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i reallly need help. i've been?
having these major cramps from my period and nothing is taking the pain away. got any idead on what might help? almost ready to go to the hospital.
Additional Details
i've tried pain releaivers, but nothing works. midol, pamprin, tylonol,

I found using a heating pad helps a lot.

Vincent L
A friend of mine used to have very much pain during the menstruation and it was horrible to watch as well. However now she uses the birth control pill too and it's really better, since your period is not the way it's been before, rather to compare with a very small abortion. By using the birth control pill you pretend to be pregnant and your body thinks so due to the increase of hormones.
Anyway, in my opinion sou're supposed to go the doctor in any case for there's quite a wide range of so diverse reasons why youre menstration hurts so badly. And maybe there's even an easier way for you.

Jen J.
Heating pads are ok, but seriously ever since I got on birth control, the severity of my cramps have lessened quite a bit. But otherwise...load up on ibuprofen. :o)

grab a wheat bag quick smart.
put it in ure microwwave for thirty seconds on high...put it on for longer if its not hot enough go to bed withha bottle of water and put the wheat bag on rue stomach...
go to sleep
u may feel better!

are you sure its gust a period why you have to go to the hospital


These can be taken together

warm bath
heat pack

If these keep happening perhaps talk with your doctor about some other pain meds or going on the pill which generally reduces the amount of bleeding and cramps

Sehr_Klug 50
Dear, you better get yourself cheched at hospital.
Most common cramps will subside with common analgesics such as Ibuprofen 200 mgs TDS with meals, (especially if you take the liquid caplets form) pererably with an antiespasmodic medication (butyl hioscine).
Mephenamin acid 500 miligrams (ponstan) tablets 3 times a day can be a good alternative,
However, if the problem persists depite analgesics, we have to search for othe possibilities there.
The most common, is endometriosis, which is the presence of tissue that makes menses possible (the inner layer of the uterus) to grow outside the womb, in the inner abdominal cavity, and can cause those unbearable cramps.
This needs to be diagnosed properly by gybecological examination, and if in doubt, a laparoscopy (under local abesthesia and mild sedation in sterile conditions and environment, a small tube is inserted in the abdomen by a 1 cm incision to see the inner abdomen) and if confirmed, you may need tcopntraceptive special tablets, made of progestagens , or capsules of some antagonist of estrogens ....Only the gynecologist can decide.
Nothing to be scared of. You may possible have endometriosis, that can be cured with tablets...however, we have to make sure about the diagnosis first.
We as doctors have to take period cramps seriously, because the origin of those nay vary from woman to woman widely, and a proper gynecological check is very indicated in cases like yours, because the serious discomfort and loss of classes work etc. they might rpduce.
Better get yourself checked by a gynecologist, at the earliest possible opportunity.


I'd make an appointment w/your gyn. You may have fibroid tumors, which aren't cancerous, but can cause a great deal of pain during your menstruation. The doc will recommend an ultrasound or scan to check. It's worth doing..they can be removed and alleve the pain.

Carlos G
I have female friends that take birth control pills to alleviate their menstrual cramp pains. Exercise could also be very helpful.

I have really bad cramps too...the only thing that helps me is a heating pad (the kind that you plug in) it really helps! No medicine or any thing else helpa, so I think it can really help you, b/c I know exactly what you're talking about!

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