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what's wrong with me?
today i've been feeling rather weak and light headed.
i feel like i'm going to pass out any second.
thursday night i got wasted, but i'm not sure if that has anything to do with this.
i am only 14, so who knows.
i have a sore throat, it's really dry and it hurts to talk.
i'm also starting to lose my voice.
AND i woke up with a cold sore D:
i'm hungry but just thinking about eating makes me nauseas.
i don't know what to do..
i'm kind of getting a headache too now.
any medicines to make it all go away?
i really feel like crap.
Additional Details
BTW it's not allergies, i had those back in november.. nothing like this.

u need a friend, i'll b your friend, email me

i think u have the flu 2. ask ur parents 2 go 2 cvs to get medicine 4 u.

damn...well it sounds like you have a hangover but if you drank on Thursday then..,
but i would suggest eating something and drinking a lot of fluids and take an aspirin

allergy season

im guessing this is a realllly long hangover.
after ive had alot to drink my throat hurts too for afew days after.
take an ibuprofen or asprin for your head, drik a cup of tea and go to bed.
it'll be nothign serious, its sunday now, you would have known by now if you needed your stomach pumped or summit drinking.
your probably just etting ill because the alcohol is a shock to the system since your only 14 lol

go to the doc. you sound pretty bad. D:

CallmeLizza S
You probably have a virus or the flu or somthing pretty bad. You had it from the start just the signs weren't as noticable as right now. You got drunk which mad it so much worse and now you have to suffer the consequences. I think you should drink a lot of gingeral and warm tea. Eat liquid foods for now to calm your throat such as hot chicken soup, light chopped fruits, and very light foods like soft rice or noodles. You need to stay away from spicy foods right now or they could make you feel worse. Take 1 tylenol and 1 gravel and then you should start feeling better in about half an hour or less. Keep your feet covered in socks or slippers and stay in warm places like the couch, bed, or near a warm fire. Ask your mom to make a doctor's appointment and then find out what you really have and get some better prescription medications.

Good luck!

I've just got a flu and a sore throut, I'm blowing my nose every five minutes. I too feel like a crap.

Sounds like you probably have the flu.

And the alcohol probably does have something to do with it. Alcohol weakens your immune system.

Brandy F
I hate to be such a killjoy here, but did anyone else notice that it is a little crazy that a 14 YEAR OLD said that she got wasted??!!! Oh my god...what are you doing getting wasted at 14!! I know that you want to have fun and everything but youve got the rest of your Adult life to get wasted! Ok now that thats out of the way, I hope that you feel better i really do. It does sound like youre coming down with something pretty nasty. Good luck and stop drinking!!

Definitely sounds like you have the flu. Combined with a hangover. Either would make you feel like crap, but, together you probably "feel afraid you're not going to die"!!
Seriously, get to a doctor; he will take care of these symptomatically. There is no cure for the flu.

Also, have someone get to the drugstore, or Walmart, and pick up an herbal treatment called Ocsillococcinum. I know Walmart carries it. Some drug stores put it with the cold treatment meds, some with the herbal/natural stuff. It is great for flu and colds. I swear by it.

But, most importantly---Alcohol is a depressant, and addictive. You are much to young to be imbibing. Please, please, please, see your doctor and ask him for assistance in getting off the stuff. Not only are you irreparably damaging your liver and brain, but the loss of awareness when you are drunk puts you at risk for accidents and rape.
God bless you!

u should SERIOUSLY see the dr. it sounds like you r really sik.



I'm his Winona
obviously you're sick. try to take paracetamols and meds for sore throat. rest, sleep, and lay off the computer. it'll do you good, i promise.

just sleep my dear!

It sounds like you are coming down with the flu: influenza (commonly called the “flu”) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. The information below describes common flu symptoms, how to protect yourself and those close to you from getting the flu, and what to do if you get sick with flu-like symptoms.
Be Aware of Common Flu Symptoms

Influenza usually starts suddenly and may include the following symptoms:
* Fever (usually high)
* Headache
* Tiredness (can be extreme),weakness,lighheaded
* Cough
* Sore throat
* Runny or stuffy nose
* Body aches
* Diarrhea and vomiting (more common among children than adults)

Having these symptoms does not always mean that you have the flu. Many different illnesses, including the common cold, can have similar symptoms.
Diagnosing the Flu

It is very difficult to distinguish the flu from other infections on the basis of symptoms alone. A doctor's exam may be needed to tell whether you have developed the flu or a complication of the flu. There are tests that can determine if you have the flu as long you are tested within the first 2 or 3 days of illness.

If you develop flu-like symptoms and are concerned about your illness, especially if are at high risk for complications of the flu, you should consult your health-care provider. Those at high risk for complications include people 65 years or older, people with chronic medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), pregnant women, and young children.

The flu usually spreads from person to person in respiratory droplets when people who are infected cough or sneeze. People occasionally may become infected by touching something with influenza virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes.

Healthy adults may be able to infect others 1 day before getting symptoms and up to 5 days after getting sick. Therefore, it is possible to give someone the flu before you know you are sick as well as while you are sick.Make sure to rest and drink fluids(lots and lots of them) call your doctor if you get worse...

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