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my throat hurts. how do i treat it?
hi. my throat hurts but thats pretty much it. i feel fine otherwise.. am i sick? and what should i do?

David G
i know it is wired as hell but when u r brushing ur teeth stick ur tooth brush deep down ur throte and brush it lol it is very very very wired as hell but try it it works 4 me every time i wake up with a sore throte

Ying Y
see the doctor.

i self-medicated when my throat hurt a week ago, now i have tonsilitis -.-

boil water but it in a bowl get a towel put it over your face and the bowl and breath in the hot air its kind of hard but works like a charm


Hot Tea, Cough Drops (which work for your throat too) or gargle with warm salt water, or mouthwash.

me too
gargle your throat with warm salty water.
Always helps me...the salt acts as an antiseptic, and the warm water soothes the throat.

drink plenty of water too.

chloroseptic spray or lozenges. and some nice hot lemon and honey tea =]

drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruit, try not to talk as much.

Joey V
breathe in steam like from a nice warm shower

Gargle with the warmest salt water mix you can handle...


It Truly does wonders....

Hope you get well soon....Unfortunately, the sore throat is usually

just the beginning.....

Hellen S

Tea with just a little bit of honey in it always helps me

Jason M
Nyquil baby

probally catching a cold

take a hot shower
cough drops
nice herbal tea. not the strong flavored kind cuz they dry out ur throat
gargle warm salt water (don't swallow)

what should i do?
mix lots of lemon drops with natural honey and gargle them. you can also gargle salt water... otherwise, take a lozenge

Lilly P
ur probably not sick. just seasonal allergies is all. drink some hot tea or take some cough drops. just dont over do it on the cough drops. if u throat hurts REALLY bad then ya cough drops but only if its really bothering u

Jane R
Take a throat lozenger or a hard candy.

Dancing Queen
You just have a soar throat. drink a lot of water and have some tea every day till it gets better. even just go to jamba juice and get juice that has immune booster in it. also take medicine. or even theraflu or emergen-c. also have juice and A LOT of vitaman C.


Drink tons of water.

If you're getting sick it'll make it pass much quicker.

try throat spray to see if that helps . Also try hot tea w a touch of honey. you can try hot water and salt gargle and spit it out and cough drops. Just watch the back of your throat for white spots and swelling that could mean strep throat and you don't have to be sick to have it. your throat hurts.I do spray and cough drops when mine hurts and if its really hurting I use the hot water and salt. Hope this helps.

Nice hot tea and soup and try gargling salt water. It kills the bacteria but only temporarily.

Gargle with warm salt water, take some over the counter pain reliver (Tylenol etc) and get some rest. If it does not go away or gets worse, see a doctor.

You're probably sick... Pain and sickness are closely related. What I do when I have a sore throat is take some honey. It coats your throat and soothes it. Hopefully this works for you too!

this sounds really gross, but trust me, it honestly works:
put a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water and gargle it, DO NOT swallow it, and in no time your throat will feel better!

I would try some lemon tea, that always helps me. Also, you may want to try a spoonful of honey, that always feels good on a sore throat.

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