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what do IVs really do?
me and my best friend have been arguing about this for half an hour now.
what exactly do Iv's do?
when i got 4 teeth pulled they gave me a gas mask and also an IV (well the stuck a needle into my inner elbow area and stuck a tube there)
does that knock you unconscious or does it simply keep you hydrated? i'm leaning towards the previous here.
any answers are appreciated, thanks in advance :D

put you to sleep

what are you talking about you dont make any sense sorry are you talking about the game GTA IV

The iv nocks you out . I had 2 teeth pulled at the same time they put the needle in and well 5 minutes later i was out. Now sometimes like if you get hospitalized you might just have the water iv which my daughter had when she was 2 months. And then when i was prego in labor they stuck me with a iv for penicillin.

Hope that helps

put water into your system and are an excuse to shove a needle into you.

whoops :)
it can do many things depending on what the IV is hooked up to aka what drug they're pumping into you

Sarah L
When I had an IV it was to Enhance my level of Potassium before I went through surgery. It just depends what you put in the IV.

t&l M
Okay, the IV is placed to keep fluids and electrolytes infusing. However, many times the IV is placed during a procedure to give meds. Yes, it can be used to put the sedation drug right into your arm, but it also is placed so there is a route to place emergency drugs if needed. :-)

James Watkin
It depends on what is in the bag or what they put in the port. If it is just a bag of fluids, it is to stay hydrated. If they add meds then the purpose would be ascertained by knowing what specific medication they are adding.

So neither of you are correct.

I'm pretty sure that IV's are to give you hydration, they are also a way for nurses to administer drugs to you that the doctor has ordered. Also if they were to knock you out with anesthesia they would administer that through the IV as well. Hope this helps :)

Stephanie A
In an OR setting, the IV is inserted to keep you hydrated and as a means to have emergency access should a problem arise. The fluid is either Saline, Dextrose or Lactated Ringer's solution, etc. based on your blood sugar level. The doctor has an order that designates what you are to receive. The mask is there for the general anesthesia. In the Operating Room, say if your heart rate was to go down to 30-35, the Anesthesiologist would give you a medication through the IV line, (usually Epinephrine or similar) to increase your heart rate to a normal level). Also, if you become nauseus or anything else, during or after surgery and we need to give you additonal meds, the IV line is in place and all us nurses need to do is pump a " little something' into that nice little line to make it all better.

not just hydrated
but it does NOT knock you uncncious
they are used for a lot of stuff like to quickly put pain killers in your system or whatever also yes the hydration

IVs are simply a way to transfer fluids or medication through the vein. You get the benefit faster. So, you two are both right!

fluffy in Cali
it puts some kid of electrolytes in your body.All I now is it sure makes me feel a lot better, when I have to go to the hospital.

kim g
An IV is an intravenous access device -you can use it to hydrate people AND/OR to give meds that could knock people unconscious or any other type of drug --so you and your friend are both right!

BOTH, it does both. It knocks you out and trys to keep you hydrated. While you're asleep.

Please stop arguing, first time a question where both of what you are saying is right!

IV's will do any number of things from Hydration and anesthia, to even providing nutrition and sedation

An IV is just access to your vein. It can be used to give medication or fluids.

the only thing in an iv is saline solution. Basically it keeps you hydrrated

when i had a IV it kept me hydrated

Loves it.
IVs inject medication directly into your blood stream rather than having to take an oral medication that could take up to half an hour to begin working. I have had IVs of saline solution, which keep you hydrated and IVs of pain killers, which is self-explanatory. In a sense, you're both correct.

sophie d
it keeps you hydrated and sometimes things you need in order to live. live like in hospitals, dentists hydrated

IV's are for maintaining an emergency access, for giving you various medications as well as keeping you hydrated during surgery or procedures. You can have antibiotics, sedation, as well as any medications you may need to keep you stable and in good health.

iv had one before. tthey hurt. it just goes into your vein so you can get medication that way. so u can have stuff that keeps you hydrated you can get anasdesia(however u spell it) you can get morfine theres like non stop things. but basically its just a form or getting medication.

An IV simply keeps you hydrated. However, if they already have an IV in your arm, rather than poke you again with a needle, if they want to inject something into you, like something to put you to sleep, they can simply inject it into the IV.

An IV is nothing more than a means to deliver medication intravenously. What the affects are depends on the medication. An IV can be used for both reasons, they are often used to deliver nutrition or deliver pain killing medications. So without knowing what was actually dispensed in the IV you had it is almost impossible to determine what it was used for, it is seldom used to render a person unconscious. and in your case there would be little reason to keep you hydrated as I am sure you did not need the IV for more than a few hours in which case your body would be alright without additional hydration. The mask on the other hand was more than likely used to knock you out for your surgery.

It depends on what's in the IV. Some medicate, some feed, some hydrate...Don't know why you needed an IV for dental surgery though. You shouldn't need to be hydrated for that short period of time. Perhaps it was an antibiotic or something. Your dentist should have told you the procedure before he got started.

It does both. You can put a lot of things into IV's. Both pain meds and things like to keep you hydrated. For example, you can have a drip of morphine (good pain killer there) or saline, dextrose in water, etc. (these keep you hydrated). You can also hang bags of magnesium and things like that if your levels are low. I have hooked up many IV's.

Since the advent of the epidural and other forms of anesthesia many women have forgotten about the use of intravenous (IV) medications for the relief of pain in labor. These medications are given through an IV port or sometimes by intramuscular (IM) injection. The most common forms of these medications are: Stadol, Demerol and Nubain. Though there are others that can be used.

Unlike epidural anesthesia that causes an area of your body to become numb, typically the area between your breasts and knees, IV medications promote relaxation and reduce the sensation of pain. Many women report that the feeling of the IV medication is that you feel sleepy or as if you've had a drink of an alcoholic beverage. These medications can help you relax to focus on coping with the contractions of labor, it does not completely take away all sensation.

With the IV medications you may be confined to bed for a short period of time or longer, depending on the medication given, your reaction to the medication and hospital policy. However, you will be able to feel your body and work with it, for example you will be able to feel to push and you will be able to assume other positions that you probably wouldn't be able to assume with an epidural. Many women really enjoy having this feeling of control over their bodies.

The timing of the IV medication is the biggest factor in its use. It can be used prior to administration of the epidural in some cases, since it takes effect more quickly and does not require that an anesthesiologist be present for administration. Usually the attending OB or midwife will leave an order on your labor chart for this administration without a separate phone call to the doctor. If given too early this medication can actually, as many medications, slow labor down. If given too late it can cause potential breathing problems for the baby. Talk to your practitioner about how and when they use IV medications.

The most common side effect of the IV medication is that some women notice a feeling of nausea and/or vomiting. This can be counter acted with a medication called Phenergan. This medication is also known to make you feel sleepy. IV medications can also, as other medications, cause problems for the baby's heart rate and your labor pattern. You will be closely monitored as will your baby after the administration of medications.

IV medications are another tool to add to your bag of tricks to take with you in labor. They can be the perfect answer for someone who doesn't wish to have an epidural, can't have an epidural or needs to delay the use of an epidural. Be sure to talk to your midwife or doctor about other side effects and potential benefits to the use of IV medications in your labor and birth.

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