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the best way to stop cramp once it's started in my calf muscle? thanks?

Stand up and put your heel down. Also wear socks to bed this will stop them from occurring.

I agree with most of the other answers. Stand on the affected leg and walk around, the relief is almost instant. Never heard about bananas though, is that for real?
Duh, of course bananas, just worked it out. Good thing I'm having fish for dinner, definately need brain food.

grab ya toes or get someone to do it for u then pull them towards your knee-upwards-only thing thats ever worked for me

Put weight on it!! Stand on one leg (the one with cramp) and the pain will soon subside! Then rotate the foot for a while!! thats what I do whenever I get cramp!!

Try pulling your big toe back towards your leg. This should stretch out the calf muscle. I get terrible calf cramps and it works for me :)

Susan Yarrawonga
Try a Yahoo search for "calf cramps" + "natural remedies".

MrsHyde,, Hell Yeah
Ooo I get that all the time, just stretch it out.

May be low potassium levels, sometimes you can walk the pain off but I agree with 1st poster--eat at least 1 banana or other potassium rich food daily or maybe ask your doctor for potassium builder medication. I take one daily and apparently they work I haven't had any cramps since I started this medication.

I keep getting it early morning. Best thing is to stand up as soon as you can - normally a cold tiled floor helps to bring the circulation back

Eat bananas to prevent it. In the meantime - although painful to do, a cure is - curl your big toe upwards. It does ease it I promise you so bear with it.

Cherokee Billie
This is the first place your body targets when you are dehydrated. Drink lots of water! I recommend purified water and mineral water mixed 50/50. The mineral water is going to put back into the muscles what they are losing on a daily basis.

I suggest that adults and children drink 40 ounces of water per 100 pounds of body weight every day. Realize that exercise, ambient temperature, and state of health affect the water needs of your body. One tip for athletes: it is healthier to drink a sports drink or water than fruit juice, soda, coffee, or milk during competition or active training periods.

In the evening take a hot bath with 2c. of dissolved Epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes. Afterwards , if you have something shaped like a cylinder and made out of hard material (think of a large rolling pin you would use for pizza dough or something) place it under your leg and push down and roll it back and forth...this should massage the spasms out of your leg. It will hurt while you're doing it, but more so the type of pain that actually feels good, in the long run.

Let the cramp end on it own and eat more bananas.

Stretch and Move it. When the pain stops walk around to help increase circulation again. Getting more potasium and Vitamin C can help. Eat more tomatos, bananas and oranges. Take vitamin pills if youre not into eating the healthy stuff

You can often prevent these cramps if you get enough potassium every day. Bananas, baked potatoes, and green peas are good sources. So is Gatorade and apple cider vinegar used as a salad spritz or drink a teaspoonful in a glass of water. You can add a little honey to it if you want. An old home remedy for muscle cramps is to spray the area with apple cider vinegar. It actually works!

Rub it really hard to get the blood going again and then keep walking around

Bite on the pillow and scream your head off

all the answers you have so far are great i get them alot i have ra and i got them alot when i was pregnant,,,,,, i go with the pull your toes (lol) make your toes point then bring them up to point towards your leg you know what i mean ,,,,
when i get a cramp i dont have time to run for bananas or rolling pins i usualy do what someone said before running around alothough i dont shout sh*t i shout feckin hell sweet jesus

The best way I found was to try putting your foot on a cold surface it eases the pain instantly if you have no cold surface stretch the muscle gently and it will ease quicker

I run up and down stairs screaming sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t

Erica F
I get those in the morning sometime...I think thats what they call a charlie horse...not sure...it hurts like anything though...sometimes I want to cry...I should eat more bananas too then...this topic also helped me! Thanks...

the cramp will go away within 20 seconds or 30 seconds usually but then with me after that happened, I feel like I have pulled a muscle.

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