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help me please im scared :| 10 points for best answer?
i used too get this burning sensation in my head and it used too hurt like hell about 3 years ago now it is coming back my head makes this noise and it hurts really bad i went too the doctor 3 years ago and he said there is nothing wrong with me please help 10 points for best answer

I dunno, I'm just here for the drugs.

Nosredna Retep
Go to the emergency room and tell them what you feel and that you are feeling it at that very moment. Don't smile don't make eye contact even if you feel better. You will get a more thorough going over. Waiting for a doctors appointment is not the best thing all the time as the symptoms may go away. Please go today don't wait for it to escalate into something devastating . GO NOW !!!!!

(O \ ! / O) 67 Bug boi
medical marijuana!

Kelly S
there is nothing wrong with you ,
thats the same advise a doc would give so gimme my ten points lol ;)

Mark R
well this could be anything really, it could be a migraine or referred pain from somewhere else.
It doesn't sound good though, go to the doctors again they might say something else

Joaquin A
Maybe you are sunny... I advice you to not going to the street when it's too hot. And put cold wipes in your head when it hurts.

lindsay may
go to the emergency room right now ! :(
something serious that a normaldoctor cant diagnose could be wrong
hope you feel better:)

You need to go to a neurologist and have yourself checked out again.
Don't just take this one doctor's opinion. Besides there are newer and better tests coming out all the time.

personally i dont htink its serious, if u had it 3 years ago and nothing serious has happened from it iwouldnt be too worried but do see a different doctor, ask for a ct scan of the brain just to be safe and to ease your mind, if something is serious, the personn controlling the scanw ill tell u then and there.

I get burning on the top of my head and when i get a headache its alway son the rights ide, but ive found mine ot be brought on by not enough fluids or when im stressed which is most of teh time.

Is this happening when you are stresed?? Where does your head make a noise?? I someimes hear cracking in my temples but my doctor says its from my neck and being close to your ears it may sound like its coming from your head.

Lauren S
dude i get that all the time i think it is a pinched nerve, if it only happens when you turn your head a certain way then it probably is, go to your dr. and talk to them about that

Its difficult to tell....

Have you ever had any imaging done (CT scan, MRI of head)? If not, that may help look for things (any tumor) that could be causing this.

Have you recently STOPPED taking a medication/drug that you used to take? (some people may have similar withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking certain medications).

Any history of migranes?

high stress levels, drastic change in your life. lack of sleep, change in eating habits, there are many things that it could be but the best advice i can give you is to try and figure out wat could be causing the burning, then go to neurologist and see what they have to say

You have what is known as "Hotticus Headicus" see a good doctor!

Steve R
Can you smell anything unusual. If so, what does it smell like?

What kinds of tests were done to determine the cause of the problem? Did you have MRI? It is about the only thing that can show real changes in the brain and spinal cord. If you haven't seen a good neurologist, go find one.

Back For Round 12
sounds like something dangerous, get a cat scan.

I am not sure about the burning sensation, is it in the front part of your head, the middle, the back of your head? What doctor did you see three year ago and what tests did he run? I would start there. See a well respected Nerologist, bring any medical records and results of tests you have done. What is the noise like?? Buzzing? Ringing? It could be many things. I doubt its migraines. I have had migraines for over 19 years and this does not fit the criteria at all. None the less best of luck to you. Don't settle for the doctor telling you nothing is wrong, if you feel something is not right keep searching for answers.

Try to trust the doctor about it, they really know what they are talking about. If you feel that scared about it, you should make another appointment. If anything is wrong, he's the one who is most likely to find it.

hmm not ocmpletely sure but it could be migraines i have similar simptoms and i get ALOT of migraines i was told to drink alot of fluids to prevent it. i would still go consult a different doctor and have things checked out.

You should definatly go back for a second opinion.

You need to go to a different Dr.

hmmm.... seems you might be having migraines? you need to see another doctor, maybe a neurologist -- specialty in head pain. sometimes it's all related to stress, depending on the level of it. I wouldn't rely too much on Y/A for a diagnosis....you need to see a specialist.

see a neurologist

Nasty V
Hard one. Its sometimes caused by blood pressure. Can it happen when you sneeze or cough or is it random?

Hey K,listen- if its a burning sensation that goes up the back of your head and on the top when you cough or sneeze or exert yourself-dont worry about it. Its caused by little veins(capillaries) and its harmless. If you want to fix it ,try and take more excercise and you'll find that it'll be gone before you know it

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