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i'm 34 yr old male healthy, having pains in chest like a dull ache not very painfull but worrying please help?

May just be an acid-base imbalance because of your nutrition or your heart beating slightly irregular because of stress and other factors....Can be a ton of reasons, go see your GP.

Don't take a chance. See a doctor. Chest pains can be due to alot of things. Acid reflux, heart, pleurisy..

It never ever hurts to see a doctor if you are concerned about your health. If nothing else it will cure your worrying.

maybe your asthmatic...
visit you doctor.

take care and get well soon (^-^)

michael . co . uk
get profeshional help!!!

kenny b
only worry if it goes to your left arm then straight to hospital

Da Bomb
What side of your chest? Is it constant? Does it come & go? Are you short of breath? How long have you had it? A million questions later - ultimately you have to have it checked out by a doctor. Good luck.

ruth m
See a doctor. In the meantime take 2 aspirins with a glass of water. Relax for an hour to see how you feel. If the pain gets worse or goes down your arm, go to Emergency at your local hospital.
You are probably just tense or having muscle spasms due to overwork or being upset over some problem.

Hipolito M
get a ekg painless exam better safe than sorry if not heart problem could be anxiety or worst bad gas

Do you get stressed at work or drink alcohol while taking tablets i was stressed and stupid enough to take a drink whilst taking medication and my diagnosis was the same as what you are explaining

Simpley try a few upper body excersises. Naturaly if the pain consist, consult youer physician

Doris L
Time for the doctor, my friend.
Symptoms like that can be many things, and only a doctor can
make the final decision.....please go to an ER if you cannot
see your physician immediately.
Symptoms like this can be quite dangerous or not much at all...but must not be ignored.
Please follow through with medical care asap!
Hoping for the best for you,

Phone NHS Direct NOW on 0845 4647
They will take you through questions to be sure it's not something you should worry about and will tell you what to do if you need to. But you should ring them now in case it's heart trouble.

~{The Contessa}~
You should go to the doctors.. reguardless of what you hear here... but it COULD BE...

Indegestion/heartburn.. or perhaps a pulled muscle, but you wont know unless you go to the doctors.

This could be nothing but it could be anxiety also. Make sure you get it check out if it continues. Could be gas......But could be something serious.

From a nurse, you really should call 911. The most effective treatment for the heart is in the first hour. After that any damage to the heart may not be reversible and you may have permanent heart damage. I would advise you not to drive yourself, because if the symptoms worsen, you put yourself and others in danger. If someone else drives you, they cannot resusitate you and drive and the same time. Paramedics will start the diagnosing and treating immediately. If it turns out to be heartburn, then good for you. We (medical people) don't think anything bad of you.

could be indigestion, but best to get any chest pain looked at.

happy trucker
Give the NHS helpline a ring and ask them,but don't ignore any pain always get it checked out.

may be heartburn, kinda how mine is when I ever get them

I think you need to see a doctor. What if someone here tells you not to worry and you die tomorrow?

kazy k
the best go and check doctor,get a treatment of your heart

Molly M
Most likely it's anxiety. Do some slow deep breathing , take a hot bath , deal with whatever is giving you fear. Seriously consider going to an immediate care facility for extra peace of mind.

if you still have appetite and no cold sweats, it is not heart. could be muscle pull or gas.

Go and see your doctor asap, don't take a chance. Not the answer you want but please get yourself checked out.

Go to www.webmd.com n type in ur symptoms. U'll get alot of advice. But, if the pain bcomes sharp, stronger or goes thru ur arm or back...go to the ER!

if you ate something uusual, maybe you ened some tums!

Unless you're working on a new job, doing new or strenous excersises, or practically doing anything new you hadn't done before, or have hit yourself in that area (try to remember), then go see a doctor as soon as possible. If pain persists, moves down the left arm, or worsens go through emergency room fast, in case it could be an incoming heart attack.

Whatever you do, don't panic. Getting nervous, upset, frustrated, or worried only makes health conditions worsen. Best of luck! Hope it's nothing!

If you are worried then go to urgent care and get checked out just for peace of mind.

hi, 1stly don't panic! It's probably something like a pulled muscle or in between ribs cartalidge or indigestion!
Contact your local hopsital and get them to advise you what to do!
My husband, was adm to hosp last year with chest pains, turned out to be a hiatus hernia! good luck.

Any pain in the chest that lasts longer than 15 minutes without any relief needs urgent medical attention.There is currently a campaign by the NHS that is urging people to respond to this advice.Please don't think that a heart attack is always a powerful pain that is unmistakable.It can also be a dull ongoing pain.This is the worse case scenario and i don't want to scare you but do yourself a favour and JUST get it checked out or at least ring NHS direct for advise.

Go to the Emergency room immediately.. you may be just having indigestion or heartburn, but it is better to be safe than sorry... but could be having a heart attack... my uncle died at 41 from one...don't think you're ever overreacting to chest pain symptoms...They'll see you IMMEDIATELY it's no joke - believe me, no waiting around...

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