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help me plz the pain is killing me hellp i beg you it hurts!!!!!HEEEELLLLLPPPPPHHHHHHEEEEELLLL…
i got my wisdom teeth removed from both sides (2) and my face is really swolen up and i can barely talk, it hurts constantely and i have no idea what to do. I hate this so much. I look like a cabbage patch doll. The dentist gave me some medication but it doesnt really work. Do you have any advice on anything about what to do. Plz dont say Advil; I already took that; do you know of any homey things i could do???

HElp it really hurts a lot.

go back to the dentist

this sounds weird but drink honey and tea.. hot and then try oragel ... that clear stuff that tastss nasty it won't take all the pain away but i will help some.. and don't quit taking the advil... it will reduce the swelling even though it dosn't take away the pain it will reduce the swelling and help heal faster. but drink tea, eat iccecream when you get hungry (withought all the hard stuff) and watch tv to take your mind off of it. good luck!

Have you tried alternating warm and cold compresses on both sides of your face? I did that for mine and it really helped with the swelling.

Cj murtza
oh that crap hurts

Have you tried acupressure? The following is for relief of a toothache, but it may be of some help with wisdom teeth. The pressure point is located on the index finger, thumb side,at the top of your fingernail. Right above the nail toward the thumb. Hold the pressure until you begin to feel relief. Also I am sure you know that ice packs applied will reduce swelling.

Yeah my mom used Charcoal patches. She would put them in the back of her mouth on each side and bite down on it gently what it does is obsorbs the blood and extra moisture and relieves the pain as well. Tends to take away the throbbing sensation.
You can get themfrom the health food store. Or you can get the charcoal tablets and empty them in gauze and then make your own patches at home.
Also ask your doctor to prescribe you tylenol with codine. Its must stronger and advil just isnt going to do it. My moms doc prescribed her the codine and percocets but she didnt use them but they are a stronger pain reliever and will do wonders for you.
P.S the charcoal will also whitten your teeth.

Got any hard alcohol or know anyone who takes pain pills?? Send out some text messages and get someone to bring you some pain pills or a joint.

Pam H
Ice packs. The ice can help reduce the swelling and the swelling is causing pain. You can use a zip lock bag with ice in it. Put a light towel around the ice pack so the ice is not right on your skin. Good luck.

Black Dog
Try topical application of oil of cloves. It is a local pain relieving agent. I believe dentists used to use this.

I had mine pulled in March. It hurt alot for me too. Did your doctor prescribe Vicadin or Codine? I would call him up and let him know the medication her gave you is not working. So when your waiting for stronger medicine, use ora md, or orajel...eat cold food, like icecream, icees, ice cubes. Also eat soft food. Try putting an ice pack on your cheeks. And don't think about the pain. Hope you feel better!

Go back to the dentist. You could have an infection or bone splinters. Roots on wisdom teeth often curve in or out and cause quite a lot of pain when removed.
Please run, don't walk, back to the Dentist.

take tylenol with the pain meds (ask pharmacy if that is okay, first)...something about tylenol & pain meds together...

rinse with warm salty water....use heat pad, if you don't have one, take wet wash cloth & put in microwave.

Call dentist....sounds like you have dry sockets....good luck!

Ricky S
hi this is ricky i think you should get some salt water wish it in your mouth and spite it out , that is what i did and it did not take long for it to stop hurting.i hope i helped you and hope to talk to you latter....

Look for Painful pills at CVS

What medicine did they give you? Maybe you could call them and ask them to up your dosage a little bit? When I had my wisdom teeth out, the medicine wore off every two hours after I took it, so I was in pain too.

Try to sleep after you take a dose of pain medication, then you will be asleep and when you wake up, you can take another one again.

Other than that though, you just have to wait it out. It's not a painless process unfortuanately. But definitely call the dentist and ask them if they could change the dosage or something.

What about icing your cheeks

take sleeping pills, then you wont care as much

Jacki is right, it sounds like dry sockets to me

Erné R
Take one tot of brandy and keep in your mouth untill your mouth is dead, do this atleast 4 times a day, if you dont want to waste the brandy swollow it, but i suggest that you spit it out. You wont have any pain within 3 days believe me! Im talking out of experiance, this works.

MCM Lexi
Well, if you didn't have a cold compress on your face before, you should have...but it sounds like it's too late for that now.
Call the office that did your surgery and tell them what's going on. They might be able to prescribe you something stronger. There really aren't any "homey" things you can do for pain that's that bad.
In the meantime, rent your favorite movie and watch it. It helps take your mind off the pain.

Oh, and I see that some people are suggesting alcohol - like the one person who said to spit it out, that might be okay, but do NOT swallow it because it could react with the medication your dentist gave you.

Take diphenhidramine (Sleeping pills) and sleep the pain off.

I would call the dentist and get some other type of medication. You also might want to ask the dentist if you could have dry sockets which happens sometimes when teeth are pulled and it is very painful.

lay down and put ice packs on both sides of your face

Little One
call your dentist and tell him you need something stronger for the pain.

Mine gave me a generic Vicadin (dont think i spelt that right) and it helped a lot!

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