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is surgery painful?
it freaks me out!

but i know i'll need surgery some time in my life!

what is the point of worrying about some thing that might never happen lots of people go through life without going into hospital

Well currently I am lying on the sofa where I've been for three days because I had surgery on Monday!
I had a bilateral inguinal hernia operation, and I have to say it is very painful because I cannot use my stomach muscles and they are used for everything - moving, breathing, coughing, sneezing etc!
It depends on the type of surgery though, how big a procedure and things but having your body cut open is generally painful!!

Peter C
I dunno, I was asleep.

Return of the Mack
no,only when the anaesthetic wears off

ur asleep threw the whole thing but on sometimes though rarely they will not put u asleep and if they don't it is a minor surgery with little pain

Surgery isn't - but coming round afterward is! I guess you're like me - I could never go under the knife for cosmetic reasons! It would have to be a serious health reason.

your under anaesthetic - you cant feel a thing , they put you to sleep , next thing you know your awake!!

easy peasy lol x

depends on what kind of surgery it is

The Nikki
The actual surgery isn't (because you're knocked out, or have very powerful drugs), but the recovery probably will be, once again you'll be loaded with very powerful drugs to help combat the pain. Overall though, most people would agree that the pain of surgery will greatly outweigh the months or years of pain that would be caused without surgery.

It's me!
Surgery can be scary but it is only painful afterwords. You will be given pain pills. Do a little research regarding the type of surgery you need. I had a C-section birth when I was 21. In time I gained over 175 pounds. I lost all my weight on my own when I was 26. I had all this disgusting excess skin. So I saved up enough money, and I do mean enough. So when I was 35 I had a tummy tuck, breast implants, got my arms and thighs done. Not at the same time of course. The surgeries got easier. My tummy tuck was painful but not as painful as my C-section. I had to do these surgeries and I am so happy. I look beautiful and I do not regret any of it. SO GO FOR IT!!

It's not that the surgery is so painful, but after surgery, as your body has literally been cut in to, and it needs to heal.

Don't worry about it so much. Doctors really know what they are doing, and if you are having surgery, you probably need it.

I believe that it depends on the surgery. None of them should hurt during the actual surgery process, but quite a few have painful after effects. I wouldn't worry though, becuase any good doctor will proscribe pain medicines to help you deal with the pain. I'm sure everything will be fine. Good luck!

Afterwards it is, depends on the surgery though.

A bit. They actually start off being a bit sore. But before they go to the painful part they give you anesthetic which makes you numb or most of the time sleeping gas. As long as you go to a proper doctor not a doctor who does surgery in a shack.

To be really honest ..it is! But the good news is that that give you great pain control that normally knocks you out anyway. A surgical incision feels like burning when you wake up! And laughing is like tourture!!!

Well everyone has already said it's not painful while you're asleep, and that's true. But depending on what surgery you have, the recovery is generally not painful either. Most doctors will tell you that you shouldn't be in pain because it will make you less likely to take the light to moderate exercise your body needs after anything but the most serious surgeries.

Also, surgeries done while you are awake but sedated are not nearly as terrifying as they're cracked up to be. You don't feel groggy from the drug they give you at all (although the room does spin a bit, and your legs will be shaky) and unless you actually see them cut into you, something which chances are they won't make you watch, you won't even know they've started the operation.

As long as it is laparoscopic it won't hurt too bad, but if they have to open you up, they will give you anesthesia and you won't feel anything, but when you wake up you will feel like you have been hit by a truck. They will continue to give you medication for the pain, but it won't completely get rid of it.
Surgery is something we will all have to face at one time or another, just hope it will be a laparoscopic precedure.

Surgery is not painful and before and after you will be given painkillers so don't worry

No. You will not feel anything during surgery. After surgery yes there will be pain but they will help you out with medications and you will be able to bear the pain.

Usually they knock you out with laughing gas. When I was seven, I think, I needed surgery and I was breathing in bubblegum-flavored laughing gas... It actually tasted good but I was a sugar-freak back then. xDD
Anyway, when it's over and your pain meds aren't working, it'll hurt. But you deal with it. I mean, it's better than being dead, y'know?

I had surgery when I was twelve. They mashed up the cartlidge in my knee to stop my leg growing. When I had the surgery I felt nothing; it was like being asleep. When you wake up your so drowsy you don't notice anything, but when I came round I felt a dull ache, but I could self-administer painkillers through a tube.
It wasn't untill the day after that I was in pain, when they sent me home without any painkillers and the ones I had in hospital started to wear off!

beachgirl2296 @yahoo.com
only after wards

The actual surgery isn't painful at all of course. After the operation the pain relieving medication available these days is so good that there is no reason to be in pain. If you ever do need surgery the chances are the pain relief will be even better than it is now.

well not if your asleep!! actually depends on what kind of surgery and if your awake or asleep.

No it doesn't hurt. You're completely knocked out so it's just like a nap. There is some pain afterwards while you're healing, but they give you medications to take home with you.

not while you are getting it

but afterwords it is lol, well at least when the codine wears off lol

Angel D
Depends what for. I had agonising pain after one op and none after another

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