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m.s <3
im 13 and i have been having breathing problems?
ok every time i lay on my back it hurts to breath
what might cause this
im sick right now with
stuffy nose
breathing problems
sore throat

Don't worry. You are just 13. Nothing will happen. Jus cos of the climatic changes or environment changes can cause these problems. Consult a good ENT doctor. You ll be alright

punctured a lung

you might have a punctured lung go and get it checked

Micah .V

U are congested U need a humidifier.

James S55$$ where I give you ME.
You may have an sinus and a cold.

you should go to the doctor about it. otherwise you'll just keep worrying about it, and it could just be nothing. or if there's a problem, then you won't be able to get it sorted unless you go the the doctor.

consult a doctor

Sky Flying Gorgon Witch
Go to the doctor.

Bill M
Tell your parents so they can take you to the doctor.


Talk to the doctor it's the best thing

you probably have some sort of viral chest infection. go and see the doctor, but don't worry-it won't kill you. I have had them myself and they can be nasty. Try standing in a steamy room, that will ease your breathing a bit and for the aches have lots of vitamin c like oranges and smoothie drinks.

get well soon :)

you could just have the ugly virus that is going around. But if this is a constant thing with your breathing i would check with your dr you could have asthma

pamela d
then lts very possible you have asthma. so you may need to see a doctor cause you need medication for this. don`t mess around with asthma.

Congestion will cause pain and breathing problems go to the doctors and tell him/her all your symptoms. Take care

Kara Joy
GO TO A DOCTOR!! No one on here is a doctor that has seen you in real life. Instead of asking people you don't know, go talk to your doctor.

Is this only happening while you are sick, or is it happening while you are healthy? If it is just when you are sick, it is from that, if it is while you are healthy you may have asthma. Talk to your parents and go see a doctor. Good Luck and God Bless

You are 13, tell your parents! You need to see a doctor.

Leigh W
If it has only been happening since you have been sick - then it's obvious you have something going on with your chest and/or your airway. You need to talk to you parents and or your guardian to make sure you don't have some sort of an infection that needs medical treatment. If you have had this happening to you since prior to getting sick - you still need to talk to your parents to make sure you don't have some sort of sickness that will get worse and they'll take you to the doctor. Don't wait around. If you are worried enough about it to put the question on the computer than you deserve an answer so tell your parents. Good luck and hope you feel better!

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