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 HELP!!!!! I have to have a injection tomorrow and i'm terrified of needles!?
I have to have an injection tomorrow but i'm terrified of needles. It's not really the pain, I just really hate needles and even thinking about it makes me feel sick. what can I do?...

 i took 15 tylenols at once.. its been 12 hours and i dont feel anything.. what is gonna happen?

 Helppppppp!!! My moms HEADACHES!!!??
Ok... my mom has been having a LOT of headaches lately especially on her right temple! And she has also been getting pain on her right eye!!!!!!! Can ANYONE tell me how she can cure it??????? PLEASEEE...

 How to get rid of a headache?
I've had this really bad headache all day. I've had some paracetomol and have been drinking water constantly. What else can i do?...

 Feeling dizzy, what's wrong with me?
For the past two days I've been very dizzy, light-headed... I can't stand up because I get overheated, and misjudge the position of things (like when I reach for something, or try to walk ...

 I think i broke my leg?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?easy 10 points ?
ok i wuuz at the malland it felt like my bones literaly froze. i fell over and everything...im 14. like i streached my leg and it went away but my leg hurts very much. this happened at 3 and it still ...

My whole body feels bruised and sore and i don't know why. I haven't done any physical activity so why would this be?...

 Why do people get cramps?
I get them a lot in my toes, and I have no idea why....

 I have been having headaches for months know,I'm 14 and the headaches wont stop,what kind of headache is it???
The headache lasts for hours and I get tired a lot,a little dizzy at times for about a couple seconds and then the dizzyness goes away.The headache is like on every side of my head,like it hurts in ...

 I just can't touch my toes.?
I'm 12 and I can't touch my toes when I stretch, is this normal?
I just want tips. :]

 sore chest! I have had a sore chest all day this mornng I couldn't take a proper full breath I also get a pain
I also get a pain kind of near my collar bone as if i had been running for ages yet i havn't left the house I have a bit of a cough but its infrequent and my nose is runny but not blocked whats ...

 Why don't I want to stop crying?
Why is it that when I'm hurting the most, I'm crying. And When I'm crying I think of all that hurts me, or what I'm afraid of. Or whatever. Why is it that when I start crying I ...

 OMG, i'm in so much pain, i can hardley walk?
i have some shoes, i walked about an hour in them today and my feet feel as if their burning! i can't walk on my left foot and i can see a blister coming up on the ball of my foot. it's ...

 HUGE HEADACHE, don't know what it means.?
i don't really know what is going on. but i have had this headache 4 2 weeks maybe longer, but it is really painful in my temples and around the back of my head and neck, the strongest pain ...

 Whenever I run or jug I always get these pains in my right rib. Can you tell me what that is??????
And I'm not some old person I'm only 13.
Additional Details
i meant jog not ...

 How can I get my ears to pop?
I hate bubblegum, tried yawning, tried holding my nose and blowing...nothings working.......

 My sister has a sunburn and it hurts temendesly, what can she do to relieve the pain?

 Whats a good cure for a headache?
I've been getting the same headache for about 2 weeks now. There is a lot of tension in my neck and upper back. Also, on the sides of my nose (sinus area) and temples. I hate taking medication ...

 Most excrutiating pain you have ever been through?
Physical and/or emotional :)

I'm still just 13 so probablt have loads to come but the most physical for me would probably be when i bent one of the two bones in my wrist inwards.

 its killing me!!!!!!!!?
the right side of my jaw is hurting really bad i can open my mouth but it really hurts and i cant open it wide so is it sprained or what might of happened to it btw its been about 4 months since my ...

what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?

childbirth & kidney stones, the latter goes on for longer though!

Golden Boy
tooth ache or a really bad burn,but not the sun type.

jane & john doe
a fracture in my hand

princess secret
when I was forced to watch Coronation Street

Kat <3 Maddy n Jaydn <3
labour ~ 15hrs later I had a C~section, it took nearly two just to get out of bed to go to the toilet

Dislocated hip. At least the pain of childbirth (which is equally pain full) is productive. With a dislocation you know that to get rid of the pain you have to endure even more pain when the hip is put back in joint, then nothing to show for it!!!!

Baby Pudder
Torn Lateral and medial ligament playing football

Nipped a bit

Labour and toothache.

Though I believe toothache to be the worst.

I recently underwent open heart surgery, there was no pain, only weakness, but I have suffered Kidney stones for about 30yrs and that is the worst pain that I have experienced.

Delivering a 10 lb. plus baby

i was in the SAS for 11 years while being in I had a red hot fire poker driven through the top of both my palms

Jodie :D
I had like heartburn/indegstion a couple of times.
Which I no isn't a good sign.
But, it really hurt like I was having a heart attack but I know I wasn't.
One of the times I was in an exam at school. Put me of completely!

If you say so...
Compound fracture in my finger
The latter was the worst the whole 12 hours of it.

Giving birth, and having an operation on my stomach comes a close second.

probably being sick and my stomache hurting and throwing up. i can tolerate pain like cuts and such.. but internal pain in the WORST!

Julian G
When I had a hernia, crippling pain!

typical not me
Gallbladder attack. I thought I was going to die!

Tammy S
When i got ran over by a tractor on a farm, hell that hurt for a few weeks i can tell you. Labour was a close 2nd

peter o
pancreas pain.it is one of the worse pains you can get.and that is according to st thomas hospital london.a study by the pain managemt unit.

childbirth labor and kidney stones

After falling asleep in the sun a couple of days consecutively I had the worst sunburn ever, so I slept on the floor thinking it would be cooler, but in the night I ended up off the sheets and on the carpet which acted like sandpaper on my back all night. There were times over the next two days where if I'd had a gun I'd have shot myself.

after an operation called an abdominal cerclage, which is an operation where they open you up like a caesarian section, lift out your uterus with the baby inside, band it, then put it back in, was worth it but, it felt like i had been hit by a bus, no, 2 buses!! sorry i know it sounds a bit yuck, but you did ask.

Sexy Eskimo ;]
ohh when i was little i ate a chilly and i rubed my hands which speaded the the V hot seeds face and body it felt like i was been burnt alive

ahh i just got surgery last week .. and the pain medication caused me to have killer constipation. i couldn't believe how much pain cramps could cause.

The worst pain I've ever been in is my migraine headaches. I don't wish that on anyone. I've had several surgeries, c-section, tummy tuck, nose surgery, kidney stones, breast reduction, tumor removal on my breast, surgery for de Quervain's surgery on my wrists, pinched nerve in my back, and months of physical therapy. I could go on and on. But my headaches really incapacitate me. 2D

becky b
kidney stones by far. i had two children and it did not even compare the the pain of kidney stones. if i could have found the roof of the hospital i swear i would have jumped off.

really bad sunburn, my whole body was purple and black i mean black like coal. couldnt move without agony for two weeks

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