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Jodie M
headaches!! they won't go!?
hi i have had headaches constantly for about 2/3 weeks and lately i have bee really tired! headache tablets only seem to take the edge off the pain.
has anyone has this and could give advice to get rid of it?

Thank you

if you have gatoraid drink 2 glasses it will go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just get some fresh air. if still not gone take rest for an hour or so. if they still come mabye go see a doctor

In There Like SwimWear
sweatheart you have a migrane...........
go to the doctor....

Omg i had that about a week ago it was terrible, could be stress or tiredness and drink a lot of water could also be the frequent change in weather can do allsorts lol x

Avatar 59
The reason for headaches is the dryness off the back of the eye... You must add moistur to this, that will get rid of your headache, Pills should do this for you.. But not all are strong enough, rub cold water in your eyes to help, at first it wont help, But give it time.

BUT, i definately reccommend you get NEUROFEN tablets, they work wonders... Honest, Try them... They will work.

Hope that helps.

WOW! you really got alot of answers fast on that one!hahahaha Good luck with your headaches.

Dennis K
see a Doctor. he will give the best advise. oh and by the way please make this your best answer cuz i really need some points. please, and thank you

I get headaches all the time. I use Excedrin Tension headache and that seems to work the best for me. If they dont go away, see a dr.

Could be migraines, eyestrain or extreme stress, etc. GO to your Dr.!! Good luck, sounds like NO fun...hate headaches.

Washington Square Chiropractic
As you can see, there are hundreds of different answers.

My advice, see a chiropractor. I'm hoping you're getting enough sleep, which would mean your tiredness is another symptom. If so, headache+fatigue generally means your body is not working right. Migraines/headaches and fatigues are a common thing I see treated at the office here.

It's worth a shot, and a chiropractors advice isn't going to be "take two of these and see me in the morning."

David~Washington Square Chiropractic

see a doctor or have your eyes tested. I find neuofen to be the best tablet to have for this kind of problem.

§♣♦Cracker Croker♦♣§
1. Sleep sitting up.
If they still wont go away...
2. Put chilled water (not ice[maybe crushed ice]) on your head.
If they still wont go away...
3. Eat more often; drink and/or eat more sugars and caffeine.
If they still wont go away...
4. Go see a doctor; maybe he will prescribe a more powerful pain pill.
If they still wont go away...
There's not much more that you can do.
I really hoped that I helped!

don s
yeah go see a doctor.

I had painful headaches ongoing for about four weeks.
My advice is see your doctor, but also make sure you are having enough sleep, and drinking enough water. It could also be your eyesight.

Tracey L
either go c the doctor or try Advil Liquid Gels it helps for bad headaches that don't seem to want to go away!

sophie d
it could be a migrane but its best to get it checked out

before the Dr try to eat some lemon, if not then see DR for sure

Pretty Much Amazing
You're probably dehydrated. People who drink a lot of sodas will suffer from headaches since they actually dehydrate you. Start drinking a ton of water. Headaches are one of the first signs of dedydration.
If you don't drink a lot of sodas, then see a doc.

Ibuprofen can help but only temporarily, that is a rather large time so I would go see a doctor, could be many different things, only your doctor can tell you.

you should ask the doctor. i get headaches a lot but i have no health insurance at the moment or i would go to the doctor as well. but in the mean time you could try running some hot water out of the faucet on to your hands, keep them under there for a bit. ive tried that before and it seemed to lessen the pain.

If you live in Britain try Syndol. You can buy it over the counter in the Chemist. It will make you drowsy but it will probably work better than any other pain killer for headaches.

Bre here
and put ur hand on ur head and move it away fast like your grabbing it out and say outloud "come out"

it sounds weird but it really does work
if u dont believe me just go by urself and try it :)

Doctor + You = Now

Jack B
Go to the optometrist . It may be as simple as you need glasses.

Well, it is hard to say, but if it is sinus related, try getting a Neti Pot to wash out the sinuses each day. If it is your vision, get glasses.
Since they are constant for that long though, I would go to the doctor to make sure it isn't something more serious.

Do you usually drink alot of caffiene and then suddenly stopped drinking it or seriously backed down on it? That can cause headaches.

look, head aches are not random, I know people get them all the time but they mean that something is off, doesnt have to be TOO serious but something is that your immune system is not beating and your body is working overtime to get the job done.

SO here... If you are really really serious... drink alot of water and eat healthy it can be gon in ours... drink system cleansing tea if you must but what ever it is your body is upset and theres no way we can just tell. actually... I can tell you more if you can give more hints, message me too if you want, its eaier.

definitely see a dr. don't keep masking it with headache tablets.


Tamara K
i do too and I'm still figuring it out.
ask yourself:

do you sit in front of a computer all day? - it could be eyestrain and it could give you migraines. It does to me.
Maybe you need glasses?
Someone also said that taking high estrogen birth control can do this!
You could also be low on iron. Take vitamins! They help a LOT.
My doctor also told me to avoid advil, motrin and only take tylenol. the others can make it worse in the long run?

Don't wont to scar you but you need to see your doctor asap.
You may be suffering with cluster headaches it when one headache runs into another one with out a brake between them don't worry you wont die it just a pane and it can last for many weeks even month, my sister had the same thing she on medication now and they are a lot better.
Good luck

Sophia A
see doctor.

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