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painful kidneys after a heavy weekend!?
when will they stop hurting!
Additional Details
i've had a kidney infection before so its not that

when they get flushed out!

drink cranberry juice for the next 3 days!

Drink loads of water to flush them and get some milk thistle from the health food shop. It helps detox your liver and get rid of the alcohol. Take it before you go out :)

You could have an infection. If you start urinating blood, it's in the advanced stages. My friend and my sister got it. Their first signs were lower back pain, kidney pain, difficulty urinating, feeling like they had to urinate a lot. Both had various symptoms. And neither one saw a doctor until the bleeding began. Apparently if you drink a lot of beverages that contain 'silt' or additives like beer, tea, coffee, soda have in them, there's a higher chance of getting kidney infections and kidney stones. Get your doc to check you out so it can be helped before it gets too bad.

Random Hangman
Wow! He must've been a big lad...

Hit the ground running
this is your body giving you WARNING...slow down or you`ll be in trouble. as for the pain i`d see a doctor as it sounds like you are starting to damage your vital organs, good luck

COD4 Junkie
when you stop drinking alcohol!!

You sounds as though you may have a kidney infection go and get it checked out asap!

if you had a lot of alcohol to drink you are probably highly dehidrated, drink plenty of water, if the pain dosnt go within a few days, i would seek medical attention as you could have done some damage!

Curiousity killed the cat
Stop drinking! This is a sign of the damage you are doing to yourself.

Drink lots of water and if the pain doesn't stop, see your doc.

Hope you get better soon :)

when you drink more..or have less guys bumping you from behind..whichever comes first.

Robert S
yeah, but if they dont, go and see a doctor, you may have kidney stones or too much alcahol/other substances in your blood.

i get that after a session too i think you need to drinl]k a lot of h2o and lay off the beer 4 a lil wile

Special K
Drink tons of water, you are dehydrated.

Drink plenty of water and flush yourself out

Probably when you stop drinking so much alcohol. Excessive alcohol can contribute towards kidney damage, so try and see this as a warning. Drink more water. Take better care of yourself, because your health is the most valuable thing that you own. See your doctor soon if the pain doesn't go away. :-)

Ally S
should only be a day or two drink loads loads of water that helps flush it out quicker

Label addict!!~
after you drink tons of water or cranberry juice to flush them out.

Knock off all the booze...now, drink plenty of water. That will help flush out your kidneys. Also, stay away from drinking too many caffeine drinks. especially today, since you're not feeling well. Caffeine is hard on your kidneys too and can cause you to have sharp back pains. (kidney area). For now, just keep drinking plenty of water and you'll feel better soon.

Space Chicken
When you stop poisoning yourself.

when you stop drinking too much

This happens every so often to me. Sit and wait it out, it should pass in a day or so.

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