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should i go to hospital?
i have an unbearable ear ache that's so bad i cant lie down or even think about anything else, it started at about 5 and has been bad for a few hours. I called NHS direct and spoke to a nurse who advised me to go to a treatment centre in the morning and take paracetamol, but ive taken loads and cant bear being in this much pain all night! Is it stupid to go to A&E

Francesca <3
no. just wait until tomm. b/c the hospital is expensivee and willl make it a really big deall just take some meddds.

hey if its that bad yes but think about it take a mirror and try too look in it

Go to hospital and get it checked, anything that is as painful as that should get checked out. At least it will give you peace of mind and you can get better pain relief. I am a reflexologist, I would suggest that you work on the base of your fingers on the palm of you hand from the one edge of your hand to the other edge. Obviously on your way to A&E though

time to go see the doctor in person

If at all possible try to get ahold of your doctor and ask what they can do for you. If that doesn't work go to CVS or Walgreens and ask a pharmacist. But if get too bad and you just can't take the pain then by all means go to the hospital.

Better safe than sorry!!

Go to the ER!

Ello Guv
If the pain is truly unbearable then that's what A&E is for. Plus it will be empty now...don't ring for an ambulance though.

yea it is the best idea to go to the hospital


U should get it checked out......
did u listen to loud music from headphones etc....

Foot Foot
Chances are you'll be waiting a long time at A&E anyway - if you have already tried other painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, codeine etc, then you may feel better going there just because there'll be an end in sight. If not, try those first.

A&E for earache is a bit extreme - paracetamol is a wonder drug, but combined with ibuprofen is majestic.
Its a case of wait and see - you don't want to take antibiotics unless absolutely neccessary - they will take a couple of days to work anyway (by which time your own defences have kicked in. Most ear infections are cleared up by the body's own immune system. The pain is usually relieved after the drum ruptures (which i would imagine is close to happening now)

Edit - the answer by jesusfr... directly after mine has summoned me to edit my post with this reposte.

My daughter suffers febrile convulsions, usually due to otitis media (inner ear infection) which spikes her temp. We have never been given, or, for that matter, requested antibiotics for an ear infection - for the simple reason that antibiotics are not required - the principle is that if you use antiobiotics for minor complaints - they may not be useful for major complaints in the future. (not mentioning the possible clostridium, MRSA problem) The body will shift an ear infection of it's own accord (my daughter does - within the same timeframe (two to three days)
I work in an emergency area in Scotland and it is incredible the amount of parents who come to our department demanding antibiotics - before their child has even been looked at - THIS HAS TO STOP. MRSA was not started because of medical/nursing staff not washing their hands, it is a bug that has developed from a regular infection into an infection that is resistant to penicillin - only reason is overuse.

anil hero
yes go quickly, it could be a brain spasm...........if u no go then maybe damge no repair, gud luck!

Go to A & E now. You have an infection ( used to be called an abcess) and the sooner you get antibiotics the better!.

Don't bother with NHS direct, you could be dead before those cnuts sort you out.

You should really go if you have the insurance for it. If you are adamant about not going, plug in your hair dryer and turn it to warm and blow dry your ear for a bit. The heat will help some of the pain. You can also get a heating pad and put it against your ear and take an anti-inflammatory.

I had one not too long ago and tried to treat it myself and ended up with swimmers ear on top of a nasty infection and had to be placed on antibiotic drops and an oral antibiotic. I made it worse instead of helping.
I hope you feel better soon.

Don't take aspirin, try advil or aleve. You should never use aspirin for pain relief unless otherwise told by your doctor. It has way to many side effects, and given you have an unknown diagnosis this would not be a good option. If these don't work and you really can't bear the pain than go if you have the insurance for it. It will be expensive though either way.

If you don't have a regular dr. you see that can give you meds or antibiotics you may want to try going to one of those urgent care centers which will be less expensive then going to a hospital. A minimum charge in a hospital can usually be at least $600.00 minimum just to be seen and that doesn't cover what is done for you there, equipment, or other fees. I'm not sure what you mean by A&E.

My son had an ear infection and I really didn't know he had it until he started playing with his ear. I took him to the pediatrician and his ear drum was ruptured and he needed antibiotics to treat the infection. He had to follow up with an ENT dr. after the ruptured ear drum to make sure he didn't need continuous antibiotics or ear tubes. I also had an ear infection during a pregnancy and I didn't just want to go to my regular dr. for antibiotics because I trusted my obgyn as he knew about the meds that were safe during pregnancy and which were questionable. I got treated by him even though he couldn't look in my ear and I got better.

I don't think you will be able to see the inside of your ear with a mirror unless you have one of thouse fancy tools that the Dr's use to look in peoples ears. A dr. is needed in order for them to acurately diagnose you and treat you. If you don't already have a dr. then the only choice you really have now is an urgent care center or something like it or the E.R. While you are being treated for the ear thing you may be told to follow up with an ENT (ear nose and throat dr). You can also try to get a recomendation for an internist or family dr. that you can see so you won't have to worry about going to the hospital when a dr. can see you in an office visit and not charge you as much as it would be to go to the E.R. If you are a new patient and want to see a dr. usually there is a wait so if you have a current problem you shouldn't wait to be seen. You can get an appointment but also get treated by another dr. till you see the new one in about two weeks or however long they make you wait to get in.

When I was growing up, I didn't have a regular dr. because my mom just didn't get me one. I got my school physicals at a clinic (not recomended as I didn't even know the dr. and he really wasn't good and did something that embarrassed me because the school form had a check off sheet). Now I just see the dr's I need to see for whatever problem I need. There are specialist that I can see and I know when to call them. If I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) I see my urologist or before I had one I would see either my family dr. or gyn. If I have something bothering me that a family dr. can diagnose and treat then I will see that dr. If I have a specific problem such as an infection I may want to just stick with seeing my gyn. I don't like being without a dr. like when I was younger. Oh I had tonsilitis and my mom took me to the E.R. and the dr. saw me without my mom in the exam room. I could have seen a regular pediatrician and it may have only costed anywhere from $10-$20 at the time with insurance but no my mom didn't have a dr. for me. She didn't believe in having a regular dr. for us so when we got sick we'd have to go to the E.R. for something that wasn't considered an emergency until we were really sick and/or in a lot of pain.

Since you are having unbearable pain and the medicine you took isin't helping don't ruin your liver just go see a Dr. either in the E.R., at an urgent care center, or a Dr's office if you have a regular Dr. Don't wait till it gets so bad that you have a ruptured ear drum or a more dangerous situation. Waiting to be seen isn't the smartest thing to do and it can cost you not only more bills but also your health. Your health should come first. Please Get Seen by a Dr.

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