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has anyone took tramodol ?what are your experience's of it ? is it addictive ?

Additional Details
currently taking 150 mg 3 times a day

my mum takes tramadol for her arthiritis she seems to get on quite well with it i dont think its addictive

My boyfriend has to take it daily, he isnt addicted though. To be perfectly honest, i have to remind him to take it!

not really some people might get a buzz out of it coz makes u feel sometimes out of control tired etc personally it made me really tired did have a good night sleep though

have taking tramodol only 50mg and makes me fill like i have been drinking and same times makes me sick. i only take them when need to.

I took tramadol for over 2 years, due to arthritis. I found it quite strong; made me feel a bit groggy. I would not say it was addictive.
I was taken off the tablets early last year as I was experiencing chest pains. Apparently this was a side effect of the medication, although I was also taking Gabapentine for nerve damage pain. It could have been a combination of the two but I would advise you to be careful.
Any health problems contact your Dr asap!

UC Blues..Save Gooner Goalie!
i have been taking tramadol/zynol since jan when i broke my
coccyx and torn my knee ligaments - first few days a bit
sleepy sometimes it makes me a little spaced out other times
hyper _ annoying at night - i ran out for a day after 6 weeks and did not have any withdrawal symptoms - however the
doctor said it can be addictive and sometimes i have to take
800mg a day - i think i'm becoming immune - cos other
than a dry mouth and sometimes lacking concentration no
other effect - i don't crave it at all BUT!
a man at work has been on it for a couple of months and
if he stops taking it he literally goes cold turkey and shakes
he is also dozy in the afternoon
depends on your personality and body - it can make me a
bit forgetful and no way would i drive on it - slightly slower
dihydrocodeine again is a good painkiller - distalgesic
was the best but as someone else said can't get it.

there not addictive, but they have a lot of side effects,always read the leaflet.

Dr Frank
It is a potent synthetic opiate analogue. The data sheet matches my own experience, that despite its potency it appears to have a very low risk of addiction.

This is why it so popular with doctors who worry daily about this issue. It means I have been able to avoid codeine based analgesics entirely since it came on the market.

I take tramadol for post op pain and can take it or leave it ,it's supposed to be adictive but i havnt had any probs ,only taking when i need.

My doctor friends love it and prescribe it often for moderate to severe pain. It works really well but doesn't seem to cause problems with addiction.

Tramadol is a pain killer - it depresses so can make you feel drowsy.

Like all medicines, it can become addictive if you get to like the feeling.

it can be addictive if taken in seriously high doses constantly ive taken it for a few weeks and was fine and wasent addicted

Husband prescribed it several years ago as pain from old injury was stopping him sleeping.
So strong he couldn't function fully until lunchtime the following day if taken an hour before bed! Said felt less tired when hungover...
Only used it a couple of times a week for that reason so didn't get addicted.

steves greyhounds
yes I'm on it 2x 4 times a day plus other pain killers (so called) 50mg capsules .i do not think much to it but my son had it when he had rods put down his spine &he reckoned it spaced him out its not addictive best pain killer was distelgesic but they took that off the market after 35+ years as they EDreckon it was to easy to overdose on another good painkiller is cannabis's you know stick it in your pipe &smoke it but thats illegal too

hi yes i had to take it. good painkiller although doctor took me off it cos i was using it more to get to sleep at night than thru day cos made me dopey (have three kids so being drugged up during theday aint too good!!)
Dont know if its addictive though ...sorry cant be of more help :(

well my brother was on it,get your med changed,its not a nice experience,sorry to be so blunt,my brother had bad experience.

Jay Jay
i took it and it did nothing more to me than tylenol did. waste of money if you ask me

Sure it is.

Tramadol is a pain killer of the Zydol family. I take both Zydol XL 300, which is a 24 hour pain release pill and top it up with Tramadol 50mg if I need them. You can take up to 400mg a day so there is little chance of you overdosing on them. They are an effective way to control pain in your muscles and joints. No they are not addictive and although all medication comes with a list of side effects you may experience, I have not found any, apart from my sensitive tummy and I receive antacid pills to counteract that one.

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