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 what's wrong with me?
today i've been feeling rather weak and light headed.
i feel like i'm going to pass out any second.
thursday night i got wasted, but i'm not sure if that has ...

 Should I Go To The Doctor?
So, I have a sore throat, a slight fever, body aches, snotty nose and feel like my head is gonna pop, I have no cough, but I'm gagging up flem. When the flem comes up in big amounts there is ...

 how much for Hydrocodone?
there is someone selling hydrocodone pills for a lot....
how much does it usually cost for one pill?...

 Can't hear out of my right ear ?
I can't hear much out of my right ear, It feels all blocked. When I swallow it pops and crackles. I thought maybe sinus's ? What could this be ?? Thanks x
Additional Details

 Reduce headache naturally?
With no pills. or medicine....

 really weird chest pain?
its so weird this happend months ago too in my physical education class...my chest started hurting really bad like a sharp intense pain, and my heart was beating literally 3 times as fast as it ...

 Please help? Chest pains? Hart cramps? Whatever you want to call it.?
I get horrible chest pains ,just about where my heart is. My upper left chest..
What is the cause of this? And how can I get rid of these cramp-like pains?...


 major hangover. =((((?
i got totally wasted last night & i've been having the worse hangover today. threw up last night & this morning. what's the best thing i can do right now to get rid of it? i don'...

 I'm 27 years old and lately I've been waking up with heart burn. What can be causing this?

 how to die without feeling pain and easily?
how please tell me cause everyone that i love is everyone i hate and hate me and i know when i die no one in my family friends would care please i just want to end everything!
Additional D...

 I have a massvie headache?
I need to know how i can get rid of this lightheadness, headache and my hurting eyeballs with in the next hour. I have to go to a rehersal for a play.
Additional Details
Ive taken ...

 Period Pain!! PLEASE HELPP!!!?
Ive got really really bad period pain!! i feel like someones pressing on my stomach really hard and being stabbed! my legs are really sore and i cant even stand up straight and walk!!
Ive got ...

 Excruciating pain in the lower left side of my abdomen?
My stomach constantly feels like someone is stabbing me with a needle in the lower left hand side of my abdomen.
What could this be?...

 Question for Migraine Sufferers?
I started getting migraines 2 years ago, right after my son was born. I've had 1 or 2 during the last two winters but 90% of them occur during the warmer weather. I've found that I only ...

 I hurt my right big toe playing basketball. What should I do?
I hurt it on Mon. It is now Thursday. The toe doesn't hurt now. But underneath the nail it is black and it hurts when i press down on it. What should I do??...

 my upper shin hurts each time i run what is wrong with it?
each time i play basketball hockey or just play with my friends my shin starts to hurt so if youhave any idea what is wrong please answer....

 Constant headache and pain in the neck?
Can anyone help me please. My dad is 82 years old and he has a constant headache and a painful neck all the time but he won't go to the docs. What could it be?...

 How do you deal with migraines?

Additional Details
I get them about 10 to 15 days out of every month. Any one else have them this often?...

 my girlfriend has a serious lower right pain in her stomache and has had an increase in urination. any answers
if anyone can help me with this, I would be so appreciative. She is being stubborn and doesn't want to go to the doctor....

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Why is there liquid in my ear?
In the day time, i have been feeling liquid in my ear moving around and i take a cotton swab and i move it around in my ear and i take it out and on the cotton swab there it this lightly yellowish liq... Read More


Wee John
Have you had success with applying your own trigger point therapy?
I have looked into self administering trigger point therapy to relieve heel pain.

Is there such a thing as getting it wrong and adding to the pain if i was to apply too much pressure or hit the w... Read More


Martin F
I was hurt in a car accident driving home from work, i was a self employed worker?
I was hurt in a car accident driving home from work, but was covered through my auto insurance for the treatment of injuries. I was working for a company at the time as 1099 worker(self employed) I ha... Read More


If someone is prescribed 800mg Motrin twice a day, what times should they take them & is that the good stuff?

Additional Details
Hm, just 1 Motrin is usually all it takes to make her headache go away. I wonder what 4 will do to her.

She was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel and told to wea... Read More


What could constant pains in the ribcage be?

Additional Details
No.It just hurts.Not sure what part.Maybe I pulled something not sure though.... Read More


experiences w/ electrocautery - plantar warts? & how painful is injection of anaesthetic in heel?
... Read More


Any experiences with tongue piercings?
Im currently thinking about getting my tongue pierced...ive already read up on it and even watched videos...it looks scary and if anyone has had it done could you tell me how the pain is cause it look... Read More


Miss Nightingale
Hip/Leg Pains at 21?
I have been getting moderate to severe pains in my hips and down my legs for a while now, it comes and goes and is worse at times than others, but it worries me as it sometimes causes a limp its so ba... Read More


♥Faith Hope and Love♥
Sciatic pain - anyone help plz?
Apart from the obvious painkillers and anti-inflammatories, does anyone have any tips/remedies/exercises or anything at all that can help get rid of sciatic pain quickly! What horrendous pain this is... Read More


Bulging disk? middle back pain help?
Okay. So. I started school agian I have advanced dance class, P.E., and dance practice after school.Needless to say I've been working out alot! Ive been experiencing pain in the middle of my back... Read More


Wacky Jacqui
When hungover, why would I experience pains in my fingers?

Additional Details
Ha ha very funny people! Serious question though. The joints of my fingers are really sore :(... Read More


☼George Harrison Lover☼
How to get rid of this pain in my neck? literally.?
On Friday morning I woke up completely fine and then a few minutes later I had this terrible pain in my neck. I can't move it to the right and I have been taking aspirin and I don't have a h... Read More


Weak bones .. Help please !?

in my childhood i used to drink alot of pepsi and coca and alot of unhealthy thing and drinking milk is a challenge for me .. so i used to have extremely weak bones i even used to wake up in m... Read More


John M
pain in bowels?
When i eat spicy food I have severe pain in my bowels all the day. If i drink a lot of water or butter milk it is reduced. Any suggestions .... Read More


How to stop neck pain?
I pull a muscle or something in my neck and it hurts. Do you know any quick recovery for my neck?... Read More


Sitting, knee pain, bad habit?
I am 35 years old. I have Ehler's Danlos Disease (probable type 3- hypermobility). All of my life, I have tended to sit with one leg under me and the other under my chin or both legs under me (... Read More


How do you get rid of cramps?
Please tell me your way to get rid of cramps!

Additional Details
Preferably stomach cramps!... Read More


is this helpful for you? how can it be better? ''NSAIDs''pain relief?
generally there is a main rule in medicine administration,

If u have to choose between two harmful choices choose the least harmful , Side effects are side reaction beside the wanted to occur pr... Read More


Can one on probation for possession of oxycodone be prescribed oxycodone?

Additional Details
State of Florida... Read More


really scared pain with pressure on top of head?
on top of my head kind of to the right, whenever I put pressure on it i have a sharp pain. i've been having headaches. Im really scared that i might have a brain tumor or something serious. my mo... Read More


What is going on with my knee?
For the last 8 years, out of nowhere my knee will give out while playing sports. People Im playing with will hear it POP.. I mean the most god awful pain in the world, followed by 2-3 weeks of pain an... Read More


Why do my legs hurt while running?
I'm 14 year old girl and I just started running this Monday and my shins and thighs hurt after and while I run . My ankle also hurt. They have been hurting since the first day and haven't st... Read More


Does anyone have permanent back pain; what do you take for it?
I have it from a spine condition; it hurts when I sit down... Read More


Head ace lasting for 3 day?
I have had this head ace if u call it that. It's this pressure in the middle of my forehead. It hasn't been constant it comes and go but it just makes me tired. This head ace have lasted sin... Read More


Why do my legs ache???
I have aches in my legs almost everyday when i get home from school and sometimes during school. I also have this really weird symptom where my hand, fingers, arm, or the tips of my fingers sometimes ... Read More


I think I had too much ibuprofen?
what happens if you take 4?
Additional Details
haha ok, I just didn't read the instructions, I read no more than 6 in a 24 hour period, but missed the 1 every 4-6 hours part, so I fi... Read More


Leg pain and negative D Dimer test. Any help asap?
Ok heres my story-

three days ago I went to the ER with chest pains, and leg pains. They did an xray and a D Dimer test and both were fine. Well the next day my right thigh started hurting.... Read More


how do spacers get removed and does it hurt?
what are spacers removed with and does it hurt. also do your feelings hurt when you get your brackets in, i'm asking because i have deep side to side feelings and don't take pain very well... Read More


Sian R
Can anyone help me with cystitis?
I developed cystitis yesterday, but the frequent urination means i cannot yet get myself to a doctor. I'm drinking lots of cranberry juice and water, and also taking amoxicillin that I already ha... Read More


does anyone know any home remedies for migraines?
the OTC doesn't work, my perscription ran out, and I can't get it refilled till the doc does another check up, and the migraine is here now. right now... Read More

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