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i have this weird high pitch in my ears what is it ??????
please help me i am so scared its so annoying its not a click its like a high pitch in one of my ears and i need to know whats wrong with me i have had this for like a week or so

it's called ringing. don't worry, it happens when u get hit in the head. it happens to me in football.

maybe their is an insect inside your ear.. go and seek medical advise

its just ur ears ringing from some one screaming in it

jesus, go see a doctor already. you could be going deaf

tinnitus or ringing in the ears is very annoying. it can be caused by being in a noisy situation such as a loud concert, etc. Even my puppy's yapping can start it off for me. Sometimes it goes away or it could be permanent if you have damaged your eardrum.

neni m
dear Lauren,

You have good activity dear, with ur activity you can emagine ur fantacy and idea make real in art but maybe its made you too concernt and a lonly so my suggestion take rest for while time leave you gathering with ur friends or do activity with much people but its become enjoy.ok

have you been to a loud concert or something of that nature, your inner ear consist of a number of small bones and load sound wave can make them vibrate which cause a ringing sound that you hear, if the problem continues more then a week I would go to the doctor.

Terri J
Besides the things many people here have mentioned, it could also be allergies. When my allergies are kicking really hard, I can hardly hear people for the ringing in my ears. Try a decongestant and see if that helps.

ok here's what you do hold your nose and blow thru your nose like if you were on an airplane see if that helps.

That can happen if you were exposed to a very loud noise, or if you used a q-tip in your ear and pushed too hard. Also if you have a sinus or ear infection it can cause some weird noises in your head.


Anne R
As with any medical condition, you need to seek treatment. Start by seeing a primary care physician. You may have an ear infection or an allergy that is causing ringing in the ear. You could have a benign condition of ringing in the ears (tinnitus). A benign condition means that you have to put up with the annoying sounds because no one knows what is causing it or how to treat it but it isn't doing any damaging to your hearing.

one of ur eustation tubes prolly collapsed just try holdin ur nose and blowing. or try swallowing several times. ooor maybe u have tinitis.

Nicky H
Its either a ear infection or a bee got in your ear.(this happened to me before)

my sister said it either a chipmunk yelling or a bird squawking!

your probably losing your hearing, i think it means that your ear has been broken or damaged, it usually happens after hearing an intense loud noise, but if its gone on for a week. Well get that checked, as soon as possible.

When I get stressed, my tinnitus gets worse, and the ringing in my ears just won't stop. Have you been under a lot of stress? Are you getting enough sleep?

It's an ironic thing, being under a lot of stress can keep you from sleeping well but if you can get a good night of sleep, you may find that the ringing isn't as bad.

According to Wikipedia, it can also be caused by an ear infection, waxy build-up, or a foreign object!!

Have your general practitioner check it out and ask if you should see and ENT.

I hope that helps, and I hope that ringing goes away - I know how crazy that ringing can make me feel!!

Did you do anything to damage your hearing? Permanent damage can be done to the ears in many different ways, and hearing ringing can be a symptom of inner-ear damage.

It can also be one of many signs of psychosis. I'm schizophrenic and I hear ringing in my ears several times a day, as well as something that sounds like radio static, like when you're in between channels, or are all the way over at the end of the radio dial (in older radios, obviously). With all that and the voices, too, I have a regular party in my own head. Medication... what a novel thing.

But, I wouldn't guess the ringing in your ears is a psychotic symptom, just an off-hand possibility; but going in and getting your ears checked by a specialist would probably be a good idea. They'd know better than most anyone who participates in this forum.

If it's a high "ringing" in your ears, medication can cause that -- even things like Excederin......I take Excederin and it's caused it for me every so often. You aren't crazy......

It's probably tinnitus. My husband has had it for years. He has to have the tv or radio on all the time to drown out the noise. Tinnitus is very common. Some people have it worse than others. Hope it goes away.

Grant M
Its called tinnitus go see a doctor. ASAP good luck Grant M in Pennsylvania

an ear infection go to the doters office.

Tim H
It sounds like tinnitus. More info here:


I had this after a school dance. As usual the speakers were turned to full blast and my ears were ringing. I think it was that our ears are so used to having so much sound being brought in that it expects there to be noise and it just rings. There are also many causes for it that's just an example.

go to the dr asap, my friend had the same thing and dr told her it's a sign of hearing loss. I hate to tell you this...but it might only be water just check it out to be sure

There is no medicine for it.
The science of Acupuncture only has its' treatment and explaination.

Out of five energies- wind, heat, humidity, dryness and coldness - wind energy of your kidney is excessive. As per science ear is related to kidney;
Hence this problem.

Acupuncture is the only best treatment.
Beware of doctors, many patients go on operation table and problem remains as it is.

R.H. 19, Jhulelal Society, Sector 2/E, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, INDIA.

It is called tinnitus. It is quite common. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about it.

Francesca Thomas
Sounds like Tinnitus (Tinn-ee-tus). Here are some links to what causes it, and how to manage it.

It is often a sign that there is a problem with your ears. Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. It will not kill you, but it will be annoying.

I'm not sure it can be cured, but you can learn how to manage it. I suffered from tinnitus for many years, but eventually it went away on it's own. It still comes back occasionally, but I have learnt to ignore it.

Many doctors tell people with tinnitus that there is no medical cure for their condition so therefore nothing can be done; go home and get used to it! This is not true. Although there may be no cause/cure for the tinnitus, it can often be successfully managed. There are various treatments available and they do not always work for everyone.

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