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♥!LeXi LoU!♥
please help! this is killing me!?
whenever i am done eating, it feels like my stomach is huge! it feels like it is going to explode! and it happens when i dont eat alot, like at all! I just had 3 bites of pizza and i feel like i am going to explode! I havent eaten anything else today, besides an apple! whats wrong? oh, and its not bloating cause i'm not...well ya, you get it! but please help me!

The Brat
thats normal but u probabbly should eat in smaller amounts if u need 2 eat alot but dont eat if ur not really hungry but if u r hungry and then u eat and bload then u should probably c a doctor

Now I am serious....go to the doctor. That is NOT normal.

it probably is just bloated. your stomach doesnt always bloat when or when your getting your period. you might have gas pains. thats probably all :)

You should see a doctor. He will probably give you some certain prescriptions and tell you to come back if it continues or gets worse. If you go back he will probably refer you to a GI doctor which will find out what is wrong.

Probably acidity, poor appetite or constipation or all is your problem.
Treat acidiry with natural diet like sprouts and salads. sweet fruits and foods, milk will also help.
Treat constipation with green vegis and salads. Use warm water/citrus fruits in the morning.
Treat poor appetite with fast on water or fruits like apple, orange.

Drinking water should prevent that.

brittany bryant509
that happens to me i have ibs you should go see a doctor or drink lots of water and take meds for bloating

Sounds similar to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), my close friend has it and can barely eat a lot of certain things or she'll feel like/ actually puke.

Research IBS and if this continues, go see a doctor.

Lizzy K

go see a doctor, that's not normal.

What you could have is a acid build up in your stomach.. it will happen when you very greasey foods( i.e pizza fried foods such as micky d's) It would be best to see a doctor.. if you have a problem with this for more than a few weeks you may have a stomach ulser. wich would require an immideate trip to the doc. hope you feel better soon and good luck

blah blah blah
definitely bloating and im not sure why you dont think so.
you eat too many gassy foods or else you arent eating regularly and healthy. change your eating habits

that really doesnt sound good
it could be like an ulcer or something
you should go to the doctor

honestly, its probably from not eating. when you don't eat, your stomach shrinks, so when you do eat, you feel fuller faster.

the pizza could also be causing this, pizza makes me bloat, even when its not that time of the month.

start eating small meals (4-5 a day) and work your way back up to a healthy diet.

btw, there's also a flu going around in my area that makes your stomach feel like this... so if it just started, it could also be that.

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