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Emily S
please dont judge me but if i too 10 paracetamol could i die?
could i die if i take 10 paracetamol please don't say i need help just answer my question please!!!!!!!!!

very very unlikely

you'd get pretty sick but dont' know if you'd die but hey every day brings a new start tomorrow is a new day . start again and don't give up.

Danny W
I think it best not to answer this question... unless you tell us what you need to know it for.

Never exceed the dosage unless advised so by your doctor. Overdosing on paracetamol is a painful way to die...

Noo you won't die! Just feel ill probably, don't take no more today :) x

Jsy grl
Yes you definitely would. oops thought you said 100. No with 10 you wouldn't!

She said
Nope but you would have severe side effects affecting major organs and be in a lot of pain and ongoing issues.

UK Lad
Emily stop being daft, things will be better in a day or two.

A relative of mine took an overdose of paracetamol, don't know how many she took but she became seriously ill. She was on intensive care at our local hospital and would not survive without a liver transplant immediately. Amazingly, a liver became available and she was rushed to Birmingham and underwent a liver transplant and survived. She now has to live carefully and take immunosupressant drugs for the rest of her life which is not pleasant.
Also, through her act, she deprived someone else, who could of been waiting a long time, of a new liver.
Whatever your reasons for asking the question, I hope this story removes any silly notions from your head.


If you have more that 6 or 7 at once you can die

So don't!

Sarah M
I studied this in human biology on Monday - many people have tried to overdose with paracetamol to commit suicide, but most people find they actually survive - with extremely painful consequences.
Liver damage, kidney failure and other problems are almost bound to occur, with the patient suffering these illnesses usually permanently.

depends, if you drink large quantities of alchohol or take too much medication often it could mean your liver is slightly damaged, however i wouldn't think 10 paracetamol would be something to worry about, i once took like 3/4 and i felt ok, however i advise that if you do feel slightly sick or receive very bad stomach pains you seek medical help, better to be safe than sorry.

No it wont kill you

Why do you want to know?
& i don't know. Go talk to your parents

no you wouldnt die if you take just 10 just get ill

probably not but you could irreparably damage your liver

probably not. you would probably just throw up and have a pretty messed up liver

Kernow Lady
No. But it could damage your liver, this would not show up for some time, by then it would be too late for regrets.

If you really wanted to die you wouldn't be asking this question on here . Whether you realize it or not, you are asking for help - please go talk to your parents and don't do anything stupid.

If someone answers this question with "Yes it's perfectly safe" for all you know they're doing it just to get 2 points on Yahoo Answers. Either way, you shouldn't risk your life on the unqualified guesses of someone on the Internet they don't even know.

No, you'd need to take far more than that, 50 should do it.

And of course it's not instant death, there's the agony of kidney and liver failure to negotiate first. bit ironic really, given that they are are pain killers

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