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taylor f
my calves hurt and i cant stand it!?
well i live in southern California and it ussualy isnt cold but lately it has been. well when i play baseball or excercise of any kind my calves will start to hurt i have no idea why..... the only thing i have noticed is that they only hurt when it is cold outside..... so if you have an answer i would greatly appreciate it. =]

stop walking..

do your legs hurt wen you are trying to sleep . if so i can help

Try wearing pants and a coat. However, since we're getting into March, it might be too hot for those soon.

take a bath in apbsom salt and massage wit rubbing alcohol

Alicia L
Warm up your muscles and stretch both before and after exercising. You can do this by leaning forward against a wall, bending one leg while stretching the other (as if you were preventing the wall from falling), sitting down and reaching your tip toes forward, spreading your legs while sitting and reaching for each foot and holding the position for 20 seconds, etc, etc.

Start a stretching routine. You may stretch already but some people dedicate as much time to stretching as they do to actual exercise. I sometimes have the same problem, I always used to get a sharp pain on my shins whenever my foot lands just slightly wrong, after a 20min leg stetch routine every other day for a month, its totally fine now. I also did the same for my right arm which used to click whenever I did press ups.

i think you need to stretch a little bit more before you become active. your muscles get tight because its cold. that happens to me bc its always cold where i live!

Maybe your muscles tense up more because its so cold. but im no doctor

Anuj P
well you could ice them or see a doctor.

ur muscles r growing! i get that after track and soccer!

on the edge of fear and blame
ok wait how cold it "cold"? because right now where i am its 25 degrees

and to go with the answer above its epsom salt its really nice and works

seriously....STRETCH! the pain will go away after a couple days. your muscles get tenser as it gets colder. you must stretch before and after work outs to relax your muscles. if it REALLY hurts...maybe one of those vibration seats or heat-cold pads.

strech before and after and take advil if it still hurts

your calves do not like the cold. hope for warm weather again.

Southern Girl
If it' like a cramping pain your potassium is low. you should eat a banana a day or take a supplement.

What type of pain is it? Does it feel like your calf is cramping or is the pain in the bone? You may want to bring it up to your doctor but usually calf or leg pain is from a lack of potassium.

this is a really good thing to talk to some sort of sports medicine specialist.

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