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 whats wrong with me? Is it heartburn?
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what can help take the pain away from a migraine


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 Help my adult son is on the computer 16 hours or more. He is a gamer and is locked in fearse battle the whole?
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 my ex boyfriend has been haaving these episodes but he wont go to the doctor HELP?
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 I got a slipped disk?
Friday morning i woke up unable to move, the pain in my lower back was unbearable to cut a long story short i went to the doctors he said i have slipped a disk.

He has pescribed me D...

 I have violent throbbing pain in my forehead followed by dull pain that doesn't go away. Any suggestions?
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Bob E
my upper shin hurts each time i run what is wrong with it?
each time i play basketball hockey or just play with my friends my shin starts to hurt so if youhave any idea what is wrong please answer.

You have shin splints. I get them pretty bad. It helps if you run more on your toes instead of on the heels.

Bob D
you have microscopic fractures in your shin bones caused by excessive impact.

the reason you have shin splints is because you're wearing poor quality footwear. you need to buy specialist gear, try something from $50 to $125.

dont' cheap out on shoes, it's damaging to your health

same thing happens to me. my doc friend said that i probably just bruised something there.

This happened to me when I was goign thorugh growing pains.Depends on your age :/ also,the shin is very sensitive,so maybe you bumped it? if it really really hurts,tell a parent or go to a walk-in clinic.

Antonio D
Sounds like Shin splints...It's a common injury with athletes ...Comes from over doing it...Believe it comes from the ligaments and or muscles coming apart from the bone...Take it easy and relax...Usually goes away in about a week or so...Take Care Good Luck

Are you doing enough warm up exercise before you play?

Drink a lot of water

Put ice on the spot where it hurts and squeeze the pain out with your hand down word from knee to your feet. You may scream with a pain, but it will get rid of the problem.

It might be shin splints (I think that's how it's pronounced) anyway, if feels like everytime you step down when running or something pain shoots down your shin. The only way to get rid of shin splints is to rest and not use your legs. Sometimes it goes away in as little as a week, but it usually takes longer. Many times you get shin splints when you haven't used your legs strenuously and then all of a sudden you start using them strenuously (like not exercising much cuz it's not basketball season and then suddenly running/sprinting all the time when basketball season starts is a big cause).

you should go to the doctor.

you could have shin-splints. have you been running i bad facilities like concrete or stairs a lot?

save the drama for your mama
I knew a young man who had shin splints, which is what this sounds like. The doctor told him he could not run on concrete or other paved surface, only grass. You should probably see a doctor, or just cut out the sports for about 2 months.

This isn't for sure, I would check with your doctor but I am a runner and I am always pounding hard on my knees and about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with osgood slaters disease. It really isn't a big deal, you just feel some pain and you would probably have to ice it and you grow out of it. Please though, I am not sure if this is actually what is wrong with your shins. It is just a suggestion. Asking your doctor would be the smartest thing to do.

Mikey Shmikey
you probably have shin splints, ice it and elevate it

Most of the time if your shins are hurting, it means something is wrong with your shoes. I know in track and basketball you need a LOT of support in your heel. Try getting different shoes with more support in the heel, or if it gets serious see a doctor.

Shin Splint. its really painful. Make sure you stretch out really well before you play any sports. Also talk to you athletic trainer or coach or a Doctor specializing in sports medicine and talk to him about your pain. Shin Splints are very painful. Hope you get well soon

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