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what is happening and should i get this checked ? 10 pts for helping?
ok so a few days ago a big not very big but big enough mole appeared on my arm like my upper arm , but there was no problem or anything after that a few days ago i felt really tired like i have no energy when i came home after school and work myabe thats cos i have low iron and vitamin b.12 but anyways that happend and since few days my body has been really itchy specially my legs and now today i noticed my arm with the mole hurts and when i press down on the mole it kinda hurts like it feel sore is somehting wrong plz help
Additional Details
my moles not itchy just my legs are idk whats happening and i am coughing a lot too plus my throat hurts

The doctor can total help you. Don't be scared to go. It can be serious maybe even skin cancer.

wana bigger bike
sounds strange get it checked out...

Cry. It. Out
call the doctor

If I were you I would go see the doctor.... Just to check it out its probably nothing to worry about. You always want to get stuff like that looked at because it could be cancer even though its not very likely. Its better to discover it in the beginning anyways because usually they can just have it removed and you dont have to worry anymore. But the people who sit around and try to give excuses to not go to the doctor are the ones who end up dying alot of the times but not all. My aunt just died from skin cancer and if I would have none she was not doing routine checkups i would have made her go to the doctor.

Well im not a doctor, but the mole might be a tiny bruise maybe? I get them sometimes. But I would suggest go to the doctor. Its probably nothing serious dont worry.

just tallie
I would watch it a few days to see if it changes form. One of mine developed a ring around it but it turned out to be benign and they cut it off for nothing.

GIRL!? doctor now if not the next morning
answer if you like : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ah25oaoRCiID0URhwQetx53sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090603214737AAZ1hO1

It's happen to me once, a big mole just appeared under my arm which is I tought my dedorance expired but what it is actually is the excess fat of our body which is form like fluids volcano which I've been told by chinese medicated guru where I bought my diet supplementry for reducing fat around my belly...I don't see any problems with that, the mole sometime itci and when I press it, it feels so ummmmuhhh..and when it burst it smells good, no worries...honey

go get it checked out. it can be something simple, but you never know. better safe than sorry.

get it checked girl!!....I have one under my arm that itches and hurts a lot. Itchy moles can lead to melanoma. It couldn't hurt to get it checked right? But it could hurt not to ya know?

try going to webmd.com to put in your symptoms to see what the problem could be and you really should consult a doctor

I agree, go to the doctor

please go see a doctor!!

If it isn't sunburn, then see a doc!

well yes i would recomend going to the doctor for sure. It could not be a big deal wha so ever, but its always better to be on the safe side for sure. because moles can just appear on your body & they sometimes go away thats what happened to me last summer i was out in the sun alot, & one appeared and it was soar, but it went away. but get it checked out , when your at the doc ask him to look at all your moles and dark freckles just to make sure.

That girl
Skin cancer...go to the doc. get it checked and have them do a biopsy.
if it is black or isn't shaped like a circle it could be skin cancer.

go to the doctor

jason jiujittse
It can be cancer, look out for this -
A for asymmetry: A mole that, when divided in half, doesn't look the same on both sides.

B for border: A mole with edges that are blurry or jagged.

C for color: Changes in the color of a mole, including darkening, spread of color, loss of color, or the appearance of multiple colors such as blue, red, white, pink, purple or gray.

D for diameter: A mole larger than 1/4 inch in diameter.

E for elevation: A mole that is raised above the skin and has an uneven surface.

There are many different irregularities that can grow on the skin. The most common irregularities are moles and warts.

Moles and warts can be painful or have an unsightly appearance. This can cause you to be rather embarrassed of the appearance, which will result in wanting to have them removed.

First of all, I strongly advice you to seek advice from a dermatologist if you have an unsightly mole, wart, or other irregularity on the skin. There are a few surgical procedures which can be done to remove these things. Doctors might have medicines, creams, surgical procedures, and other methods.

On the other hand if you cannot afford the cost of removing such an unsightly growth on the skin you have come to the right place. You don't have to pay to see a doctor for removal of these types of skin irregularities because there are methods of removal you can perform at home which are natural and almost FREE.

These methods are completely natural and safe to perform on any skin irregularity you might have. They are also known to improve the appearance of other skin problems you may suffer from.

It is always best to consult a physician if you naturally try to remove a skin irregularity and it continues to grow back or there is a problem. You also might want to consider consulting a dermatologist for advice on whether or not it is a good idea to remove a Mole.

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