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 painful kidneys after a heavy weekend!?
when will they stop hurting!
Additional Details
i've had a kidney infection before so its not ...

 I Just Ran into a door head first, How can I stop it from bruising?
I'm Sad =[...

 I am so scared of getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

 why does my left lower side hurt and my stomach?
the pain is horrible! the pain on my left lower side is like on my waist.(i am askin this question for a friend of mine he is 55)...

 can you give a cat asprin for pain?
is it safe to give a cat liquid baby asprin for ...

 name of woman in coma that her parents & husband fought over turning off life support?
I don't remember what state this was in but it was in the last 3 years that this took place. The couple had decided long before she went on life support that neither one of them wanted to linger ...

 OWW!!!! Im in so much pain!!!!!!!!?
Whenever i lie on my stomach i get these REALLY REALLY sharp pains on my sides. it hurts sooooooo much. if i lie on my stomach it takes me forever to think of a position i can get up in that wont ...

 Mulitiple painkillers...what are the risks?
My mother is on several painkillers for nueropothy, neck and back problems...I was wondering what the general risks are without knowing all the names of her medication......

 Bad headache, Loss of feeling in arms & legs, sickness...?
I was at college today in lesson (I'm 17) when i got a bad headache, when i got on the bus i got double vision, i was really hot and got a temperature and started to get pins and needles in my ...

 heartburn hell?
I have the worst heartburn ever! I've taken loads of Gaviscon and it isn't helping. The pain is severe in my chest but goes into my back and shoulder. Please has anyone got any remedies ...

 10 points if you answer truthfully :)?
If you get a needle stick on your shoulder do you bleed really bad or just a little bit? Because this is want happened to me, i was trying to get my ball from this bush and the suddenly i felt like i ...

 im 13 and i have been having breathing problems?
ok every time i lay on my back it hurts to breath
what might cause this
im sick right now with
stuffy nose
breathing problems
sore ...

 hellp do they hurt?
i want to get my belly button peirced?
i want to get a tattoo on my hip?
do they hurt?
Additional Details
ok well i dont want to do it cause my friends so dont say ...

 What do you take to get rid of a headache?

 My girlfriend is addicted to pain, anyway to pull her out of it?
We've only been together for at least 3 weeks and I know so much about my girlfriend. Such as her addiction to pain. Shes had a tough life and she would be considered by society as "emo&...

 Soar Throat :[ (read more)?
i know this may sound gross, but does spitting alot out help your throat. cause i keep spitting in like a cup :[ cause i want the pain to go away! if this is just stupid, then how else can i make ...

 I have been experiencing an left upper abdomen cramp every time I run. It comes on very quickly into my run.?
I am an 18 year old male and I have been running for a couple months now. I am in good shape. The first time I got the cramp it was a mile into my run. It not comes almost immediately. At one point ...

 Something is stuck in my throat?
I accidentally swallowed gum now it feels like something is stuck in there?...

 I've got a really thumping headache and nausea. Would hot or cold water in a hot water bottle help?
Had the painkillers, but they're not touching it. Is heat or cold applied helpful or would it make it worse....

 What are some good treatments for wrist pain? ?
My wrist has been hurting since Saturday and I didn't really complain until now. What can I do to make it stop hurting? Thanks....

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Calf pain!?
I am a runner. I stretch out really good before each run. so i decided to go for a run. did a mile which is like nothing to me just a light run usally do a lot more like 5-10 miles. just wondered what... Read More


to all those athletes?
Have you ever suffered injuries and pain and all your coaches think your lying or your not tough

Im in gymnastics and my body is sensitive to pain and i dont know what to do about injuries or pai... Read More


I'm extremly worried... can anyone help?
Ok well i'm only 19 and got a whole list of things wrong with my back (a minor upper thoracic curve and a large middle to lower inward curve of the spine, and i also have a wedge fracture and mis... Read More


Help ! Stomach pain?
I have pain in my stomach.

I would describe it as major hunger pain that never goes away even after i eat.

Please any info
Additional Details
It is like hunger pains. Im not hun... Read More


Why did the cookies I purchased on the airplane cause severe yeast infection?
I bought cookies on the flight, and by the time we landed I was in pain, having to use the bathroom every 2 minutes and had a bad yeast infection. This was on a Virgin Atlantic flight and I will neve... Read More


pain and numbness?
i know i probably seem like a hypocondryac (if thats how its spelt) but every few days i get pain behind my ear, no lump just like aching and a bit of numbness on my cheek next to my right ear!

a... Read More


Can being in pain worsen depression?
I had major (abdominal & female,) surgery 4 weeks ago and so far there hasn't been ONE day that I can truthfully say has been good or that I haven't been in some type of pain.

I spo... Read More


Lisa T
Here are my symptoms, please help. Tell me what I have!

Ok so all my obvious symptoms:

- I have a headache that may be a migraine, it gets really bad at points, I hate loud sound... Read More


i have to get steroid injections in my chest for costercondritis> anyone get that before?... Read More


How do i take care of my sprain right Wrist? should I have my Chiropractor look at it ?
on Tuesday night I went to play volleyball with the youth anyway i was playing and one young man was trying to get over the net and i was trying to block the volleyball from coming into myside and my ... Read More


I need Scoliosis Surgery :( ?

Yesterday I found out that I would need scoliosis surgery. I have been devastated of having surgery ever since I found out I had scoliosis. (at age 6) I'm 13 years old and I have been we... Read More


Emily R
My ears itch when I drink cold drinks...?
This has been bothering me for a while now. Every time I go to drink a cold drink or eat hot food, my ears itch really bad. I know it has something to do with the Eustachian tube thing, but what exact... Read More


back of leg below knee has permanant cramping?
does anyone know what this could be? its a dull pain that never goes away and ive been feeling it for about a month...and just a few weeks ago in the same spot i had a big purple bruise but never hurt... Read More


≈ღRєѕ†ℓєѕѕ Aηgєℓ≈ღ α.к.α ℓιvvy
What can I do about 5 buldging disks' in the top of my neck?
The disks' are above my shoulder. I would like to know what I could do, as to have them treated. They are in my upper neck. there are 5 of them all together... Read More


river rapids
Hip Replacement Surgery?
Has anyone had hip replacement surgery or knows someone who had it? What can I expect? Is it scary? Will I be able to do the stuff I used to do? I was told that I will have hip replacement surgery dur... Read More


Lower back pain as a teen, because of sports?
Lately during volleyball practice and what not my back seems to hurt, and I was wondering if the muscle is just sore, or could it be something worse. It's not horribly bad as in pain, but it does... Read More


does anyone know how long with drawls last from pain killers?
... Read More


My neck hurts...?
Well i'm in wrestling, so i went to practice yesturday, but i was put into a gulitine head lock and there'sn this unbelivable sore on the back of my neck, how do i heal that or make it feel ... Read More


how can i help my father's Arthritis pain?!?
he live's far from me ..i wondered if i could buy something help full and send him,without seeing Dr.

decent answers plz.... Read More


Has anyone been,or is anyone on Subutex?
I am on the waiting list for this medication and just wondered what users views are on this.People who have been on it,or who are on it at this moment.

I have read up on it online,but would like ... Read More


Kevin J
Does a person's size determine how some medicines work for them?
I'm a good sized guy and my doctor prescribed me Loritab 10 for my back pain that I have, but unless I take more than what he prescribed at a time it doesn't do anything for me. He prescrib... Read More


Signs your gauged ear is infected?
I jus put tapers in. I skipped 2 sizes and my left ear has always hurt ever since it was first gauged because it didn wanna stretch. It hurts kinda only when I touch it and it's kinda swollen. Bu... Read More


Have you tried that new fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue med?
Lyrica( spelling may be wrong) is the first fibromyalgia drug approved by the government. It sure seems to help the pain. Since Chronic Fatigue and Fibromaylgia are considered to be the same, try it f... Read More


I tweaked my lower back. It only "TWINGES" occassionally. Do surface treatments work for this?
... Read More


joe bracston
Tempurpedic beds??? Any good???
looking for thoughts on this bed,,, if people like them and if so which thinkness is good,, I see on the internet some say they might make you hot??... Read More


Vive l' Éire!!!
pain in my knees!!?
i have had a poain in oine of my knees for years, if i keppt it bent for too long it would kill me, it was a very dull, constant pain, but then both of them began to trouble me if i kept them bent for... Read More


My tummy is upset when i go to sleep and when i wake up why is that?
I have asked this before i have a good diet and exercise for the most part and i just cant seem to figure it out im only 13
Additional Details
Little detail after reading some of the answ... Read More


My headaches start from my kneck up like a mohawk evry other day. am I sleepng wrong or do i have kneck problm
I wake up with headaches and they start from my shoulders up my kneck and like a mohawk on my head. i take excedrin migrain to help out its gone on like maybe twice a week. Now my family is visiting ... Read More


Wanting to know if others have same experience..?
I was rear-ended by a drunk driver in May 2005; he hit me, while I was stationary at a red light, going approximately 55-60 mph. Since then, my life has changed drastically.

After an MRI a... Read More


Medical Marijuana?
What are some opinions on medical marijuana? I think it should be legalized AT LEAST for medical reasons, if not for recreational use and industrial use. What do you have to say about it?... Read More

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