocked myself out and it hurt a lot. i was on beam (used to be a level 9 gymnast :P) doing a front arial (front walkover with no hands) didn't kick upwards properly, landed on my head on the beam and fell sideways. owwy.

or just today when i got shampoo in my eye. cried in the shower was so painful.

Tough one, there have been times I've felt so emotionally hurt i've ended up shivering uncontrollably and felt sick. And I've been pretty bruised from accidents through the years.
Physically I guess being shot in the hand by an air rifle and then having a friend stick it in Hot Soapy Water... that was pretty horrific.
Emotionally, I probably don't really wanna talk about it.
Out of the two I think emotional pain is worse, some wound wont heal.
I wouldn't suggest taking too much of an interest in pain, can lead to some pretty bad times in the future

Try going through 28 hours labor with no pain medication its like someone punching you in the stomach as hard as they can every min for 28 hours

Laurence B
Having the biggest Molar removed from my mouth without the anesthetic working properly. The root broke off, so mr dentist had to use a hammer and dentistry chisel. The Anesthetic worked fine about 10 minutes after the operation...................

36 hours of labor

For me the worst pain was emotionally. Watching my mom and best friend become an extreme alcoholic and not knowing if she will be alive from one day to the next, let alone be there for me throughout the different stages of my life.

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