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 I have been experiencing an left upper abdomen cramp every time I run. It comes on very quickly into my run.?
I am an 18 year old male and I have been running for a couple months now. I am in good shape. The first time I got the cramp it was a mile into my run. It not comes almost immediately. At one point ...

 Something is stuck in my throat?
I accidentally swallowed gum now it feels like something is stuck in there?...

 I've got a really thumping headache and nausea. Would hot or cold water in a hot water bottle help?
Had the painkillers, but they're not touching it. Is heat or cold applied helpful or would it make it worse....

 What are some good treatments for wrist pain? ?
My wrist has been hurting since Saturday and I didn't really complain until now. What can I do to make it stop hurting? Thanks....

 My feet hurt really bad!?
I just got back from a party and my feet hurt so bad from the high heels... What should I do? Is it ok if I ask my bf for a foot massage?...

im feling very dizy and sck i think im gona faint and throw up all at the same ...

 What can i do for my headache....i have tried Motrin ...bubble bath .....dark room?
Nothing is helping >>>>>>...

 My girlfriend has a constant headache?
She wakes and goes to bed with a headache (and no I am not talking about me). Does anyone know what causes this in woman? Another site stated that it can be hormonal changes....

 When you're in pain, what do you do?
Do you cry, or laugh it off? Or just pretend like it doesn't hurt?...

 Do you suffer from cramp in your calves?
It's terrible so painful it's unbelieveable sometimes, a hot water bottle on the back of my leg worked last night but it's still twitching and trying to go in to spasm today, any ideas ...

 I hurt my ear with a q tip!?
I had it all the way down. the deepest it could go and then i forgot it was in there and accidently pushed it in. I'm nto sure if this is why but I feel dizzy nwo. this happened like 3 or 4 days ...

 I have been troubled with a pain for two days and would like to know if it requires medical attention.?
The pain is in an areaon the left side of my body (about 6 inches to the left of my belly button in a direct line, just below the rib cage). It feels like muscle pain as opposed to anything internal ...

 I've been drinking alot lately and now my stomach keeps hurting?
what could this be? should i be worried?
Additional Details
should i not drink tonight?...

 Headpains in a 16 year old?
Over the last couple of days i have been suffering from headaches. Every so often ill get what feels like a shooting pain in my head. It only lasts a second or two but will come on suddenly. Its ...

 Please tell me how to relief form constipation?

 I get a ton of headaches! what could this be from?
I get a lot of headaches. this week especially. i get tension headaches and migraines. I can usually tell the difference but this ones different then the both of them. my jaw started hurting when i ...

 what time do u get up in the morning?
me 5:30...

 why do I get cramps in my calf's after walking for 2 or 3 hours?
going on for some time ...

 Are you addicted to anythink?
Are you addicted to anything. or have you ever bin addicted to some ...

 I've got a terrible headache...?
I took a strong painkiller earlier but it hasn't helped in the slightest. I always get headaches like this when my period is due, a real thumping headache on the left side of my head that ...

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back spasms and heaches at night! any solutions for that?
my friend has been experiencing painful back spasms and heachaches (or maybe it's migraine) during night time. i'm worried about that. any explanation why is this happening and any solutions... Read More


What causes gut-rot - a type of stomach ache?
What I call gut-rot feels a lot like hunger but isn't. It feels a lot like when you're really hungry and your stomach is about to let out a tremendous growl. But it doesn't. And the ... Read More


wil tht dosage of 25mg*40 pills of benedral kills with no side effets?
... Read More


i have this clicking in my left shoulder ,rock hard muscle ...crunchy sound ..always aches .?
what could it be ???had for a few years right shoulder ..what could i do ..thanks very much for your reply ...... Read More


would ur arm hurt more if. . .
if u played drums 3 hrs later after a shot the next day or would it not matter?im getting 2 shots tomorrow then at 5 going to drum lessons... Read More


[patellofemoral syndrome]

thx to everyone that answers this question. i just asked a question on how to tell my mom that i think i have patellofemoral syndrome. i got good answers but when i talk... Read More


medical question
siatic nerve , what can i do?
for several years my siatic nerve has been driving me crazy. i'm 67 and need to sit, but it hurts... Read More


My back is tense?
I have a whole bunch of knots in my back. What can I do to get rid of them?... Read More


chest pains?
ive had chest pains on and off for around 5 years now... it comes and goes without warning sometimes i dont get it for months and then other times i can have it for a week. its in the centre of the ch... Read More


what to do about back and neck pain?
i have had a lot of pain particularly in my neck for well over a year now, have seen two doctors and a physio for several months but none have really helped. its mainly the muscles going from my neck... Read More


Any one ever had sharp stabbing pain in lower stomach when jogging?
It's ok when I walk, I only feel it if I break into a trot or jog, then I get a painful sharp stabbing pain on both sides just above the pelvic bone, enough to double me over in pain - not a hern... Read More


which of these 3 pain killers is the weakest?
vicaden, oxycodone, and percocets

me and my twin sister just got surgery, mine on my ankle, her knee. i got prescribed oxycodone and she was prescribed vicaden

we are not d... Read More


SCIATICA.I've Had this for eight days now and its really painful,keeping moi awake at night,Have you ever
had this?does it recur?Should you rest?any tips please,YEARRGH !OUCH!... Read More


Tammy J
Ok, my sis has diarrea that just won't stop...she has tried pepto....doesn't work, any suggestions?
... Read More


Needs Help!
My forearms hurt when weight lifting...?
I've been weight lifting for about 2 months now. About 2 weeks ago, my right forearm started to hurt a little while I did my barbell curls. I didn't pay much attention to it because it was o... Read More


is pain all in the mind?
is pain just in the mind?!... Read More


Is it possible to imagine pain?
I have a problem. I am completely fixated on my reproductive health. To the extent that I believe it is becoming a mental problem. I have been to the gynecologist because I have had pain and he said t... Read More


how do i cure a migrain?????
please im dieing right now- im allergic to tylenol and all of the above... Read More


tessie c
can i exercise even i had a headache?
my blood pressure is 150/80 and i had headache for the whole nigth.... Read More


Acute Sinusitis Causing Migraines?
About 4 years ago I had an MRI performed due to complaints regarding headaches, nausea, dizziness and overall weakness. It was mostly dizziness and vertigo that were especially debilitating. While t... Read More


I have a massive headache and i need advice?
Ok i have headache's alot but anyways... we just got a hot tub and i got in and when i got out my head hurt so bad i could hardly get into the house and so i put a wet washcloth on my head and la... Read More


I have a horrible headache?
I was up a lot of the night with my baby, and I'm tired, and I slept wrong. I took 2 excederin about an hour ago and laid down. It helped a little, but is still a sick headache. I need relief.... Read More


[email protected] Fa771n&
What is this pain in my side?
I have this very sharp pain about 4 inches under and left of my belly button that spans from there all the way down to my groin. It hurts in any position I sit or stand in. I thought that It was just ... Read More


Smaller B
Sevre pain in heel? help?
Hi there i woke up about 10 minutes ago and upon walking i felt a sevre pain in a small area within my heel it's located roughly right in the centre of my heel and it's only about a nickel/d... Read More


Lilian B
Shin Splints - Prevention, Treatment And Cure Options?
Do you know a site or guide that covers shin splints treatment (and prevention) in full detail?... Read More


Live your life ♥
Is Vicodin safe?
I know it sounds like a stupid question. But I was just prescribed Vicodin today for pain relief after surgury. I heard a lot of negative things about it, like you become a addicted to it and druggies... Read More


Why do my temples hurt when I ride a roller coaster or free fall?
Most people get a "stomach dropping feeling" when free falling (such as on a rollercoaster). When I free fall, I experience excruciating pain in my temples. Why is this?... Read More


has anyone every taken lyrica?
i have nerve damage and fibromyalgia.and i am on 75mg i see that you can gain weight and was wondering if that is the case and also wanted to know if it 'WORKS'... Read More


Gall bladder pain while exercising..?
When I work out with my abdomen intensely I get intense pains in my gall bladder area. What could cause this and how could I treat it?... Read More


How can I Fix my Back Pain?
my back kills me all the time...I can crack it all the time and I don't know if this normal. What can I buy/do to help this?... Read More

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