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cookie-dough :)
how can i get rid of stomach ache?
here's the thing, my stomach hurts me almost everyday, and when i'm in school it starts hurting me almost everyday to the point that even my school nurse doesn't believe me anymore...can u help me?? plzz

Punch yourself in the head.

wait until you wanna go to the loo.

Joe B
castor oil

Mitchell g
take some rennie it really helps

take some pain killers if not go to the doctor

Imtiyaz G
Hmm. I think you have reached adulthood.

If you have already then. its possibly an indication.

Try consulting a doctor

Jessica R
okay so i have the same issue i get super bad stomch aches at school especially.
This is gonna sound gross but its usually cause i need to fart and i dont cause it would be gross and embaressing..
If its not that kind of stomch ache then you should think about going to the doctor and ask the doctor about this little tablet you put under your toung and it desolves and then your stomch ache will be gone
they really work but the gay part about it is...
Idk what there called..

good luck

First stop eating fast food trash and fast to cleanse, then start eating a diet rich in protein such as chicken, eggs, some beef (he-he) and moderate in carbs such as brown rice, oatmeal etc. Minimize your fats, avoid saturated fats since these will transform you into a walrus :0 Drink plenty of water and herbal teas as well. Stay with a diet ratio of 40:30:20 the first being protein : to carb : to fat : daily. Sometimes eating all that trash that's out there will run hell in your digestive system. My nutritional regimen has to be sharp to get what I want from nutrient dense foods! Good Luck! :) Seeing a doctor will only addict you to their chemical junk.

Talk to you're parents tell them what is going on with you .
They can take you to you're doctor or to the hospital .
That ,the only why you will now what really wrong with u.
I had same stomach pain all the time when I was 15 and my teach and nurse didn't believe me .That why I talk to my parents and they took me to my family doctor .I did had some thing wrong .I hope u feel better.
Good Luck?

Home Remedy for Stomach Ache:

Drink plenty of water, as it helps in ensuring smooth bowel movements. OR
Drink lemon tea with some honey added in it for taste. It will keep away stomach ache. OR
Mix 1 tsp each of mint juice and lime juice. Add some ginger juice and
black salt in it. Drink this mixture.

maybe u need to use the bathroom. The question is wen u do need to use the bathroom do u hld it in mayb thats the cause

Are you unhappy or nervous in school? Maybe you have anxiety. Talk to your parents.

Johnno is here to help
the fact that it hurts every day is a worry, i would recommend seeing a doctor. however if you have a sore stomach then you could take an antacid so make ur stomach less acidic. however this is only temporary and i recommend you see a doctor. thankyou.

go see a doctor if it hurts everyday.
it might be something serious.
& for the first answer you go punch yourself in the head.
its already bad that her stomach is sore & you tell her to punch herself in the head?
wth is wrong with you?

It's because you are not eating enough!

Make sure you eat some breakfast before you go to school.

I get this stomach ache everyday but I don't eat untill about 5 - 8pm lol

To start out with: Do you get nervous before you go to school? Sometimes your nerves and stress can cause a belly ache. At least they do for me. I have this alot. Here's a few ideas for you to go by.

# Eat if you think it might be related to hunger!
# Try to go to the bathroom. As usual.
# Your feet must be in a higher level than the rest of your body, put some pillows below your feet and the ache will go away.
# Eat an herb which aids digestion, such as ginger (ginger-ale, or ginger snaps), peppermint (gum and candy cane as long as it is real peppermint) or Aloe Vera Juice (an anti-parasitic that aids digestion). Similar herb teas that help digestion include mint, ginger or chamomile tea.
# Place a heating pad on your abdomen to give temporary relief.(This one helps me more than anything!) relax while doing it....
# Lie down for a few minutes and relax.

* Close your eyes.
* Place a cool moist washcloth over your forehead.
* Breath slowly and evenly, trying to keep your mind off of the pain.

# Sip a glass of iced water slowly.
# Eat bland foods; crackers, bread, rice, etc. Sometimes stomach aches are caused by too much acid floating around in your stomach with nothing to do. These foods will help absorb the acid to make things a little more comfortable. Also, you may just be hungry!

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