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how painfull is an earlobe peircing?
would a single left ear lobe piercing hurt more than a single needle shot that you get when your sick? My earlobe is pretty thick. Im 13 yr male. I can take shots like it's nothing. WOuld i be able to take a piercing the same way?

Miley C
It feels like having 20 pins stuck through your skin at the same time, and then it has this after shock sent through your whole body like you've just been shocked with electricity! Then, your ear starts to bleed like crazy(don't wear a white shirt) And usually they miss the spot they were aiming for and have to do it agian! The second time feels the same... but the third time is like worse then being shot in the ear!

depends on how sensitive your ear is. I have mine pierced and a young-ish age. It hurt, but not to bad. If a shot is nothing, your should be fine.

i was 13 i do believe when i got my ears pierced & the gun got stuck...the woman was piercin my right ear & the earing got half way thru & just stopped. it did hurt but not as bad as i had made it out 2 b. its just a quick 1 2 3 needle thru ur ear & its done...it does sting 4 about 2 or 3 mins but its not bad @ all.

not bad at all. just a quick pinch. getting shots and blood drawn is ten times worse for me. answer mine?


Try this, take a sharp pencil, place it on your ear lobes and press it till it hurts. Its twice that painful. You won't even notice it that much, because the needle is shot through the earlobe and withdrawn quickly like shooting a nail gun.

Randi S
It doesn't hurt but it may feel like a pinch. If they do it on little baby girls at such a young age, then any kid or adult can go through it. It depends on your resistance to pain. Yes, you can handle it.

i think needles would hurt more than an ear piercing lol. i've had mine pierced several times and it's no big deal. (:

anastasia beaverhousen
Piercing hurts less than a shot. With a shot they are putting chemicals into your skin, this causesd the burning feeling.

Ear piercing is usually done with a spring loaded piercing gun. It happens so qick the esrring is in before you her the gun snap.

Think of all the little girls and babies who get it done. I have 3 daughters who all got earrings in about 3rd grade and didn't cry

Yes its really not bad at all. I am horrified of shots and it didnt bother me at all. Just get your fingernail and pinch your earlobe and thats what it will feel like.

Akiko D
They dont hurt at all
I have four 'earlobe' peircings and the pain isnt even worth contemplating not getting it.

if you do it by gun, the pain is shorter than a shot. it's just a quick pinch in your ear. i have 5 lobe piercings in total. i closed my eyes really tight and gripped the chair really hard, and it hurt less than when i did it with my eyes open. you can try that.

I think you would do just fine. An ear piercing goes a lot quicker than a shot.

It's just like a little pinch.
The needle will be a tad bit bigger tho.
Nothing to worry about.

SarahElizabeth <3
the higher you go up on the ear, the more it hurts. so take the pain of the lobe and double it. It may hurt a bit.

It doesn't really hurt. It will just feel like someone squeezed your lobe for a second no biggie. Probably the piercing that hurts the least.

Not at all.

Don't do cartilage though if you're trying to avoid pain.

it hurts less than getting a needle
the pain only lasts for a second and its just quick and sharp

It's only a big deal if you make it one. It doesn't hurt that bad at all.

It's not even close to getting a shot. It's over so fast like "Bam". See you could have had your ear pierced right then and you would be fine. It really feels like more of a poke and then pressure but it's over so very fast. It can get sore and red for a bit but that isn't bad either. Take some Advil before you get it done and that will help too. So, go for it....you'll be fine.

i didn't feel it.

J&E-lover not hater
I got a gun piercing and it was fine. It was just after i started taking earrings off after six weeks that it started bleeding and hurting

It just feels like a quick sharp pinch, no big deal!

Do be sure to go to a reputable piercing place and to clean your earring often (follow the instructions they will give you) because an infected ear lobe DOES hurt quite a bit!

feels like some old lady pinched you realy quick for being bad

seriously, they can pierce infants ears, and you dont think you'll be able to handle that?

just dont get it done with a gun, for various reasons. more risk of infection. more painful. the blunt earring thats not intended for piercing shoving through your ear. etc. go to a parlor. they have apprenticeships that last until the parlor believes theyre ready to pierce. piercing pagoda and such have a two hour training course and an unsterilized gun. whats safer?

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