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help I'm in pain?
ive really hurt my foot ive been to the hospital and they told me its not broken fair enough but does anyone know anything i can do to get rid of pain
my foot is badly bruised and swolen any advice at all?
i would be grateful if u could help me plz

thanks from keli

andrea p
if its swollen -ice it and raise it up and rest it this will aid the swelling and the pressure/pain this causes to reduce.

Dr David
Try putting your foot in a bucket of cold, but not freezing, water.

Keep it there for twenty minutes or so, and then dry. Try to rest as much as you can. However, do try to keep your foot moving by wiggling your toes and moving your ankle. Do stop this if you have a lot of pain, but it will ensure your muscles keep working.
You can repeat the cold water treatment at any time, but allow a good few hours between each dipping.

If there is no betterment after a couple of day's, get back to your doctor for advice.

May I just add, Although I am Dr. David, I am not a doctor of medicine, and this advice is through my own experience only.

Hope it helps, and you are soon better.

Buy some Solpadeine, or its generic and cheaper counterpart Co-codamol. This is the strongest over-the-counter painkiller you can buy without prescription and each tablet contains 500g of paracetamol and 8mg of codeine. Take two of these (1000mg of paracetamol and 16mg of codeine) every six hours.

Remember, it's harder to alleviate pain in the first place than to maintain yourself pain-free once under control. The only downside is Co-codamol will make you a bit constipated, but drink plenty, and eat some fibre and you'll soon 'go'.

Keep it elevated. If it is swollen, put ice on it. Take Tylenol or something similar for pain. You can also put an ace bandage around it for a bit to get the swelling down. It's the swelling that actually give you the pain. But, as hard as it is to do, stay off of it. If you don't, it will only get worse and take much, much longer to heal.

Go to a different hospital and they will either agree with the first hospital or give you pain killers

mmmmmmmmm...pain killers

rest it and put a nice cold compress on it to help the swelling and bring the rest of the bruise out.

coo-coo for CoCo Pops
I agree with Lilrebel9, Go to a different hospital. What's the worst that can happen? Also, the advice you have been getting from our fellow Yahoo Q&A's should have been told to you from the hospital, or at the very least the info should be on your discharge form (i.e.-elevation, ice for swelling, etc.) Also, once I hurt my thumb in school, and it swelled up real big. After 24 hours, I showed my Mom how it is still badly swollen and she saw how much pain I was in, so she took me to the emergency room at local hospital. They said it was a sprain, and put a splint on it. I was really finding it harder and harder to deal with the pain......lo and behold, "FIVE DAYS LATER" my Mom get's a call from the hospital. They told her that the head radiologist picked up on a fracture that the dr's on duty failed to recognize, and I should come in as soon as possible, back to the hospital. Turns out the fracture was so bad, that they put a cast that covered my entire thumb,the palm (up to the other 4 fingers)and part of my wrist in the cast. So, maybe you should go to another hospital, again I agree with lilrebel9 and suggest you get another evaluation in light of what happened to me, I hope my example helps you somehow. (PS-Tylenol-or the other name for it: paracetamol when taken with something containing caffeine, like coffee or tea enhances the pain relief) Good luck

get a pack of prozen peas and rub up against it!

ice it raise it ibuprofen 400mg 3 time a day with food and paracetamole 2 500mg pills 4 times a day

Elevate it and put something cold on it.

Sexy Red
Hi Keli i still wouldnt rule out a fracture thou,as if you have alot off swelling fracture dont always show up till some off the swelling goes down,sounds you have a very bad sprain and can be just as painful as a fracture some times.Keep you leg elevated higher then your heart,apply a cold compress when you can this will help with the swelling too,rest the foot,take regular pain killers like ibufen as they have anti-inflammatry in them,keep your toes moving to help with circulation,if you have crutches or can borrow some i would just to keep most off your weight off your foot.If your no better thou in 1 wk please go bck to your hospital or gp and ask for another x-ray as by then some off your swelling should off gone down.Take it easy ok.Good Luck


R is for Rest - This slows down any bleeding and reduces the risk of further damage.
I is for Ice - This can ease the pain, reduce swelling, reduce bleeding (initially) and encourage blood flow (later).
C is for compression - This reduces bleeding and reduces swelling.
E is for Elevation - Uses gravity to reduce bleeding and reduces swelling by allowing fluids to flow away from the site of injury.

Bruce P
Id say just rest it

◦ Cυяισυѕєr ◦
Put some ice in a plastic bag, tie it up then put it on your foot, do it everyday till the swelling goes down, my mum had a bad foot like yours.

use the RICE system

--> R = Rest
--> I = Ice
--> C = Compression
--> E = Elevation

you'll be good in no time!!


Cami lives
try to stay off it as much as possible lay on the couch with a pillow under it and take some ibeprophen for the pain + swelling .good-luck

Put some Fenbid Gel <ibuprofen> on it

Try a ice pack on it, and try not to walk around alot.

Take some pain relief. Co-codamol works for me. Hope it feels better soon.

Ask the doctors to provide you with some stronger pain killers. They should help. Put an ice pack on it for the swelling and don't exert yourself to much. Get well soon x

no tylenol. ibuprofen only.

If it is still painful on Monday go to the doctor..... they might be able to give you something for the pain - hope you feel better soon

Ibuprofen, elevation and heat. Dont walk on it too much, take it easy fro a few days.

frozen peas and rest it prop it up on something i hope it feels betta soon x

I woke up today and couldn't get out of bed with pain in my neck and back. Having been taken soluable co-codamol and ibuprofen - they have helped a wee bit - put your foot up and take it easy. All the best with your recovery.

maria bartoninfrance
Elevation and ice. If this does not work, please get a second opinon if you want. A sprain takes a long time to heal and is often more painful than break.A course of physiotherapy is useful; get your GP to refer you. Good luck!


You need to have your foot up on a stool and if you can have your toes level with your nose (try a couple of pillows under it) wrap a bag of frozen peas in a tea towel and put it on your foot, if you don't wrap it in something you will get ice burn, and when you go to bed put a pillow under your foot for some support, and most important of all get everyone to run around for you with a constant supply of goodies, won't do your foot any good but you will feel better, get well soon, big hug

Provided you are not diabetic, have not lost sensation in your foot and are healthy in all other regards it is safe to try the following. Obtain two containers that are at least 15 inches deep and your foot can sit on the bottom of each container comfortable without being crammed into space. In one of the containers place ice water at a temperature of 50° F, the other container place hot water at a temperature of 100° F to 105° F. Fill both container maybe 10-12 inches deep. Sit in a chair and put both containers side by side. Place the foot in the cold water form 5 minutes then into the hot water for 4 minutes then back into the cold water for 3 minutes and then back into the hot for 2 minutes then back into the cold water for 1 minute. Takes a total of 15 minutes for the entire treatment. This is called contrast bath and is usually formally done in sports medicine clinics for sprained ankles and feet under the supervision of a physical therapist. After finishing the treatment, lay back on a couch and elevate the foot for at least 30-45 minutes. If you do this 1-2 times per day it will alleviate most of the swelling quite rapidly and if done the second time each day about an hour before bed you will more easily fall to sleep without significant pain. Should resolve most of your pain and swelling within 3-5 days. If you are still having problems with the foot after that time or have any medical problems that should keep you from trying this at home, contact your physician and inquire about being referred to a physical therapist.

Hot and cold wraps, alternating helps bring out the bruising

Also, its a good idea to keep your foot elevated to above your hip level when you are sitting.

Sometimes, small fractures or such, may not show up on the first day of injury via Xray, so if it continues to give you a lot of pain, go see your Doctor again, mind you bruising or pulled ligaments can be equally painful as a break! Hope you feel better soon.

Other than taking pain medication, try to elevate you foot as much as possible during the day. Soaking your foot in an Epsom salt bath with water as hot as you can comfortably stand may also help. You're going to have to wait this one out and let it heal. Prop your foot up and spend a few days just relaxing.

Hope you feel better!

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