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evil angel !!!!
i'm under so much stress?
i got tonnes of A level work to do and i can't keep up. i don't want to stress over it, but i don't know what to do.



break into pieces

umm....i dunno just be organized if u have many work

Sally Anne
You should not be here telling us lot. Turn off the computer and start concentrating on important things such as your 'A' levels. You have one 'A' level already it's for 'Wasting Time'

hilda s
ive got one sentence for u
study now,enjoy later

"tonnes of A level work" ? What's that?

hi..first of all be quiet,breathe and then you have to organise your work,but don't forget to take free time for yourself..remember with a light mind..you can work better..good luck..and sorry if my english is bad..

Stress can be a killer. If you find you can not sleep at night because your mind is saturated by worry about failing your A Levels that is a very unhealthy situation to be in and you need to change.

From statistics we get on A Level results every August, it would seem that today they are virtually impossible to fail, and many with very excellent pass results anyway find they do not help them get the jobs they hope for, because employers have rumbled that stressed out people with lots of A Levels and no work experience often prove no good in the world of employment work. Remember also that many of the UK's most prestigious entrepreneurs today never got any A Levels at school

So there is plenty of evidence that seems to indicate somebody like yourself has nothing to worry about if you substantially cut back on your work and spend more of your free time relaxing and doing things other than working for A Level exams that you enjoy.

Organize...I usually play head games with myself to get a certain thing done by such and such time.Bet myself I can do this by whatevertime,and by the end of the day I was way ahead of myself

Philip H ©
Speak to your teachers, that's what their there for. They'll help you with time management and you can drop 1 A-level and still do 2 if its all too much.

First calm down. Find some thing like meditation, yoga, a cup of hot chocolate.. whatever will help you to relax and take a step back from the situation. Organise your time.
Take the work in bite-size pieces and do one piece at a time. Give yourself small rewards for each small achievement. Believe in yourself. You can do this.
The worst case scenario is what? you may have to re sit? or find another way to achieve your goals in life? there are always choices and there is always another way. So it isn't going to be the end of the world..just take some pressure off yourself .. you will feel better about the work.
Just take it a step at a time instead of being overwhelmed by the whole issue, do your best and no one can ask any more from you. Be positive in your attitude, that's half the battle. Good Luck.

Mel C
Reality check for you.
I found that when I did a levels I spent most of my time on the internet. I failed maths and got 2 C grades and D in biology. I quit uni after 18months because I wasn't able to manage my work at all. If you are going to go university you need to get your finger out because if you think it's hard now it gets a whole lot harder.
I wish that at school I had known how important it is to be qualified and get a degree if you wont a decent job.
You'll probably pass without too much effort so don't panic and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Hey my friend.. one step at the time... if you are over working take a minute, treat yourself.. if that job is making you unhappy.. and insecure.. move on.. change your job. I did it last month, and I feel much better with myself. Sometimes money is not everything. The money you believe " extra", you will spend it in anti-depress pills and psychoanalyst. Exercises will make your endorphins go up and make you feel better. If you are lazy all the time, or tired all the time, it helps to increase your stress, try to practice a sport. What ever you like!!

Also do not take decisions right now. Solve one problem at the time. Remember you have only one life. I know maybe everyone will tell you the same, but you can not solve 100 problems at the same time. You will take only wrong decisions. Solve one issue at the time.

At work, learn to say NO., I can't. Do not try to do everything to look nice in front of your boss. At the end when you start delaying certain assignments, that will make you look bad, and maybe another coworker will use it against you.
Make an agenda and stick with it. Finish every work as you wrote it in your agenda.
You will get more results. Good luck keep in touch. [email protected]

Try taking a look at ( http://www.reducingstress.net ) They have a lot of great articles and tips on how to deal with and reduce stress.

Prioritize, then work in a box (clear & focus) Learn some Tai' Chai and breath slow and deliberate... Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax! Now, isn't that better....

Try some yoga,sqweeze that stress ball,go 2 bed early,eat healthy foods,stop watching tv more,get out and enjoy the fresh air!

take one test at the time and don't worry too much, you can do only as much and that's way more than enough, believe me it is and that's how it'll work out.

What makes you feel so sure about something you don't and can't.
Count stuff that you can and find what you do know about what you may be able to do.

I reckon, you can at least weigh how many tonnes of A level work mentioned in total on which subjects.
devide them into several kiro grammes of mounts.

Use a big writing (font) and lots of paper for you to revise, and do some grammes of work, and pile the papers of your revision into one mountain and label it as things that you have been able to do.

You will be creating a big mountain of things you can do in this way, and visually it is rewarding to see that. And it is fun, actually to make a big mountains of what you can.

Big fonts to start with is the key.
It is not a cheat.

Lastly, it is not the speed that matters, it is the finish line that you are aiming at.

Good luck.

do the hard work first, always finish with the easy ones.

if you're time-pressured, do all the easy, A-list priorities first.

just remember to keep breathing, inhale deeply and exhale all the negative things out of your system.

eat something which would make you feel better. =)

♥Miss Inquisitive♥
Chill out. The holiday season is nearly here, and although you probably have exams after Christmas, you should fit yourself in some "me" time. Why not set up a study plan allocating yourself specific times to study, and be sure to include a short break every hour or so.

Now is a good time to get organised and I'm sure you'll be fine. At least you are planning ahead and are not planning on cramming everything into the last week or so before your exams. If you really are struggling, why not speak to one of your teachers, or see if you can get yourself a tutor?

I have found that instead of looking at any problem/work as 1 big thing that needs completed, it really does help to divide it into steps or manageable goals and go at it this way.

For example, begin with the one you feel you have the least amount of work needed to complete it and then go to the one you have the next to least amount of work to do to complete it, etc.

Definitely give yourself breaks and if you think it would help, little rewards for completing each piece of work. Also, in earning my Masters I found that doing physical exercise before going back to complete the next assignment always helped. Ride a bike around the block, do jumping jacks, sit outside and get some fresh air for awhile, do something for a change of pace before getting back to complete your next piece.

good luck!

Learn to relax and prioritize. No matter what you do, the only certain thing in life is that you will die. It could be tomorrow. So nothing is an excuse to be stressed out. Say someone is going to blow up the earth, should you be stressed out? No. The world will end tomorrow.

A very famous American psychologist, Abraham Maslow (1908-1970), said "I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act. The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness." See site below to learn how to relax and live without stress.

what i do is i concentrate on one work then when im done i go to the next. i start from the hard ones then if i cant take the stress from the hard ones i go to the easy works. its all in the organization thingy.. organize.organize.organize!

Pretty Flower--you should relax a little. Take a day off and have lots of "YOU" time. Relax Honey. You can then get back to your work with renewed vigour-----I have been there, trust me.

Miss H
What I always found helped me through alevels and uni was to make myself a list of exactly what I have to do.
E.g for I piece of course work I would need to collect data, read and make notes on a book, write out essay plan, start essay etc etc etc.

Once you have a list like this make yourself a calendar of when you will do the work. Be as specific as you can and assign importance to each piece of work.

That way you can break down the bits into smaller chunks and you wont feel so snowed under. It also allows you to do more on nights you feel inspired and you can give yourself a break when you are a little frustrated.

If this still doesnt work have a good chat with your tutor.

you could stop wasting time on here and get on with your revision for a start!!

Dr Kesi
Ohhh I know all about stress! In fact, I've been under so much stress that my eyelashes have started to fall out :'(
Here are some things you can do:
a) Don't procrastinate. Start your work, and keep to it. You won't be as stressed once you finally start.
b) That being said, set a certain amount of time aside for yourself. Take a bath! Drink caffeine free herbal teas, like Chamomile, that is calming. Write up a schedule of things you need to get done, break it into small things and gradually cross them off as you do them. This helps you feel like you're achieving things! Finally, take some deep breaths!
Good luck!

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