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smile on:)
i ate too much junk food, i feel like puking now! help?
im actually going to tell you all the junk i ate.
one small cookie.
half a tub of ice cream.
2 chocolate bars.
king sized pack M&m's
sugar sick.
a Reese's
and two blocks of raw cookie Doe. ( not full blocks, but def. not slices.)

so, i ate all that in like, an hour. and now im feeling extremely sick. i feel like vomit ting, and my stomach is killing me. and so i laid down to get my mind of my stomach. but then i could just feel all that stirring around inside me.

no, im not fat,. and i normally dont eat like this. maybe that's why my body is not use to it.

HAHA your just a big fat fatty McCheesy fat puff! Run a few laps fatty so your lard can die


Chloe Paris
you need to go get your stomach pumped!

Or make yourself throw up?

sounds like what my friends and i do while on our periods lol. you could enduse vomiting by putting ur face over the toilet bowl and trying to activate your gag reflex. it might sound a bit obvious but it always works when i have a sore tummy from bad food. and if you don't do it yourself your body will probably do it to it later.

sweet tooth? =D

throw it um... sorry to say... cough as hard as u can next to a garbage can... i heard raw cookie dow is bad for the system, and gives u a stomach ache. sweets can hurt if u eat to much of em, and eating a half of tub ofe ice cream is like taking a jug of milk and drinking half of it. theres ur stomach ache! and vomiting: maybe ur alergic to one of these things, or there was a reaction of the food inside of u.

lie down with a garbage can near you, and try to relax. it shouldnt hurt for more than 3 hours, so try to keep it all down and go sit on the toilet! ur ganna need to let it all out somehow! xD

Make your self puke you will feel better. i know it sounds gross, but trust me i know.

d *
sting your finger down your throat till you throw up...or quit whining

do oats and squats

please help me ?
I do that sometimes too.. binge out
and then regret it like hell later
honestly my best adivce would be to get it out of your system (if you know what i mean), no Im not bullemic, but I dont see anything wrong with doing it either.. as long as its not like always.
ofcourse if your not worried about all that amount of food then just take a tums and maybe move around a little to help the food digest.

well obviously you want comfort food for a reason you're not telling us about. and thats waaayyyy too much junk. think of all the calories you just took in. well over a thousand. id try to take a dump because your stomach is hurting. if that doesnt work your just paying for your lust for crap.

Either you drink camomile tea or you throw it up using the anorexics' way (a finger)
But when I have that problem I just curl up in bed and ignore the stomach...

░▒▓█420 Borat█▓▒░
the only think you can do is sit down and wait...dont try to run or anything
and drinking ginger ale might help...hope you feel better soon.

I'm sorry you feel that way :( Sit down, breath in and out. Have a barf bag next to you with a lot of napkins.Get some water, drink slowly. Relax as much as you can. Do NOT move fast or bob yourself up and down in a sickly way.Don't eat anything sugary or salty in the next hour. Try going to the bathroom as well. If you feel 3XTREMLY sick, see if you can go to the doctor to get medication.Hope this helps. ^__^ Answer mine please- http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuGvZDvfzl5FYuCjoWQ7TA_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091111140304AAxyM3E

yoko is badass
either the raw cookie dough you ate had raw eggs (salmonella poisoning) or its just that you don't eat like that... stay near the bathroom, drink SMALL sips of water and dont move much

just waljk around ur house for 10 mins

puke r ull get th shtss later

wait it out, if you puke, so be it. cant do anything now

its probably having troubles digesting all the fat, drink some gigner ale to let it settle

Relax and lay down for a bit. In order for your body to "work it out" you need a good rest, like if you had the flu. By running around, you might worsen bad feelings. Stay in a room with quick bathroom access and have a tub or bowl nearby just in case you vomit.


Ashley C
Wow thats rather impressive. I would suggest you plan your day for tomorrow. I would suggest you eat a very healthy light diet with lots of fiber and veggies and whole grains. Also throw away all of that junk food - why do you have so much junk in you rhouse? You will not gein weight from one binge just don't do it again and try to exercise tomorrow. Maybe you should go to the doctor or something - that is a lot of junk!

Break up diet much? Drink a glass or two of ice water and try to belch. Give it a few hours, and eat some raw veggies. Veggies, not fruit.

Oprah Winfrey OFFICAL
it seems stupid that you would post a 'question' about this you already answered it yourself silly x]

☆?υ?? нαzє☆™
girlu got da bubbles u bought to take dunk in a few,but all da snacks u ate sound good as hell but not for all in one day.

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