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my ex boyfriend has been haaving these episodes but he wont go to the doctor HELP?
It is scary and it has happend a few times now and he doesnt have insurance so he refuses to go to the doctor but I am scared for him Its happend at night he starts to feel cold and then out of nowhere he starts shaking out of control ike shivering but so badly and then he starts saying he is in so much pain fronm his back hurting while he is shaking and he is saying he is freezing and his nose and hands and feet all feel cold but the res of his body is burning up
Additional Details
oh and it lasts for like a half hour then he has a fever for a few hours after that I just dont know what to do he is so stuborn and I know something like that really needs to be checked out but he wont go what could it be

sounds more mental than physical problem
does it happen say after he had a couple drinks or maybe smoked alittle?
in other words does it still happen to the same degree if he is extremely relaxed ?
edited to add
you all are out to lunch
he is suffering from anxiety thats all
he doesnt need to have a "bus" called ( lol ) he just needs to have a couple glasses of wine
and get busy moving
work out
move his butt and in no time his "illness" will be a thing of the past

If he wont go to the doctor than why dont u go to the doctor and say friend is having these things happening to him and u want to know what it is

Maybe go to the doctors for him. See what he says,?

Diane W
This sounds like Raynaud's phenomenon. "During an attack of Raynaud's, the small blood vessels (capillaries) that supply blood to the skin become narrow (constrict), limiting blood flow to the hands and feet or, less commonly, the nose or ears. This often causes fingers or toes to feel cold and numb and then turn white or blue. As blood flow returns and the fingers warm, they may turn red, or blue then red, and begin to throb and become painful."

The url below has a great explanation about it and what can be done.

Get him to see a doctor or call 911 next time it happens. They will check him out and see if he needs to go to the hospital. Hospitals have many programs to help people with insurance issues, and that is the worst excuse for not getting help when needed.

Good luck. Hope this helps. Diane

I doubt it has to do much with his spine. It seems like his body gets cold, (the shaking, shivering, is the bodies way of warming itself up) - and follow in suit with the fever. Now this could be caused by many things. One of them being a tumor, or some or brain injury. (or unbalance)

Either way he needs to go to the doctor. I would suggest just calling 911 when he has a attack. Inform them of the situation, that he isn't "dying" but his having a attack. That should spur them on and make them send a "bus".

I'm glad the medical service here (UK) is free- it sounds annoying there.

Janelle D
tell him to get his a** in the car. take care of him even though he is your ex. you clearly care, just take control. he has to go it sounds really bad.

wow thats really sad, im so sorry but u really NEED to get him to a doctor! please.. ur making me feel bad by just hearing this story and knowing the pain he is going through. just please.. no matter what it takes GET HIM TO A DOCTOR! i wish u luck. hope he gets better and i think it has something to do with the scoliosis problem. plzzz help the poor guy

take him to the doctor. and personally speak to the doctor and explain your situation. He might be sympathetic.

Mommy To John 23 Months Old
I would honestly tell him that he needs to go to the doctor whether he has insurance or not, It could be something serious going on with him or it could be something mild but you won't know unless you see a doctor to get evaluated.

Jennifer T
he really needs to go to the doctor's you have got to convince him to go to a walk-in clinic at least. Walk-in's aren't that expensive.

Not to freak you out or anything but it sounds like he could have spinal meningitis.

go to the hospital and they can assist you with a type of insurance the hospital gives out to those who dont have it..

when it happens call the hospital? or drive him to it.
it could b something serious...he should get checked..

The next time that happens, call for an ambulance. Police will arrive and help control him.

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