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heartburn hell?
I have the worst heartburn ever! I've taken loads of Gaviscon and it isn't helping. The pain is severe in my chest but goes into my back and shoulder. Please has anyone got any remedies that can help now????
Additional Details
Any immediate treatments for tonight as shops closed for meds

hortense h
I would use Rennies but yours sounds a lot more painful

What a guy!!
Bad heartburn is frequently the result of a food allergy; or the chemicals that are put into food. Most people find that removing bread from their diet alleviates heartburn completely. Once heartburn is there, as bad as yours, there's usually nothing can be done about it, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer until it's over. One tip though, the muscle entering your stomach, the cardiac sphincter muscle, is on your right side, so laying on your left side may remove the symptoms while you're in bed.

zantac or own brand ratinidine will help more than gaviscon. also i found boiled milk ie heat milk till its boiling and goes frothy always used to help.

Hi i dont know if you have a wilkinsons near you but they do there own indigestion and heartburn tablets (ranitadine) or something like that they are ezxcellent and are the only thing that works for me as i get heartburn quite alot

Peppermint tea but a problem if you have none in stock. Failing that a cup of warm water, sipped slowly.

Peppermint liquer

Fire Storm
Have you seen a doctor for this? Such severe heart burn could be caused by an underlying problem. Try zantc. I've heard baking soda and water help too

How old are you Becky??
Has it been going on long or is it sudden??
Do you feel like you have a band that is tightening around your chest or is it just a burning sensation??

you could try dry bread this help's me when i have heartburn. this should help i hope but everyone is different.

Yes the last time I had this I was given a brandy and port. Two measures port to one measure brandy. It warms your stomach and relaxes the pain in your shoulders. Doctors have approved this. Oh the relief. Get to the off licence if you can asap, unless you have any in the house. good luck.

This is also a sign of a heart attack, please go get checked asp! Could also be a hernia or gall bladder problem.
***************** READ THIS:

Women's Heart Attack Symptoms

It's vital to be able to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack.

* Chest discomfort, pressure or burning
* Chest or abdominal discomfort or pain spreading to the shoulders, neck, arm, or jaw
* Discomfort or pain between the shoulder blades *
* Shortness of breath *
* Sweating
* Nausea or vomiting *
* Indigestion or gas-like pain *
* Dizziness or fainting
* Unexplained weakness or fatigue
* Sense of impending doom

The symptoms with an asterisk (*) are more common in women than men.
If you experience any of these symptoms, it's crucial that you seek medical treatment immediately. Drugs and other


That is the worst thing that you can do.

If you understand what is happening then you will suddenly realise just how bad that medicine is.

I used to take something similar until my dad, an industrial & pharmacutical chemist by trade told me the following...

Your stomach produces excess acid because it is expecting more food than you stuffed in you face so the heart burn is just that excess acid... so you pour things like gaviscon down your throat to deal with it BUT that has the opposite effect because your stomach then produced more acid ready for the next meal and you then get the same reaction and you end up repeating the process.

Result is a dependency on used of things like gaviscon to control your stomach excess acid production whereas if you ceased its use, you would then naturally but uncomfortably over a short period of time produce less acid in the stomach.

I was in that situation myself, I made myself very ill and used to vomit quite allot until my dad put me on the right track.

The last time I took any antacids was over 20 Years ago.

Dr Frank
You don't give your age, and one should also be wary of other alternative issues when any patient complains of chest pain. Cardiac causes may need excluded. So I am wary of just sending you to the chemist, however ranitadine, cimetidine and omeprazole are all available over the counter in low dose as acid lowering drugs.

The 2 commonest causes of severe heartburn are reflux oesophagitis and ulcer disease. If you haven't already had an ulcer bug test for helicobacter pylorii, get your GP to do the test. If positive cure is possible. If you are bug negative than getting acid lowering therapy in future is much cheaper to get decent doses, if you get it on prescription.

little star
you poor babe, it is horrible i was going to say gaviscon but you have tried that, very surprised that did not help, maybe try a big mouth full of it. or try a dry slice of white bread or a nice glass of cold milk. good luck i know what it is like. lol x x x
i have to take 20mg of Nexium tablet, everyday, if i don't i cant even drink water with out getting heart burn.

if u have bicarbonate of soda in ur cupboards mix half a tea spoon full of that in some water and drink it all quickly hopefully that will help it doesent taste nice but it works or if u havent got that try swallowing a little toothpaste i think its the mint flavouring that helps

I take Lansaprozole 30mg, which can stop the worst heartburn/acid attack. If your heartburn is as severe as you say you should ring NHS Direct who will be able to offer you medical advice.

you should visit your GP. you sound like it could be an ulcer, in which case you need a small camera put down your throat for an investigation. the treatment after called heli-clear is fantastic. but only on prescription.or it may be heart problems, so my advise to you would be please see your GP.

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